Events Manager and TV Producer Chi Chi Ladislav Raises, Celebrates and Appreciates Star Actor Alenne Menget in the most hilarious way that throws aside the negative expectations from the actor's detractors

Yesterday, Cameroon's finest TV Producer Chi Chi Ladislav, made the most appreciative post of all time, celebrating the current title holder  of the 'Africa's Best Actor'  Alenne Menget for his distinguished contributions in the entertainment industry, and also appreciating him for a time well spent together last week, which ended with Alenne surprising Chi with a brand new pair of Aldo Sneaker.
In an earlier controversial post that sounded like an upcoming beef between the two men, Chi Chi wrote: 'Alenne Menget Ats you did something this weekend that really shocked me.  I am coming for you.  Nonsense!!!'

The post sparked so much agitations on Facebook with many negative/positive comments from detractors and supporters of the Star actor, especially after outspoken Stephanie Tum called him out in an a gossip allegation  post last June.

As is the tradition with Cameroonians on Facebook when such signals are given, everyone was expecting an explosive blow-off post that will generate critics and hate. Everyone had also tagged his/her gossip partner to be seated and get their bowls of pop corn ready for the upcoming blasting eventful post from Chi Chi Ladislav, but the TV Producer disappointed and frustrated their evening, when he published a beautifully crafted lengthy post instead, celebrating and aprpreciating Africa's biggest screenman of the moment Alenne Menget.

Caught in their own traps, the detractors had nothing left, than to laugh at themselves, as the veteran actor posted screenshots of countless comments of those who were expecting to read that he and his junior brother of long were at loggerheads.

Read Chi Chi Ladislav's post below:

I knew Alenne Menget Ats way back about 2002 or 2003 at #AbakwaFMRadio. At that point in my life I was passionate about radio animation. He use to anchor a programme #Infotainment. Sometimes Jesco C Ambe would sit in for him. Kaah Aaron I miss your voice.
I would watch him take off his shirt and sweat the animation out of his soul. I looked up to him and said to myself I would like to be like this grand frère when I grow up.
As time went by his fame and grace grew so much such that he left bamenda for Limbe. 
#OceanCityRadio had taken a grip on him. Later he disappeared to Kumba #LakesideRadio. I got privileged to listen to him the few times I could get to the south west region.

After that.... I saw a poster #SACRAMENT this ma grand don torn na actor. I couldn't help but be for the premiere at Djeuga Palace. He play his priest role so well I wonder why I was angry he had left Radio.
With more than 150 TV documentaries to his credit, he has moved from one movie set to another and today is crowned African Best male actor.
Enough of all the atalaku.
I was me on my own this weekend. I got douala for the auditions of my heartbeat concept #TheProject and we got stuck in traffic heading to Rond Point. One area not related to tbe traffic is Bonamousadi and na there Ni di stay.
My friend and I drove to his place to surprise him and pay him a visit and kill time for traffic to die down. Ni has always told me to come and I would give one excuse or another. That day I got there.
With so much love and hugs of a big brother, I felt at home and the bottles kept popping. Next thing he started making calls for a hook up and let's party.
Before we could step out, he got me onto his room and brought out (See pic) these brand new Aldo Sneakers and handed to me. I don't know why he choose me? 
Please don't get ask me why I have to make so much drama out of this. I will tell you.

1.) I am one of the few people who receive gifts. 
2.) Most people come to receive than to give. 
3.) In an industry where all we see is negative, some random acts of kindness still prevail. 
4.) From someone I use to look up to as a very faraway grand frere to a colleague today, I felt very honoured. 
5.) I don't inherit enemies. 
For all those always waiting for strive between people to come and rant and insult, you got your doom today.

Ni I celebrate you today and I appreciate you. Shame on all those who were waiting for Juice. You all got served.
I am #MrBliss 
I don't do beef
I am a vegetarian

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