My pains with Ngassa – Story 2 – The MOST TOLERANT WOMAN

One Friday afternoon, Uncle Ngassa(UN) called to inform me that his friend's daughter Cecile, had come for some errands in Douala from Yaounde, and will be spending the weekend with us.

The said friend worked at the Presidency at that time, but I can’t tell if he is still there. Mr Edangha had been instrumental in UN’s life. It was thanks to his high connections that UN was decorated with the ‘Knight of the Cameroonian Order Medal’ twice, even though I cannot tell the meritorious basis for this medal.

Knowing how much this man, who thanks to him, UN and myself attended the Presidential Couple’s traditional 20th May in dinner in 2003 and 2004 was important to us, I had to make sure I give his alleged daughter a royal welcome to my home.

I rushed home after work. Took out my best bedding that I call ‘last box’, took the best towel I use to give my guests, personally cleaned the room she was going to be using throughout her stay with us, and sprayed the best room fragrance ever in that room, making sure no mosquitoe had its way 1 km from that room.

UN brought her home, I took her to her room, and proposed that we go do dinner out of the house and enjoy some live music. We went out together, and it was a very beautiful evening. We all enjoyed ourselves and came back home at about 2:30 a.m.

I wished Cecile sweet dream and UN and went into our room. I took a quick shower and dived on my bed, because I was pretty tired, and sailed in a smooth sleep, until I had a small dream that ended waking me up to because of a heavy bladder.

When I opened my eyes, UN was not in bed. I checked in the restroom he wasn’t there. I eased myself, checked all the doors, but they were bolt, and all the cars were in place.

Oh no, 'what if the woman in the guest room is one of his Agathas(side chick) and he lied to me?' I asked myself’. I refused to go and knock the door, but laid a trap for him. He knew I was deep asleep. He knew I respect my sleep, and that I couldn’t jump out of bed before 5 a.m. He knew how tired I was. He had watched me yawned sleepily while at Majestic, where we enjoying the live music. He knew he will go and have her and come back and meet me on the same spot he left me.

Our room door was not bolt. I switched off the lights and buried myself in thoughts. What if I go and knock open that door? I might create a scene and the sleeping kids would wake up. But then, UN had gone too far, if actually Cecile was his Agatha.

Then I saw the corridor lights brighten. The guest room is at the far end, and our room on the other far end. When he got to the door of our room, he quickly switched off the lights, and opened the door by carrying it up gently, so that it made no noise.
He quietly opened it, sneaked himself inside like a thief, and bolted the door carefully. I quickly switched on the room light and asked where he was coming from.

He asked why I was suspecting him, and asked if I did not hear the dog barking. He had a towel tied to his waist. I waited until when he had entered the rest room. I quickly opened the door, and rushed to the guest room.

Yes friends, I was right. Cecile was not Edangha’s daughter, but his Agatha. She was still naked, exhausted from the hot sex they just had. The toilet tissues he had used were still on the floor, and as I opened the door, she thought it was him, and asked ‘Tu veux encore?’ Do you want it again?’, before meeting face to face with me.

I looked at her naked body on the bed where I host my most treasured visitors. I looked at her as she became dumb. I closed my eyes and hot tears came out. Then I removed the key from behind the door, and locked her inside the room. As I turned to leave, I met face to face with UN, who knew I was going to burn Agatha alive and was coming to her rescue. But I shocked him again with my torturing silence, when I walked back straight to our room without talking to him.

He followed me and was begging that he will explain. When he entered our room, I also locked the door and removed the key so that he doesn’t run away before dawn.

I went back to bed but had a troubled sleep, switching on and off, till 7 a.m.

I took my shower, and went to the kitchen to do breakfast. When breakfast was served, I went and opened the door for Agatha, who too had probably not slept all night. I asked her to take shower, and she obeyed.

I invited her and UN to breakfast, and they were both scared that I had poisoned the food. But I mixed it in front of them and ate straight from the bowl of carrot and onion salad. 

Then they started eating with fear. I had made milk in a jar and poured mine in the teacup first. I asked if she had a good rest, and she answered with a head nod. Then silences reigned as we finished the food.

After breakfast. I asked her where she came from, and she said Yaoundé. I asked her to go and take her bag so I go drop her off at the bus stop. I could see fear in both their eyes. She was sure I was going to chop off her breast, but my pain was deeper than any revenge, and only my silent tears could relief me.

I drove her in my car and uncontrollable tears streamed down my eyes as I played gospel songs in the car, that helped me kept my anger intact.

I dropped her at Central Voyage gave her 10 000 F CFA, and drove back home.

UN had ran away from home without a car.

It was a Saturday, one of the worse weekends I had ever experienced, with the height of pains.

God afternoon friends –
My true life experiences with the worse CHEAT as husband

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