The Reason I am Single and Happy - Part Twenty Nine

We were at the end of the month of August 2013, and the case file had to leave the Court of Appeal to go back to the Court of First Instance, where I was to be judged.

One afternoon our last born Blaise and Imyself went to town for some errands, and I decided to check with the court of Appeal if the file was still at their level or if it had gone down to the Court of First Instance. I did not want to take chances. I did not want the hearing to come unannounced the way it did at the court of Appeal. I knew I owed so many people as well, and I was trying to take precaustionary measures in order to avoid any embarassement.

At the Court of Appeal, I was told the case file was still there, but that it will be sent to the Court of First Instance that week.

I asked Blaise to accompany me to the High Court. I had a feeling that something was wrong. It is very easy to return to prison the moment you get out, because everyone wants to punish you in his or her own. I had this urge in me to go to the High Court Secretariat, because something in me said, an unpleasant surprise was coming for me.

When we got to the secretariat, or the office of the Bailiffs at the High Court, I greeted the workers there and presented myself to them. I told them I just wanted to find out if there was any pending case file against my name. A female Bailiff Barrister Mahop called my name again repeatedly and asked if I was the one. I said yes. She said she was typing a WARRANT of ARREST for me, and that I should run as fast as my legs could carry me, to see the court President who was waiting to sign the warrant of arrest t close for the day.

If you remember in Chapter 26, I wrote that my former employer brought a document in court, that he had sued me and my complainants, after they went to the company to ask for their money I owed them.

My complainants had already received a court summons to that effect by an investigating Judge Elaba Joseph, and during their audition, they said I had no resident, nor contact and that they had news I had fled out of the country.

They were auditioned in the month of June 2013, while our initial case file was being studied at the Court of Appeal, and we were all together in court in July and early that August, but they did not mention it to me or my lawyer.

I don't even have strength on legs to walk on my own, but I had to run, and only God knew how I got to the man's office. I was running the streets of Bonanjo for those who know Douala, from the High Court, to the High Court Annex close to the Post Office. I fell moe than 10 times, but Blaise helped me up, and the poor child was crying that I should take it easy on myself, before I injured a more severe injury.

When I got to the door of his office, manners had left me. I knocked and didn't wait for him to invite me in. I just forced open the door, and fell on the floor,breathing like tired horse. I was sweating profusely and he stood up in anger and asked who I was and what I wanted. I struggle to gasp for air, while trying to give my name, so he helped me up, took me outside and made me sit on one of the waiting benches infront of his office.

After about 15 minutes, he came for me, and we went into his office he asked if I was ok, and I told him I was not. Blood was oozing out of my knees and hands from the bruises of the many falls I made while rushing to his office. I went straight to the point. I told him my name and said I was just coming from the secretariat and was told he had ordered that a warrant of arrest be prepared for me. He asked what took me to the secretariat that articular day, and I explained that I came to town for some errands, and decided to check my case that had just been judged by the Appeal Court, to see if has gone back to the court of first instance for continuation, and from there, I decided to check in the other courts around, since I owed a handful of people.

He asked where I have been all this while that he had been summoning me since June through my very first crooked lawyer. I told him I had no idea, becaue I attended my every court session, and had never gone out of Douala, except for the few times I went to see my parents in Limbe.

He asked of my residence, and I gave him. He asked how long I had beenstaying there I told him. He asked my landlord's number, before I could finish giving the number, Barrister Mahop his Bailiff walked in with the typed Warrant of Arrest. He asked her not to go and asked if the court policemen were still outside. She looked at me with pity and nodded her head.

Then he called my landlord, asked if he knew me. My landlord asked if I have gotten into any problem again. The judge said yes, and he asked for how long my landlord had known me. Landlord said about five years. Then the judge looked at me. He asked the landlord if he knew that I was from jail, and landlord said I was more than a daughter to him, and that he knows what I have been battling with. The judged questioned him further if I have moved away from his house, where the house was, but my landlord said I was still in the house and had never moved out.

My landlord was like a father to me. He knew a lot about me. He gave every answer the judge needed, and then the judge thanked him and dropped the phone, after telling him at the end of their conversation that he was calling from the court.

The judge took the warrant infront of me, went through it over and over, not knowing whether to sign it or what. I closed my eyes and prayed another short magic prayer. The one minute I closed my eyes to pray, I felt a Hand wiped my face, and at once power returned to me. The next thing I heard in my inner man was 'It is well,.

Judge Elaba asked who my lawyer was I gave his name Barrister Emmanuel Kedja. He asked for his number and I gave, then he called him. He was using his desk phone which he had put on speaker. The two men knew each other very well, and when he asked if Barrister Kedja knew me, he said yes I was his client and asked if I have been arrested again. The judge asked if he had seen me recently he said yes, because we had met a week before that day. Then he explained to the judge that I am battling with a legal issue, and I had never for once missed any hearing session, till the most recent judgement at the court of Appeal.

It was already 6 p.m, and he looked at me and said, 'go, I am not yet done with you. Be here tomorrow morning at 8 a.m with your lawyer, because I might send you ack to jail' I couldn't stand up. I didn't know why God had to put me through this over and over again. He said again "Madam you can go. See you tomorrow'.

I gathered myself and went out to meet Blaie, who was sitting there not knowing what to do. He had already called Limbe, and poor daddy was on his way to Douala again. When he saw me, he had tears in his eyes. I told him all was well. He said no all was not well, and that is what I always tell them, only for them to meet with my Pharaohs and insurmontable mountains of problems. I didn't say anything to him, and my phone remained switched off.

