The Reason I am Single and Happy - Part Thirty

I met with the most senior prison official, and told him everything I knew about the trafficking of illegal stuffs got in therei the jungle jail. I was not doing this to hurt anyone, but if a girl like Ayuk Stella or Kwahou Christelle will get into jail, and don't get cigarettes or Indian herpes to smoke, when they getsto Freedom, they would do every thing possible to avoid stealing or being caught and sent back to jail.

The little girls of 16-19 years old, who get caught by policemen without their National Identity Cards, and sent to jail for 6 months with a penalty of about 36 oooF CFA or additional three months, become drug addicts once they get into that jungle, and start behaving like the others. They start by smoking papers, then cigarette, then Indian Herpes and finally drugs, and then they go haywire. They automatically fall in love with everything bad, and at the end of their prison terms, they don't want to leave. They go out and voluntarily commit crimes so that they be sent back to prison.

I was doing it for them and their parents. I did not want them to learn how to smoke at such tender age. I wanted them to go our of jail, with the notion that it was not a holiday resort, but a correction center where you enter wayward and leave more morally equipped, and do not want to go back.

Arouna's children needed to be with him and have time to sleep with him on the same bed, play with him and feel his fatherly warmth. From what I know, some people become VERY RESPONSIBLE when they become parents, especially men.

Arouna did not see his kids often. Once in a while, they brought them to that open office, and he barely spends time with them, because children were not allowed inside.

Imagine a child growing up to know his father is a prisoner living in rison. Imagine a child who comes to visit his father in jail at a tender age, with all the warders and everything. Imagine the questions he will be growing up with in his head. Imafine how his friends will be provoking him, and how depressed they will grow.

I had to help those children by helping their father fight his way out of that jungle. I knew it was going to be difficult for him, but we always say 'nothing good comes easy'. For Gold to be appreciated by the human eyes, it must to pass through strong fire.
I had given the Senior prison official information that could help him curb down the trfficking of illegal stuff in the jungle.
I started avoiding Arouna. I was no longer going there to visit him. I told him about the many difficulties I was going through outside. I even lied at times that I was staying in Limbe, but we talked on phone more often. He still believed that his mummy Thatcher would wait for him, He pressured me on one thing. He wanted his name to be tattooed on my hand or neck, but that was the last thing I could do. I managed to play smart each time I had to go and do it. Finally I did not tattoo my body till date.

I had promised to be grateful to him for everything, but that gratitude was to help him come out of jail so that he becomes a better person fr himself and his kids.

New in-house laws were made in prison. His first deep freezer of consignment was caught as this accomplices who were mostly warders, struggled to push it inside. When the freezer was emptied, people shouted. Policemen, gendarms and warders together gathered. That discovery of the content of that deep freezer, brought the Regional Delegate for Penitentiary Services to the prison yards, and even media house were invited for the coverage. Warders were transfered, the contents worth millions of F CFA set ablaze, and the owner Arouna punished. He was sent to the disciplinary cell.

Inside the disciplinary cell(DC), there is no comfort. The DC is a small square dark square room, where prisons caught in homosexual acts, or caught smoking or trafficking any illegal stuff was locked up inside. They slept on bare floor, peed and pooed in buckets, and one person goes and empty it. Most of those locked up there are chained hands and legs. They are not allowed to communcate with visitors, and they actually feel the real pains of prison while in the DC. They come out repentant, and they become one of the best prisoners, for fear of going back to the DC, which is the real prison inside prison.

Arouna was locked up there for two weeks. He could not bribe his way out, because his punishment came from the higher penitentiary officials. He was made to eat the weevil infected cornchaff that was cooked for male prisoners. He had no choice. The law of the jungle had caught him and trimmed his tail of pride.

When he came came out after that two weeks. I now went to visit him officially. He had loose weight. His bleached skin had become terrible, he was stressed. He had just lost millions of F CFA and also just came out of the dark smelling discipline cell. He was wounded. He blamed one of the guards for being the cause of his predicament. Apparently he and the guard had a crush on a female warder, and the guard promised that he will teach him a lesson and make him understand he was a prisoner.

The guard too was unfortunately transferred after Arouna's consignment was caught. All the warders who were friends with him paid in one way or the other. My name did not feature as the betrayer. He cursed that guard, and even told me to call him and collect his 65 000F CFA from he that he once loaned him.

Prison became hard for Arouna. He started fighting for a means to get out, because he and his likes traficking inside there could not survive the dryness that they were experiencing inside that jungle. He had a couple of cases, and he decided to merge the cases and go to the Appeal Court. He did everything in his powers, until he started going to court again, where he will be release in a future that I will publish.

Let me explain how. Arouna had 25 years of prison terms, with three case files. The first case, he is sentenced to 15 years, second and different case, 7 years, third and different case 3 years, summing up 25 years. Now, if you have already served the highest sentence of 15 years, you can do a merge of sentences. In this case, you have to get good lawyers, who will make an appeal for you, so that the cases all be put under one sentences which is the highest one.

