62 years old man fires 26 years old baby girlfriend from work for cheating on him with his Accountant

26 years of Eliane has been dating Grandpa Andre(GPA) 62 for the past five years since her University days.
Things have been rosy for the two and GPA who is a multimillionaire and owner of a local Group of companies around recruited her at the Human Resources Services of the group, with a service car and other advantages, that she has been enjoying for more than two years since she joined the group.

Many people knew of their romance as GPA always takes her to all his VIP meetings in and around the country, and involves her in most of the decisions affecting the company.
She is actually staying in one of his bungalows at the Bonapriso prestigious residential neighborhood here in Douala.

Rumours started having it that Eliane was flirting with Charles 37, the gorgeous looking Senior Accountant of the Group, and the rumours seem to tie with realities since love does not hide.
GPA got the rumours and called Eliane to order to no avail. He even ordered her to take her holidays and travel with him to France where he was going for a business meeting, but she refused that she was not traveling with him because she had to spend time with her family during her leave period.

GPA angrily traveled but left someone to be spying on her. For two weeks that GPA was out of the country, Charles and Eliane rocked their romance to the fullest and left footprints wherever they went, until GPA came when the lovebirds were still on holidays.
Eliane refused to see him until she resumed work last week Monday and was greeted by a baseless query letter, which she refused to reply within the 48 hours deadline, and for that she got fired on Wednesday March 28.

GPA has blocked her around and given her till the 20th of April to vacate his bungalow. He has refused any intervention and does not want to hear anything from her or about her from anybody.
When Eliane visited me on my sick bed yesterday, I advised her to take the company to the Labour office, where a Lawyer friend is assisting her with the formalities.

The only message GPA sent her was that he wishes her well with Charles and hope he gets her another job. He concluded his message by "I am not done with you both yet".
For now, that message is one of the many bullets we have to use against GPA.
She was fired for : "Disrespect of Hierarchy" and paid an equivalent of her three months salary.
I fear for Charles, who so far has not been touched. But will GPA let him be?

Slay Queens, these old men can drag you to the mud the same way they took you to the sky. Please save yourselves from their senseless embarrassments by refusing their juicy advances biko. You won't know the destruction you are causing yourself, until the consequences meet you face to face in your future happiness.

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