The True Story of Divine Nde Momuluh, the US based 39 years Cameroonian man allegedly charged with criminal Sexual abuse

There has been divided opinion among Cameroonians in the US, on the story of Divine Nde Momuluh, who allegedly sexually abused and impregnated  an intellectually disabled lady at the St. Anthony's  Group home in Andover US.

Some opinions hold that the story was biasedly reported, since it did not inform us of Divine’s version. Others say Divine is in custody and will be dealt with by the law.

However, we went digging into the matter, to actually get the real story of what could actually have pushed a handsome looking young man, with many normal girls toasting him left and right, into such a gross misdemeanor, and this is what we know.

According to a source very close to the story who spoke out of anonymity, the alleged victim in question is a mother of four kids from different men. To stop her from having more children, her mother decided to take her to the Group home owned by Dungarvin, where Divine was a caregiver and supervisor.

Divine who used to be a Lawyer back in Cameroon before travelling to the US, and the  said lady started an affair which resulted to a pregnancy in February.  

In March, Divine travelled to Cameroon, and the girl’s mother discovered the pregnancy and insisted that it should be terminated. Divine and the lady cooked up a story, to save him from the trouble he finds himself in today.

The girl lied to her mother that the author of the pregnancy was a guy she met on a dating site, and that story actually saved Divine, who sent the lady $700 for the abortion in April, while he was in Cameroon, and the abortion was carried out in his absence. 

Divine  returned to the US in May, and was living his normal  life, until a friend of the said lady, to whom she had confided the truth about her pregnancy author, spotted him and told the truth to the lady’s mother in August.

The mum filed a lawsuit against Divine, and a warrant of arrest against him was issued. The cops went to his house, could not find him, but the warrant had been distributed to all police patrol team in that area, and that was how Divine was arrested, and taken into custody.

He refused to make any statement during his interrogation, and said he would speak only in the presence of a lawyer. Since the matter was still on allegations, his blood sample was collected to establish the evidence that he impregnated the lady, and he was granted bail.

Our source however revealed that Divine did not spend a night in custody. When he got home, he immediately made arrangements to leave the US before the bomb blast, and has disappeared since then.

The initial reporter of the story wrote that Divine stands to face a one year prison term, with a $3000 fine,  if he is found guilty. But according to the US law, when a crime as serious as the allegations is committed, the culprit will not spend less than 30 years in jail, which is the reason many people think the story is a one sided conspiracy.

However, Divine is being blamed for the fact that as a caregiver, he was not supposed to have indulged in such an act with a client, whether she she was mentally stable or not. He is supposed to have helped and protect her, instead of having an affair with her..

If anyone should be suing Divine in this whole brouhaha, it should not be the lady’s mother, but the Group Home.

Our source equally told us that Divine did not have a legal stay, and that even if he is found guilty, his highest punishment will be deportation. He is presently out of the United States, and  probably safe wherever he is, until the storm is over.

Disclaimer: The contents of this website are for general information purposes only. They do not constitute our legal or professional advice. Readers are advised not to act on the basis of the information contained herein alone. Every situation depends on its own facts and circumstances. We accept no responsibility for any loss or damage of whatsoever nature which may arise from reliance on any of the information published herein without consulting a professional legal practitioner.

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