Rev. Fr. Jean Baptiste Pouokam did not rape 15 years old Colette

The Story of Rev. Fr. Pouokom and 15 years old Odette of Bamendou Village

Since the 3rd of March 2019, the Saint Maximilienne Kolbe Parish Bamendou under the Bafoussam Archdiocese in the West Region has been without a Priest, following the suspension of the Station Priest Rev. Fr. Jean Bapiste Pouokam, allegedly accused of paedophile.

Rev. Fr. Pouokam was accused by some individuals of raping a 15 years old child. The accusers, who are attacked the church on that fateful March 3rd, have been identified by the Parish Council members as truants of the Bamendou community, in their letter written to the Archbishop on March 10, 2019.

In an audio making rounds on Social Media here attached, the Arch Bishop of the Bafoussam Arch Diocese His Lordship Dieudonne Watio, is heard reading the Canon Law on paedophile and its sanctions, thereby suspending the accused Priest, and justifying the decision taken. He is equally heard blaming the community for staying silent in the face of such crimes, calling on the family of the alleged victim to sue the Clergyman.

However, the story came out with a lot of controversies, and a concerned sister of the church, took upon herself to carry out a thorough investigation. Sister Grace went to the house of the alleged victim, and met her mother Mama Lucienne, who said her daughter had never told her the Priest ever made any unorthodox advances towards her. In a video to be shared on this platform, the sister interviewed the girl, who said the accused had never touched her talk less of penetrating her.

The Story of Rev. Fr. Pouokom and 15 years old Odette of Bamendou Village
The sister asked mother and daughter if they can come with her to the hospital for check-up, and they agreed. She took them to the first Medical Centre called Centre de Radiologique et d’Imagerie Medicale de L’Ouest, at the Gynaecological services as can be seen on the hospital book the little girl is holding with its results, and the results showed that her hymen has not been tampered with, and that she was still a full time virgin.

Sister Grace said to be double sure, they went to a second hospital Clinique de Solidarite, and there in her presence, the results here attached with the hospital book revealed that the child was still a virgin.

The Story of Rev. Fr. Pouokom and 15 years old Odette of Bamendou Village

Sister Grace opted to give the family her moral support and decided to visit the Priest, who is presently in his native village of Bandjoun in their family compound.

Thank God the Clergyman accepted to receive and speak to her. He explained that his ex-classmate from the Seminary named Serge who was a teacher with the Saint Albert Legrand Secondary School where Father was equally Principal is the brain behind the conspiracy.

According to Father, ever since Serge was refused to be ordained he returned to his Bamendou native land and became hostile to most of his classmates. The two men have had to exchange bitter words on several occasions, with Serge making death threats on Father’s life. Father said he had complained severally to the Archdiocese, until the Education Secretary had to fire Serge from the school, after investigating and confirming that he was biased with Father over nothing. That was when the whole plot started. Father said since paedophile is a grievous crime in the priesthood, Serge had once promised to teach him a lesson, which is what is happening today.

What Father told Sister Grace is coherent to what was written by the Parish Council Members in their letter of March 10 to the Arch Bishop. In the letter here attached, written in the French language, the Councillors wrote that on Sunday March 3, 2019 at 7:30 a.m., a group of thugs led by Feudjio the mortuary attendant, Mouchili, Raymond, Bienvenue and three others who came from Douala for that particular disorder, stormed the chapel well-armed just before mass. They started stoning Christians and smoking Indian herbs in church, saying they came to finish the Rev. Fr. Jean Bapiste Pouokam.

Father escaped he attack thanks to two Christian mothers who went and alerted him in the sacristy where he had gone to bring the Host. The women asked him to lock himself inside, and that was how mass was disrupted that day, and Father’s life saved

While causing the disorder, the thugs were saying they came to finish with Rev. Fr. Jean Baptiste Pouokam, because he was:
raping their girls and sleeping with their wives
• he fired a teacher(Serge) whom parents loved so much and that 
• a son from Bamendou should be sent to their Parish instead of a stranger like him who MUST die.

That is just an excerpt of the letter from the Parish Council to the Archbishop. Those who can read French can read till the end.

When Sister Grace finished talking with Father, she gave him courage and support through prayers and promised that she will try in her own little way to throw more lights to the issue.

That was how she contacted me with the above details, because of the nature of our platform. I requested for the contacts of those concerned (the Priest, and the girls family).
I called Father, who narrated the same story to me. I called Mama Lucienne the girl’s mother who explained to me as such:

I only heard it on rumours that Rev. Fr. Pouokam had been defiling my daughter. When I got home, I asked my daughter about it and begged her to tell me the truth, but she said the Priest had never ever touched her in any wrong way. I used the traditional method I know, to check if she was still a virgin and YES, my daughter is still a virgin.

I was surprised when my husband, who is a friend to the rough guys in the village, came and told me that I should go and testify that Fr. Pouokam raped my daughter. I told him I would not bring a curse on me or my children by lying against a man of God, and at once he started accusing me of having an affair with the Priest. He even organised with his boys to stone me and my daughters in the early hours of Monday March 4, but thank God we were not hurt because we remained indoors. As I speak to you, I and my daughters have run away to my maternal village for our safety, because they are threatening to harm us.
Father Pouokam’s only crime is that he is not from Bamendou, and he is a very good man whom we love and appreciate. He listens to people’s problems and solves them like his, and since people don’t like straight people, they started hating him. He is a true Man of God. He teaches children well, and every honest Parishioner who has had the opportunity of working closely with him will tell you how devoted he is to the services in the House of God.
As of now, my daughters’ and I are hiding from my husband and his group of friends. I even heard they saying Fr. Pouokam impregnated my daughter and I am moving from hospital to hospital to have her aborted, whereas they are the ones moving from hospital to hospital, trying to bribe medical practitioners to fake reports that my daughter has been disvirgined. Thank God people fear God and they have not succeeded.”
I asked if the Bishop or any top ranking personality from the church has ever interrogated her or take steps to further investigations and she said NO.

However, she said someone gave them an appointment and she went with her 15 years old daughter, but she was asked to bring her eldest daughter as well. So the meeting was rescheduled.

Dear friends, the Bishop was right to have acted according to the Canon law, but I think it was not normal for him to confirm the allegation and say the many things he said on that audio regarding the said Priest, because no one had ever made any official complaint against the said Priest regarding that act, as confirmed by one senior member of the church council, whom I spoke with on phone.

We pray and hope light overshadows every darkness in this particular case in Jesus Name. Our objective here is to vindicate an innocent person. We don’t know any of them, but like in other case on this platform, we are trying to work towards a morally healthy society.

Disclaimer: The contents of this website are for general information purposes only. They do not constitute our legal or professional advice. Readers are advised not to act on the basis of the information contained herein alone. Every situation depends on its own facts and circumstances. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature which may arise from reliance on any of the information published herein without consulting a professional legal practitioner.

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