That is what Arouna did. He spent millions of F CFA, to pay lawyers, and they succeeded in merging his other sententences to the highest one, that he was already at the end.
We were already in 2014, and I myself was still going to court. Every month I went to court, the case was adjourned for one reason or the other. I never missed any session. At the court of First Instance, the file ad returned from the Court of Appeal, but the complainants were not coming. At the High Court between my former employer, my complainants and myself, the company was not coming, but I made sure I was always there on the first bench, so that I am not judged for no show.
I was always the first in court at the High court especially. The court will call out our case, and I will be the only one to answer present, from that September 2013 till that February 2014, when the judge got angry and sent the case file to another judge.

The same thing was happening, and the situation became more stressful to me. I was living at the expense of my kid brothers. Getting a job was not easy.

My kid bro who is the US had started a palm kernel shell importation company, and it had survival prospects, coupled to the fact that there were other partners, but it was not going because not only was business slow, but the huge capital needed for such a business was lacking.

Then in August 2014, I had a revelation. With us Catholic, August is a Marian Month, devoted to the Immaculate Heart of Mary the Mother of Jesus. The physical heart of Mary is venerated (and not adored as the Sacred Heart of Jesus is) because it is united to her person and is the seat of her love (especially for her divine Son), virtue, and inner life. Such devotion is an incentive to a similar love and virtue.

So, we always do a Novena, also to commemorate the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. When I started that Novena, I had a revelation. I saw heavy bags that I was carrying, being offloaded, but piled infront of me, which means I had to climb to the other side. They were piled like stair case. I had climbed to the top, and had started descending when I got stuck going down, but then I heard this song 'The Old Rugged Cross' playing, but without seeing the beautiful voices singing:

On a hill far away, stood an old rugged Cross
The emblem of suff'ring and shame
And I love that old Cross where the dearest and best
For a world of lost sinners was slain

So I'll cherish the old rugged Cross
Till my trophies at last I lay down
I will cling to the old rugged Cross
And exchange it some day for a crown

Oh, that old rugged Cross so despised by the world
Has a wondrous attraction for me
For the dear Lamb of God, left his Glory above
To bear it to dark Calvary.

The melody became intensed and I was crying deeply, struggling to go down the stairs, but my legs where stuck on the glue. As I struggled to pull off my legs, I woke up singing the song with the invisible choir.

It was 3 a.m in the morning, and I went down on my knees with my rosary and bible. After praying for about 45 minutes, I went back to bed, and the invisible choir started singing again, till I feel deep asleep, but the echoes where still whispering in my ears.

I begged God through Our Lady to reveal me the mystery of that revelation, The next night after prayers I saw myself in a vision with chains in my hand but a voice said 'It is well'.

Thursday 14th of August 2014, I had finished my novena and that morning I was supposed to go to the High Court. I felt relieved as if a burden had been offloaded from my shoulder, and that song kept ringing in my ear, all morning as I prepared to go to court.

At the High Court, the case opened, and I was the first to enter the box. The hearing started at 6 p.m. I was auditioned for almost an hour, and because it was getting late, the judge adjourned it for 7 a.m the next day.

As I left the judgement voice, I heard a voice: 'Henriette, Henriette, Henriette, be strong. I made it happen'. But then I was the only one hearing that voice. I looked around me, and the court hall was getting emptier with my lawyer removing his rob and wig.

I heard the voice again, then I asked my lawyer if he called me, and he said no. Then the third time, and I was afraid and sweated, in the cold of that quite night at Bonanjo.

My lawyer ws to drop me off at Rond Point so that I get a bike to Bonaber. When he had finished packing his things, he said we should go. He patted my back and said he was proud of the eloquence with which I started pleading my case in French, then his phone rang, and I started descending te stairs to go and wait for him beside his car, while he answered his call.

I was humming that song, when three men stopped me. 'Madam present yourself'. I asked why and they insisted, and brought out their IDs, which showed they were anti-gangs from GMI Douala. My lawyer joined me and asked why they came for me that night, but they insisted I show them my ID, which I gave.
After verification, they pulled out a warrant of arrest, that a court had sentenced me to 6 months imprisonment in 2012, with a fine of 25 600F CFA for no-show at a hearing.
My God! is this what that revelation was about?
I was to be sent to jail instantly. My Lawyer took the Warrant and read it. It was that man in Part Sixteen. The man who gave me the direct summons on that Famous Friday September 3, 2010. The day I did trade by barter.......

Goodnight dear friends, tomorrow is another day by God,s Grace. Before going, please remember that nothing happens to us for nothing. Every dream has a meaning, and we can only get the interpretations through prayers. That revelation I had, that song I heard, 'The Old Rugged Cross', still helps me pray deeper to have my dreams interpreted through prayers, and that has become one of my power tools of survival.
One more thing, always carry you ID cards around, because in case of an unannounced raid, it might be dangerous. For those who do not have, please try and get it, because it is 6 months imprisonment, with a 36000F CFA fine or an extra three months.
Enjoy 'The Old Rugged Cross'

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