Success Stories of Cameroonian Female Youths, Walking the Path of Becoming Future Leaders - Story 1 - Meet Afungfege Evita

SUCCESS STORIES OF FEMALE YOUTHS, WALKING THE PATH OF BECOMING FUTURE LEADERS- STORY 1 - 'Our young girls of today are our pride and hope for tomorrow'.

Today we begin a journey, where we shall be bringing stories of successful young women to the spotlight. Their stories will help encourage and inspire others, who think success can only be achieved with the tool we have in-between our legs, which in most cases, leads us to our doom.

Meet 19 years old Afungfege Evita, The Servant Leader/Film maker/ Activist/ Volunteer Founder SHE-DIGITAL/Public Relations Officer at Noble Theatre Art Entertainment - "When opportunity meets preparation, success is inevitable". Afungfege Evita.

Evita is the CEO of the K&C Magazine, an actress, script writer and Producer at the Cameroon Film Industry. She is a Volunteer at Net Impact, Volunteer at Moghamo TV Online, Volunteer at Mandela Voluntary Foundation Cameroon, and the Public Relations Officer at Noble Theatre Art Entertainment.

Afungfege Evita is a holder of an Advance levels certificate, and she is currently pursuing a Degree in Communication and Development Studies, second year university of Bamenda.

Born out of wedlock, Evita says she resisted the temptations of selling her body for money, because she did not want to become a single parent, after being called a BASTARD throughout her childhood. She grew up with the notion of becoming a better person, and she is determined to use her talents to achieve her dreams.

Read her story below:
I have always believed women are very critical in Nation building, years back in my childhood, while watching my mother do the excellent farming she did which sustains, the entire family up until now, but I was never satisfied.
What next? Is that all she wanted out of her life? Well, I have never shared her interest.
Finding a new path for myself, I began visualizing what I wanted to be when I grew up. Yes, the TV shows I watched helped me dream beyond reality, but this stroke me. Whatever I wanted to be, required money, and not having money was the problem daily. I saw my peers indulged in drugs and prostitution, which they called " hustling”.
I would be lying if I said I didn’t think of trying it out too, but the home training I got, thoughts of diseases, social status of my parents and most especially the fear of an unwanted pregnancy fluttered through my mind.
I was born out of wedlock, and don’t wish to become a single parent, because I know the insults I went through, throughout my childhood of being a "Bastard". This thought always haunted me, because it is always believed we "Bastards" had no property to inherit, as reality would want it.
I snubbed the urge of indulging in things I might regret for doing because of fast money. After all, growing up in a single parent family would not define my future.
Why do young girls indulge in prostitution for money? Would the ability to have money term you successful? What defines success? Is it traveling abroad and living the so called American dream? Is it getting married? Such questions flooded my mind, as I struggle to live a genuine life, through DETERMINATION and HARD WORK.

Growing up, we all want the best of things in life, like being able to eat three square balance meals a day; ride in nice cars, dress to suit the latest fashion trends, and the list goes on. But all these revolve around ‘money’ to make it happen, and it is in wanting to get things in a haste, that most girls find themselves in horrible situations.
As young people, watching your parents scratch the earth to feed always killed us. Some of us find ourselves in situations that push us into bad habits. But these situations should motivate us to work harder, and make it in an honourable way.
The day I developed the habit of always putting people first, that day, opportunities ran my way. What we need in life are opportunities. And the secret of being successful is discovering the key to success, which is SELFLESSNESS. We first of all have to show what we can offer, and opportunities will start rushing our way. But if you want to see opportunities before showcasing your skills, then you will have to wait fruitlessly for long.
To show the best of what we can become, our parents have always been hard workers. But to be greater than them we need to become SMART WORKERS. But we lack PATIENCE to wait for the seed we planted to sprout then grow and have branches. Like I said above, the ability to be selfless will open up opportunities to become the best version of yourself. This has worked for me and is still working.
Today, I have the opportunity to travel on full air scholarship for international exchanges and leadership programs because of the servant leader that I am. I did not wait for these opportunities to come. I worked patiently towards that, and after I had exhibited what I had in me, I was given the opportunities that I am enjoying now.
Talking of international exchanges I have been able to achieve international skills and recognition, as I was selected to attend the Young Thinkers convention in Ethiopia Addis Ababa, on scholarship airfare taken care of by the organizers The African Union and Beza ministries,. This exposure has expanded my mindset greatly. The diversity I was exposed to with Africans from different countries and backgrounds only adds to my development process.
Come this October I have been selected to represent Cameroon and Noble Arts Entertainment in the Change makers Exchange program in Ghana. When you dream it you can achieve it. I would love to share with you the quote that has been my greatest inspiration to hard work "when opportunity meets preparation, success is inevitable".
To conclude I will say: "Do not let your situation in life lead you to make decisions you might regret in future. You do not want to look back and regret that you could have done better, if you had exercise some patience and self discipline, to walk at the pace life was offering you".

I stand against selling your body for money. I stand with smart work and humility for success. My name is Afungfege Evita and I am a servant leader'.

Dear young sisters, Afungfege Evita is not yet there, but with the DETERMINATION, HARD WORK and SELFLESS services she renders, life will smile broadly at her in the nearest future.

Congratulations Afungfege Evita, keep up with that mentality, for you are truly on the right path.
Good luck, as you practice those virtues.

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