The story of Patience the 16 years old commercial sex worker

Ok people, here we go with our baby sex worker.
When Patience saw me, she tried to hide but it was too late. I had already seen her. I know her from birth. I did not want to throw stones at her, without hearing her story.
We sat down to talk like mother and daughter. She had become bold. She smoked confidently infront of me, as she ordered three sachets of fighter whisky(don't know why girls in that field consume much fighter).
I did not stop her, but listened attentively to her,
'I am into this for the past 8 months, and I make a living out of it. Grace, Ebangha, Joceyline and Namondo had left Limbe for Gabon, Malabo and Douala respectively.
Three months after they left, they started sending money to their family, and my mother especially started looking at me as a burden. Every little mistake I made, she will curse me, and call me names, telling me how my mates were out there struggling to better their lives and families, while I was there in her houe dragging space with her.
It is true that I had my first boyfriend when I was 14, getting to 15, and since then, I have become a nighmare to my family.
Well Namondo came visiting last year, and she had changed. She is 18 though , and I asked if I coud follow her to Douala, so that she coud introduce me to the business she was doing.
My mother begged her, that she takes me along, and that is how I followed her to Douala. The first month, I was at home, while she went out every night and came back the next day. There were days when she came back with fingers bruises all over her face, and days when she came back heavy and financially loaded.
She opened up to me that she was a hawker, and that if I was ready, we coud start that same evening. I did not have the necesary dresses needed for the job, so she loaned me 30 000 FCFA, and I went shopping. When we got to the area where she does her hustling, her colleagues there rejected me, saying that area was not for under 17, and that I should go to the area where my age mates hustle.
She begged and told them that she won't bring me there again the next day. That night I slept with two different men, and fortunately made 15000F CFA. I felt really uncomfortable when Namondo was helping me with the negotiations, because we work on minutes or hours, that was the first experience, but it was not as frightening as I thought.
The next day, she took me to the area where my age mates were, and some were even younger than me. There the men do not pay high, but spend much time playing on you.
After a month there, business was not really smart, but I had started sending money weekly back at home home, and mum was happy. She knew I had found an office job.
Then Namondo and myself moved to Bonaberi, where we subscribed here(Miami and Kwasa kwasa area), and business this way is better, because the other way(Diedo Akwa) the girls there are too tribalistic and we don't co-operate.

If one of someone's former clients comes to you, she creates problems for you, so everyone had teir fixed clients, except for strangers who were passing and needed fun.
Here, five of us can have a client for the time he pays. The most important thing is to for him to pay us well. Sister Henriette, I am ok, please don't tell my parents anything.'
While we were still chatting, her client who had already advanced her 1000 FCFA from the 2 000F CFA he was to pay for that morning's rush, was already putting her pressure. I asked for her number, but she said her phone's battery was down, and since I was going to the market, I did not have my phone on me, so she said I could meet her there every evening, and before I cpuld ask one or two more questions, she had climbed on the bike and zoomed off with her morning client.
I asked one of the guys working in the bar we were chatting if they knew her well and he said YES OF COURSE. The shocking part of it all is that there are many like her there and the other sites. If we are to help, who do we help?
To my opinion, we should sensitize parents not to pressure their children into unothordox money making ventures. It is always good to know what job your children do, and how what they do to bring those huge sums of money.
We shoud also try to be visiting such joints from time to time, especially if we have something to offer them once we successfully get them off the streets.
Experience have proven that when a young girl who has been bringing home fast cash dies, the family attributes it to witchcraft, which in most cases is not true.
The stress of sleeping with 2, 3, 4 5 men per nght, the risk of contracting SDTs and HIV, the other mouth kissing transmissible diseases, all this can kill in no time.
Dear parents, is it that your children have become burdens that we use them for money?.
Dear Charity Foundation owners, please we need to do something. Henriette Thatcher can't do it alone, but together we can team up, and even if we cannot get all teenage girls of sex hawking, we can atleast reduce the numbers, which is becoming alarming.
While going to church this morning, I still met some, and their stories are pathetic and interesting at the same time. I will be sharing them subsequently.
Good night

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