Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming Our Own: Meet Azuhni Elvis aka Crusader, upcoming Cameroonian Actor

Azuhni Elvis, popularly known as Crusader, is a 31 years old Cameroonian teacher and upcoming actor from Bambui in the North West Region of Cameroon.

He has an O/Level Certifcate, obtained from starlight college Nkwen and an A/L certificate from CCAST Bambili.

In 2009, he obtained a BSc in management from the University of Buea. In 2016, he went to the University of Bamenda, where he obtained a professional teachers training certificate in Education.

He is presently a secondary school teacher.
In 2006, one of his friends recommended him to take a role in a movie, because of his skills to transform any story into action. His performance was splendid, as friends and relatives encouraged him to continue his walk into our home screens.

While in the University of Buea, Azuhni Elvis did a stage play, under the supervision of Anurin, one of Cameroon's finest and leading film maker.

According to the multitalented Azuhni Elvis, "God gave us qualities and the ability because HE expects us to exploit them for the world to see and appreciate HIS goodness. So, knowing that we have these qualities and not using our ability to exploit them is going against our very existence".

Motivated by this beautiful idea, he is exploiting every quality he has, to bring out the best in him in whatever domain he steps into.

In 2012 he made his official debut in the industry, in the Movie 'Votary', produced and directed by Billy Bob.

In 2014, he starred in the 'Forsaken Desire', a movie directed by Chiefor Leslie.
In 2018, he has starred in series of movies like 'Crossing the bar' directed by Rocky, 'Butterfly' by Chefor Leslie, 'Dark View' by Agbor Leonardo, and 'Nightmares' by Ngang Romanus.

His Role Model
Tyler Perry Expected change in the industry
"Acting pulled me into the industry but I'll not be limited to this part. I look forward to becoming a producer (which I experimented sometime in 2012). Once at this point (in no distant future), I will be more focused on promoting young talent. This is because I've noticed that the youngsters are hardly given the opportunity to show their worth".
Fears about the industry
"My fear at the moment is the Cameroonian population. Their lukewarm attitude regarding Cameroon films is a call for concern".
The Cameroon Film Industry as seen by Azuhni Elvis:
"There are great prospects for the Cameroon film industry. It is a virgin industry, a gold mine in its own right. I keep telling those close to me that the best time to invest in an initiative is when many are just watching and doubting".

When there is life, there is hope. Despite the many inconsistencies in the industry, the main stake holders keep producing and releasing great movies, encouraging newbies all round to work and dream of bigger pictures, and Azuhni Elvis is no exception, as he forsees that:
"By 2021, God willing, I should be graduating from being an actor to a full time producer".
With his zeal to see change and be part of the change in the film industry, Azuhni Elvis will undoubtedly be a great asset on any movie production set, and can be contacted as seen below.

WhatsApp: 675429752
Facebook: Cru Sader
Instagram: @Cru_Sader
Twitter: @AzuhniElvis

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