Mother who wanted her teenage daughter to abort, now sings Praise to God, after the 18 years old Epote delivers a bouncing baby girl.

Unconscious mistakes mothers make in the name of 'what people will say', but yet prefer to sin against God and man.

I was recently contacted by an 18 years old girl, who got pregnant while in school.

Her friends advised her to do away with it, and together with the baby's dad who is a University student, they went to see an abortion specialist who asked them to pay 40 000F CFA, and assured them of a clean job.

However, Epote said she had a nightmare that she died during the abortion, and when he woke up, she made up her mind not to continue with the abortion, but to tell her mum the truth and apologize.

When she told her mum, who is a strong member of the Catholic Women Association - CWA, mama asked her to do away with the pregnancy if she knew what was good her.

Mama even made arrangements for the baby to be flushed out, because according to her, if her friends discovered that her daughter (Epote) was pregnant, they will mock at her, and she might even lose her high position in church and self-esteem, especially from the Bishop, who looks at her as the living Virgin Mary of our time.

She forced Epote to abort, dragged her to the hospital, where they were given an appointment by a doctor, but the little girl refused.

Mama maltreated her, calling her all sorts of abominable names. Because the young girl refused to kill the baby in her womb that mama referred to as ORDINARY CLOATED BLOOD, Mama threw her things out of the house, and she went to her aunty Eucharia, who advised her to contact me.

Disappointed with mama’s attitude, I gave her a friendly call, introduced myself, and told her why I called. Mama said I was not God, and had no right to teach her how to bring up her little girl. I then politely told her my mum was a senior member of the CWA and called my mum’s name, and told her the entire CWA including the Bishop will get to know about it, if she doesn’t stop talking about disowning her little girl if she refuses to abort the baby in her womb.

I asked if she had forgotten 5th Commandment of God that says 'YOU SHALL NOT KILL’. I asked if she knew the implications of her actions in her daughter’s future.

Mama was justifying that she is a CWA leader, and that her family's name and position in church were at stake……blablabla.

She was resisting and refusing to accept my advice, so I told her I will give her two days, to make a choice of either preferring to keep her palmares in the eyes of man and displease God, or decide on whether to please God and displease man.

The next day very early, mama called me. She said I was right, that she made a very big mistake and has begged forgiveness from God, and has decided to embrace her daughter, including the shame that will come with her getting pregnant under her roof.

Epote was to write the A/Level examination, so I advised mama to enrol her in one of the evening schools around, since her school was planning to expel her.

Mama and myself have been helping each other, by giving the little girl the necessary moral support she needed especially.

Epote has delivered a bouncing baby girl to the Greater Glory of God. She equally had FOUR papers in the just released results of the A/LEVELS.

Mama has invited me for a grand celebration next weekend. She also wanted to name the baby HENRIETTE, but I told her to take the name and make the baby her namesake, so that each time she looks at that baby, she will have a beautiful story to tell herself and conscience.

Many mamas will be reading this TRUE LIFE STORY. Many mamad are trying their best to raise their girls’ children in the BEST WAY, which is the WAY OF GOD. Some even sleep on the same beds with their daughters and monitor their every movement, to ensure they don’t go astray and get pregnant prematurely. We just have to associate everything we do with prayers and counselling.

If it happens that the child still goes astray and falls prey into her own mistake, we should not send them away, or threaten them, or else they would do away with the pregnancies behind our backs. We should caution them when it happens, bring them closer to us, and not have them aborted for any reason.

Don’t say schools will soon reopen, and all my resources wasted. Don’t bother about what the world will say. Remember, God’s Eyes are on our every action.

And to you little sisters, ABSTAIN FROM PREMARITAL SEX. It will only destroy you and your future. The author of the pregnancy will be in school learning, while you will become a mother at your early age, and tomorrow when he wants to get married, he will go and look for a more educated girl than you, and then he will label you a second hand material. BE PATIENT. The sex you rush into today, still has the same taste of that which you will have tomorrow.


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