CRTV Veteran Entertainer Foly Dirane allegedly suffers mental disorder, after being kept in hostage for three months by his children

The most venerated and celerated veteran entertainer of the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation, Foly Dirane is allegedly suffering from mental disorder, after being kept in hostage for three months by his children.

According to online sources, the veteran artist disappeared from his home  on 4th May, 2018 at about 11 a.m. He was to attend a wedding ceremony that day, and had left home for that purpose. He didn't return, but there was no cause for alarm as his wife thought he was still in the prolongations of the ceremony.

The next day, his wife Tatiana got worried, because in normal times, he would have called. Later in the day, she raised an alarm of his disappearance, and search among close relatives and friends showed no signs or traces of him.

Three months later, Tatiana got hints that her husband Foly Dirane was in in the keeping of one of his sons from his two previous marriages his  son Steve Diran Tafe, a Physical Education Instructor at the Government Secondary School Nyom, in the Eastern Region of the country. A Warrant of Arrest was issued, and Steve was arrested during a Volleyball match.

Steve who was auditioned at SED yesterday Monday August 6th, acknowledged that he kidnapped his father to cure him of Alzeimer(mental disease) which his wife has been hiding from them, pretending it was stroke.

 Foly's wife Tatiana had informed his relatives about his  deteriorating health, in a twenty page letter, that received no reply till date. 

Moreover, it is true that Foly Dirane was suffering from acute depression, but he is under medical supevision by a competent specialist Professor Nyamshi Alfred Kongnyu, a Neurologist, who his wife says has an uptodate mastery of Foly's health until he was abducted by his son.

His son Steve took upon himself to kidnap his father, withou any legal back-up, nor medical approval, and took her to one of his sisters called Mireille Nzepang resident in Diedo here in Douala, where he was locked up in isolation, and deprived of direct communication with his phone.

Some of his colleagues said they tried to reach him through his daughter Mireille, and were lucky to  have spoken to him, but their worries was that the the voice they got on phone, was that of a Foly Dirane in distress, talking off sense, and asking about his wife Tatiana and two daughters.

During his yesterday's audition, Steve Dirane Tafen  confirmed that his father was getting better, but his lawyer said Foly could not travel from Douala to Yaounde in his present condition.

Steve"s action is condemned and tagged as biaised, because even though it is not illegal to help a sick father, he is being accused of wanting to separate him from his wife and their two minor daughters. More especially, it is said that Steve blocked the bank accounts of his father, whereas he is still legally married to Tatiana his present wife, and is not in any divorce battle with his wife.

The 60 years old veteran entertainer is set for retirement in November this year, where he will be paid off tens of millions of F CFA.

Tatiana is Foly's third wife. He is the author of CRTV's oldest entertainment television programme DELIRE, which he efficiently pilot, until controversies came in and he was removed from there to other entertaining functions still inside CRTV. 

In 2016, he was a victim of conspiracy among some unscrupulous minds, who went to the exend of writing on Cameroon Tribune that Foly Dirane was suffering from mental disorder and SIDA, reason why he was not stable at his job site.

Foly took to his Facebook page to brush aside the allegations, establishing strong facts that all his medical reports showing he was healthy and fit, were with his boss the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation -  CRTV, and that who ever had any doubt should go there and verify.

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