The Reason I am Single and Happy - Part Thirty One

Then and there I was arrested, and and because it was late, they took me to the GMI cell in Bonanjo. The next day was the 15th of August, a religious holiday. I was transferred from GMI to the Douala Judicial Police, and it was a very long weekend, hoping that the coming week, the court decision could be revoked.
My family worked with my lawyer all weekend to see if there were any possibiities or provisions in the law. My crime was 'jugement par défaut contradictoire' - 'Contradictory default judgement'. This judgement is given, when the victim and accused persons or their representatives fail to show up in court for a hearing.
A party receiving a summons is being summoned to appear before the relevant court on a set date – whether or not accompanied by a lawyer, depending on the procedural rules. If, on the day the defendant is summoned, he does not appear, the court assesses whether the formal requirements for summoning and appearance have been met.
If the requirement for summoning have been met, the defendant is being judged in absentia and is given a DEFAULT JUDGEMENT. Now in case both where the plaintiff and defendant fail to show up, the defendant is given a CONTRADICTORY DEFAULT JUDGEMENT, that cannot be revoked later, even by the judge who passed the judgement.
We were told that only the Head of State could revoke CONTRADICTORY DEFAULT JUUDGEMENT.

If you go back to Part Sixteen, you will read where one creditor had served me a direct summon from court. I was to appear in court on Friday September 3, 2010, the day I did trade by barter, lost my dignty as a woman to two different men, and made 2.500 000 F CFA. I gave the creditor the money, because his initial debt was 10 Million F CFA, and I had been paying interest whenever I could.
The 2 500 000 F CFA was to be deducted from the initial 10 million F CFA Capital. I had begged him to go to court and withdraw the matter, but he took the money, and did not withdraw the matter, probably because he forgot to do so, or he wanted to unish me more.
The court kept calling the case, and neither he nor myself was present, till in 2012, that they gave a judgement. The court said you cannot drag someone to court for owing you 10 million F CFA, and you don't show up for the hearing to defend and have your money back.
On my part they said since I had received the direct summon and acknowledegd receipt, I would have been appearing in court, to defend myself of the accusations.
But since neither both of us was attending court sessions, the court passed that CONTRADICTORY DEFAULT JUDGEMENT, sentencing me to SIX MONTHS imprisonment with a fine of 25 600F CFA, and the 10 Million F CFA debt cancelled, because the plaintiff never came to court for to plead his accusations. THAT WAS A MIRACLE FOR ME A 10 Million F CFA DEBT CANCELED BY A COURT,'MY GOD DESERVES ALL THE GLORY AND HONOUR FOR HE IS GREAT'
The palintiff had ten days to appeal the case.But since he was not aware of the court's decision he did not appeal, until that 2014, when he went to court for another case with someone else, that it dawned to him that he had summoned Henriette in 2010, and was to withdraw the case or continue with the case. He was however aware of my first prison term, where we completely lost contact.
He went to check the status of the case, and only discovered that it had been judged two years back, to my favour, and he could not appeal because the appeal period had passed. The only thing he had to do was to execute the warrant of arrest so that I serve the 6 months jail term, since he was never going to have the money back according to the judgement.
That was how he started following me up, until he discovered that I was in court that day, paid anti-gang for them to come and arrest me.
After all the legal explanations from my lawyer that there was nothing I could do but to serve the 6 months jail term and be free from that particular creditor for life I accepted my fate.
Deep down in me, I know that as long as I am alive, someday, by the G race of God, I MUSTpay the man's money, despite the court's decision.
All my family had to do was to prepare the necessary resources for me to go back to jail and spend SIX MONTHS, and as usual, dad said ,you are not going in there as a new comer. You know how things work in there already. Just be strong for us, so that we can be strong and be there for you. Above all, hold God tight'.
I stayed at the judicial police for one week, before I was taken to the court jail, where I boarded the prison truck with the other prisoners and went back to jail on Monday the 25th of August 2014.
That same day I was entering jail, Arouna was leaving. There were tens of forces of law and order outside the prison yard, and I didn't know why. I only spied through the truck holes, and saw them armed to the teeth, ready to shoot.

While in the prison yard, we remained in the truck, because the prison main hall was full. Arouna's two wives had come with their children, and they all dressed in the same attire like himself. I knew the court had finally merged his judgement and that he was going home, but he had some fine to pay, and while I was battling with my own stress, struggling to fight hard not to go back, I was not picking his many calls he made to me, probably to inform me that he had finally paid his fine and was ready to go.
I was told he became very desperate and excited to leave the jungle.
There was a bus outside, where his things were parked, and he was waiting for his 'Levée d'écrou' I can't translate in Engish, but it is a document signed by the Registrar, carrying every detail about your prison sentence and exit. Most prisoners circulate with it after their jail term, so that their plaintiffs do not say they had not completed their jail term.
One of the mamis who was with us in the truck, came to inform me that Arouna was the reason why the external prison surrounding was being guarded. They were afraid that he had arranged with bad boys outside to attack the prison and free his other accomplices who were left inside, because that is what happens when harden criminals are about to leave jail. They organize with their likes and as soon as the door opens, they start firing to set confusion, so that t heir colleagues inside can jump over the fences.
I told the mami to tell him I was inside the truck, but she said it was not a good idea. I saw the prison gate opened, and Arouna walked out well dressed in a white three piece gandoura, similar to that which his two wives and kids wore.
As he walked out of the big door, there were shouts of joy from his mother and sister Ramatou and some of his relatives who had come to cheer his triumphant exit from jail. Their joy was short lived because the miliatry people outside wanted to see that he leaves the prison environment without commotion.
That was the last view I caught of him as he was going, even though he came back to visit me severally.
Good night people. We continue continue next week by God's Grace.
Just before I go, I want to stress out something here. Yesterday when I published about how I had to go crooked to make Arouna fight his way out of that jungle, I received so many queries in my inbox, saying I betrayed him.Some even said I was evil, and wicked.
Today as I write, Arouna is in Germany, struggling to become the better person conditions in his early did not permit him to become. He would have still been in jail, living a lavish lifestyle at the detriment of his poor children and family, who today have peace of mind, that he is somewhere in the world, where he cannot carry guns and broke into banks and companies, with the risk of being killed. He is somewhere, where life has given him another chance to to create a new personality and give a better and decent life to himself and family.
He can freely walk around with his kids, telling them don't do this or that. He was a very GOOD GUY, but did not have the right parental orientation, especially from the man who married his mother.
Arouna fought very hard to leave jail, when he could not do any illegal business and live comfortably. It dawn on him that he was in a detention center and not in a holiday resort.
God is not man. God has a way of doing things. There were many other frottements I would have chosen, There were many other drug pushers in that jungle, but God led me to the most HARDEN CRIMINAL, to do something for him. Arouna had had many frottements, but ours was a rendez-vous of destiny.
Arouna had always loved his children. He did everything for them, but did not have the opportunity to give them his warmth. Today he is in Germany, learning a whole lot of new things. Becoming a brand new human being, who tomorrow can become like me and you, inspiring and motivating people with his past.
No human being is a mistake. Everything God does is good. If I never went to jail, I would still have not discovered the DIAMOND God put in me at birth.
May the Name of God be praised now and forever Amen.
He truly deserves all the Glory for HE IS GREAT
Enjoy 'You are Great' by Prophetess Juanita Bynum

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