When we got home, I called m lawyer and explained to him everything that happened, and he was surprised that his colleague might have received the summns, but wanted to put me in bigger trouble, so that I will run back to him again. My lawyer said I shoudn't be afraid and that he woud make sure I was not arrested.

The next day, I packed my small box, again, and as usual Pa accompanied me. They had given me all the courage I needed, should in case the judge decided to sign the warrant and had me arrested. But then, why was my company suing me to the extend that they thought I would run away. They wanted to get rid of my complainants who went demanding my debts from them. What crime did I commit?

At 7:30 p.m, I was nfront of the judges office with dad and Blaise. Then my lawyer came. The judge is that very strict type, who comes to work at 7 a.m. We entered inside his office, and I was auditioned again afresh, while his bailiff took down my every statement.

At the end, he said there will be a confrontation, but because the case had no head or tail, he said he will ot dismiss it at his level, but that he was sending it to the court room to be judged. God saved me again from jail, and the case went to the High court in Sepetember 2013. I was not arrested. to the glory of God.

We got ack home, but then some sort of bitterness and vengeance to hurt every man who approached me, made its way into my heart. The bitterness was real. I had suffered because of love, and no man was going to have his way in my life and leave unhurt, if he tried to take advantage of my vulnerabilty and use me.

One Sunday after mass, one uncle who had been running behind me, and who joined the list of mockers to laugh at me when I was in need of them, started his foolishness behind me again. He apologised for the fact that he could not visit me in jail. He apologised, that he wanted to make it up to me, and promised t help me pay some of my debts.

His wife is an example of decency. She knew me personally, and loved me very well. She is loved by everyone, for the qualities of a wife and mother in her. She had my number, and from time to time called to encourage me, while her husband who once mocked at me was busily asking me what I could not give him.

One of uncle's friend was dating a senior sister friend of mind, and so when they met, they always had something about me to mock. Besides that sister was giving her cousin as a pass to uncle, who was fantasying about me instead.

He was on my revenge list of married men that I was to deal with. When I needed help, he laughed at me and rejected my calls. Now that God has helped me out of my trouble, he was bringing his large stomach to ask for what I could not give.

That Sunday, he insited on visiting me, despite my objection. He knew I had come out of jail, and had no job, and that he will use his money to get to me. When he came, he brought two bottles of Black Label. I thanked him, opened one and kept one, and we started drinking. He ws talking loudly and authoritatively in my house as if he was the house owner. He was bragging how he will do me this or that. Telling me how that senior sister friend was not a good person, and how she was forcing his cousin on him.

I wonder what he used to tell them about me, because he is that kind of money-miss-road men.

6p.m, uncle was not saying goodbye. We had almost emptied the first bottle of whisky, and he said they should bring the other bottle and that if we finish it, he will send for more.

For some reason, I got irritated with his loudness and his unwanted presence in my house, and asked him to leave my house because I wanted to rest. He said no he was not leaving, that he came to spend the night in my house.He siad he knows I was traumatized by my ordeals, and was there to give me the necessary support I needed.

What he was sayig irritated me the more, and so I pretended as if I was sleeping, on the couch, but he jumped on the opportunity, rushed by me and was struggling to carress my head. I was angry. I wanted him out of my house and sight. I mean, I ws going through the unimaginable, and all someone could do was to take advantage of me, becuase he knew I needed help. It is true I needed help, but I needed the kind of help that was Divinely ordained. I didn't need the trade by barter help.

My life was already a mess, and I was trying to build it back in my own little way, without the help of any man but God. And there was a man, who stood on the front first line to go and receive Holy Communion that Sunday, who is seen as an epitome of holiness, and who that same Sunday was trying to commit adultery in the arrogant way, infront of a lady, trying to take advantage of her, because he thought she was vulnerable.

I left him in the living room, and told him I was going to use the rest room, and he followed me. He refused to use the rest room for visitors, but followed me right into my bed room. I went inside the rest room, and there he was calling me 'baby please open' When I opened, he was half naked already. I asked him to have a bath before anything, and while he was having his bath, I went to the living room, took his phone dialed his wife's number and spoke in French. I told her to tell the husband to leave my house and she was like 'who are you. Where is your house?. She said I should give him the phone, and I went to the bath, where he was jumping excitedly and said you have a call. But he shouted like a teenage boy: 'Baby come and join me' at the hearing of the wife who was on phone.

She probably dropped when he was not taking the phone, and called back . I answered and told him it was his wife. He quickly came out of the bath with his wet body, and seized his phone from me, before saying 'Halo hallo Manjwen', calling mummy by her village name. I don't know what she told him on phone, but what she told made him jump out of my bathroom, got dressed, forgot his tie and belt on my bed, walked out and drove away as fast as he could.

Since then, we've been meeting in church, and mum has been greeting me as usual, but I can't tell if she ever knew I was the mystery caller on that Sunday, but uncle has stopped talking to me, and still refuses to shake hands with me in church when its time for offering of peace.

'A friend in need is a friend indeed'. Any friend who deserts you when you are in need, is not worthy of your friendship. People fail to understand that just the little words of comfort you bring to someone who is in pains, is worth more than the tens of thousands of F CFA that you can give the person when his/storms must have passed. Let's love to be by each other on rainy and sunny days

Dear friends, thank you for reading. A big announcement is underway. Stay tuned and have a blessed evening

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