Religion, Morals and the Society – Luke 12:14 Jesus replied, "Friend, who made me a judge over you to decide such things as that?".

Religion, Morals and the Society – Luke 12:14 Jesus replied, "Friend, who made me a judge over you to decide such things as that?". The Unfair judgement we pass on our brothers and sisters who need our help and embrace more than the stones we throw at them.

A couple of weeks ago, a Pastor friend visited me, when I was writing a yet to be published article about prostitution, inspired by the story of the16 years old girl, whom I discovered was a prostitute, whereas she lied to her parents that her friend got her a job as a receptionist in an oil company according to what her mum told me when I confronted her..

I visited the place she told me her friend first took her to start her prostitution career. I disguised as a prostitute, and got the information I needed to see, where 16 year old girls stand to wait for clients who need their species.

I told the pastor friend that he should do something extraordinary in winning souls. I told him to get off the pulpit and crusade podiums, and go and preach in the many prostitution joints that have recently tripled in Douala, starting from the ones close to my house.

He was frightened, and said: “Madam Henriette, what will people say when they see me there? They will say I went there to have my fill”. I told him the God who knows the hearts of men, knows why you re there, and will give you success and bless you. I asked him to dress in t-shirt and jean, so that when the girls see him, they will rush to him, thinking he came for business. That will be the perfect time for him to even SELL HIS HONOUR, as some people may put it, share a drink with her/them and observe when he thinks will be appropriate to preach them out of the streets.

Trust me people, he has won almost three of them and by God's Grace he will continue to win more with the Word of God.

Now, most of the prostitutes know God. They go to church on Sundays. Some are choir mistresses, readers etc.. or so and at night, they become zebras. You will be surprised at how many of those girls thirst to be close to you and me, but are afraid, because we will call them SINNERS or EVIL DOERS. So they prefer to stay in their world and perish there.

Some human beings have become so self-righteous that they use every given opportunity to blame others about morals, which I say is WRONG.

A very good sister, a living Saint, whom I was convincing to go back to church, told me this: “Petite Soeur, my experience with te hypocrisy of these self-righteous individuals in church is horrible. I went to spend time with my family during my holidays in 2013. I realized that my job had taken me far from my God, even though I used to pray, but was not really close to God. I decided I will use my holiday period to go closer to God and rebuild my relationship with Him. I felt anxious and excited, as I waited for Sunday mass that Friday evening. It was as if I was going to the sky. That feeling I had of meeting God, sent me to my bible all weekend. I flirted all weekend with my Bible, and Sunday finally came. I dressed up and we went together with my family. I remember I was singing my favourite Hymn No. 86. ‘Jesus my Lord, My God, my All. Houw cam I love Thee as I ought’. I hummed the song and as I approached the church door I could feel God opening His Hands for me to come to his embrace, when a male church warden cut that excitement short by telling me I was not decently dressed. I looked at myself; I had a long gown, which had a long collar, just with the v-part of my breast slightly opened. He was insisting, 

while trying to touch the uncovered space of my chest as he claimed. I felt so humiliated, and if he wasn’t looking at me directly he wouldn’t have noticed. Finally he refused me from entering the church. I felt so angry, and cried, how someone had just ruined my meeting in the house of God. I went back home and slept angrily while waiting for the others to return. I explained to them and they were so angry. That same evening, that same church warden I won’t want to insult came to our home. A place he never visited. I thought he came to apologize. He said he had parked his car very far, and had to trek, because he wanted to tell me that I was very beautiful. I thanked him. Then he started requesting me for friendship. If not for the respect I have for my family, I would have disgraced that man. Since that day, I said I won’t go church every again, but I will live a morally upright life, till I die”.

No amount of justification I made to her worked, and till date, she does not go to church, but she does every humanitarian gesture she can to change lives.

That church warden uncle I know was recently plagued with a scandal of impregnating two girls, and his wife almost left him for that. Yet he was the same man, who stopped a lady from entering God’s house, because according to him she was indecently dressed, whereas his eyes were all over, x-raying her body, before they lustfully fell on the V on her chest.

This only confirms the gospel of Saint Matthew 9:10-17 which reads: “While Jesus was having dinner at Matthew’s house, many tax collectors and sinners came and ate with him and his disciples. When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, ‘Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?’.

On hearing this, Jesus said, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. But go and learn what this means: ‘I desire mercy, not sacrifice.’For I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”
If you go to churches, there are adulterers, fornicators, prostitutes, thieves etc… Will you walk out or stop attending church because ‘such immoral people’ as ‘self-righteous people’ call them are in there. No, unless you did not come to church with a good intention to serve the Lord your God.
This topic is too sensitive, but I will elaborate on it day in day out, for everyone to understand that everyone in the society has a right to opportunities.
The fact that my Pastor friend is presently at Jetset Bonaberi(a joint for prostitutes), talking with prostitutes, does not mean he is doing rubbish with them as those who might see him there will think.
I will end here today with Romans 14:1-12, but will dwell on 9-12 “The reason Christ died and rose from the dead to live again was so he would be Lord over both the dead and the living. So why do you judge your brothers or sisters in Christ? And why do you think you are better than they are? We will all stand before God to be judged, because it is written in the Scriptures: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘Everyone will bow before me; everyone will say that I am God.’” So each of us will have to answer to God.

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