Raped by a military guy in a taxi, 17 years old Severine and her mum cries out their ordeal to Thatcher

The ongoing Anglophone crisis is leaving ugly scars in the lives of every English speaking Cameroonian, and these scars will take eternity to clear off for some, because the visibility of the scar is a constant reminder of the wound relating to the scar.

In our journey on teenage pregnancy and its devastating consequences on the victims and their families,  we came across one of the most pathetic situation of a 17 years teenager, whose virginity was brutality stolen through rape, by a military officer, resulting to an early and unwanted pregnancy.

Severine 17 years old student speaks:

In January 2017, some police men invaded our home in Mutengene arrested my brothers alongside many other denizens. It was as early as 5 a.m. Even my father was arrested in connection to the on-going crisis.

They took them to an unknown destination, as we later checked around the nearby police stations and gendarme brigade and could not find. On our way, we met a group of military men, and I approached them to get information about my father and siblings.

One of them answered that we should go home and wait. As we were going, one of them called me and told me that I should give him my brothers’ names and that of my father, including my phone number, that he will help me check their whereabouts. That same day around 7 p.m. the streets were cold and every household was mourning the disappearance of their male members, when my phone rang. It was Emmanuel the military guy who called that he had news about my arrested relatives. He asked me to meet him at Mobil Mutengene and insisted that I come alone because he would not want his hierarchy to know that he was helping us.

I ignorantly went to meet him at Mobil. From there he said we should go to somewhere that he will not want to be seen with me. I was a still a virgin. He said my captured relatives have been taken to the Buea judicial police, and would be carried away to Yaoundé any moment from that time. He however promised to help me secure their release, but on condition that we sleep together. I told him I was a virgin, and that I was not ready to do it. He pretended to have understood and said he would call me the next day.

The next day he called me around 7 p.m. again, that I should meet him still in Mobil. He was in a taxi in his military uniform. He said I should enter inside and said my father and brothers were fine, and that he has done everything for them to be released the next day. He carried me inside the taxi and drove towards Buea.  Somewhere along the dark road, he stopped and raped me, warning me not to say a word to anybody, or else he would make sure my father and brothers were killed.

He came and dropped me back in Mutengene at Mobil, and drove away.  That was the last time I saw or heard of him. Two weeks later, my father and brothers came back home, but I still did not have the courage to speak out, because I was so traumatised.

That month I did not see my menses, and could not imagine that I was pregnant. The next month, pregnancy signs started manifesting and my mother asked what was wrong with me because I was constantly throwing up, having fever and nausea. She took me to the hospital and it was discovered I was pregnant. My mother almost died of heart break, and beat the living day light off me.

Days later, a family meeting was convened because of me. I was a good girl. I had resisted so many advances from different men, because I did not want the situation I was living in to happen. I explained to my family how I found myself in that situation. Some believed me and others did not.

Three months later, my father who was the source of our daily bread died. I was left with my mum and brothers who too where jobless, because they had to drop out of school due to the prevailing crisis.

It was the most difficult moment of my life. The pregnancy was complicated, and at one point we said we should do away with it, because not only was it difficult, but the author had disappeared. I gave birth to a son at 8 months, and he was a premature. They had to hold us in the hospital for another two months because he was in an incubator. 

I was forced to join Delmote Banana, so that I could work and take care of my son. Thank God, my mother takes care of him while I am at work, and this has been the most difficult period of my family.”

Talking to the mother of the victim she said:

When I discovered my daughter was pregnant, I did not believe, more especially when she said she was raped by a certain military man called Emmanuel. I made a complain to the Police station, but till day there has been no update, because they said most of the military men who are in the region due to the crisis are from other places.

The thought of having a grandchild from an unknown person,  the fear of what the child will look like or his character, all traumatised me and my entire family. But as we all know, children are gifts from God.

I cannot kill my daughter, she was forced to premature motherhood by a rapist, and the question we are all asking is ‘Is my daughter his only victim?’. I don’t think. Many other victims are probably out there suffering with the same situation, and I blame it on this war. 

If this crisis was not happening, my daughter would have been in school. Military men would not have broken into our home and take away my husband and sons. A military man would not have raped my daughter. It is difficult. Very difficult, for me to start babysitting again, after 17 years when I had my last child who is my daughter. I pray this crisis ends.”

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