Meet Rita Tebo, A German Based Cameroonian Business Woman Who Got Pregnant At The Age Of 45

Rita Tebo, a German based Cameroonian business woman, shocked family and friends last year, when she announced she was finally pregnant, after years of searching and waiting.

Mama Rita as she is popularly called is a business mogul, who deals with second handed cars, spare parts and Real Estate. She was once married to a popular Cameroonian  Henri Mamouza.
Throughout her close to a decade marriage which later crumbled, she suffered humiliation because of her childlessness, as her frenemies and detractors laughed and mocked at her that not even her uncountable wealth could give her a child of her own. 
She has been a mother to many children, and treated them with love and care, while trusting God in Faith that she will one day have a taste of pregnancy and experience full motherhood.

In her own words, Mama Rita told Thatcher, who has once been a benefactor of her kindness that “For many years I looked for a child, both traditionally and clinically. I have been a mother to many kids, and none biological. I had always hope that our Good Lord will answer me one day and he did. I did IVF(In vitro fertilisation is a process of fertilisation where an egg is combined with sperm outside the body, in vitro) in the most expensive Hospital in Europe three times, but nothing happened I told myself I will not give up, but will take a break for about a year before I continue with the IVF”.
Then like Hannah, Prophet Samuel’s mother in the Bible, Mama Rita kept her faith, and less than a year after she took the decision of not giving up and was thinking of the 4th IVF, the unexpected happened.

She says: “4 Months after I took that decision, I became pregnant naturally to the Glory of God. I was surprised, but  I knew God has remembered me, and magnified His Word in life”.

While pregnant, some people still did not believe she could ever get pregnant, more especially as she was in Europe. Wagging tongues even said she hired a Surrogate, but Mama Rita made a Facebook video, where she was heavily pregnant and dancing, exposing her bare loaded tummy for doubting Thomases to confirm.
On December 19, 2017 Mama Rita delivered her little Princess in Stuttgart Germany, and named her Rikeil.
To the many sisters and mothers out there reading this post of hope, Rita Tebo aka Mama Rita has this words of encouragement for you: “Don’t Lose Hope. Our God is Able and Faithful”.
Baby Rikeil clocked 8 months yesterday Sunday August 19, 2018, and mummy, aunties and uncles have not stop thanking God for the gift of Rikeil, as they celebrate her daily.

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