Javnyuy Joybert, Agbor Obed Agbor and Roland Fomundam among the list of '20 Young CEOs Inspiring Change in Cameroon'

Javnyuy Joybert, CEO of COSDEF, Agbor Obed Agbor of Zumhoo Studios and Roland Fomundam of Green House Ventures, have featured on the list of '20 Young CEOs Inspiring Change in Cameroonian' .
The list was made public yesterday Monday July 2nd 2018, by Cameroon Achievers, a Cameroonian online tabloid, that captures the quintessence of Cameroonian ingenuity.

According to Cameroon Achievers, Joybert, Obed, Roland and 17 other young CEOs on the list, are not only shaping the Cameroonian economy, but they are changing lives by creating jobs and inspiring change in Cameroon's yung generation.

Below is the full list of the '20 Young CEOS Inspiring Change in Cameroon', as published by Cameroon Achievers.

Steve Tchoumba
Steve Tchoumba makes Development and Innovation happen at ActivSpaces Cameroon, a tech hub with two co-working spaces and an incubator program called Activation Boot Camp. The co-working space is free to tech entrepreneurs who are actively working on a startup. Activation Boot Camp is a highly selective rigorous six-month acceleration program.
In the last few years, ActivSpaces has played a major and significant role in turning about 50 tech ideas into actual businesses and facilitating funding for them.
Douglas Mbiandou
Based in Paris, France, Douglas has his roots at heart that’s one of the reasons why he created the project 10000 coders to put at the disposal of his fellow Africans pedagogic and entrepreuneurial knowledge which will help to curb unemployment of young Africans. OBIJIS, company which he founded since 2005, will be the facilitator of this program, creating 10.000 web and app developers from Africa.

Ngueti Armand Gaetan
Ngueti Armand Gaetan is a Technical Specialist and Architect in ICT Education, International Microsoft IT Trainer and business development Consultant with almost 10 years of experience in the IT field. He is a global Specialist on how to revolutionize businesses including a huge understanding of concepts like Blockchain, IoT, Big Data , IoS, Data Science, Business Intelligence , Cloud computing ,… Ngueti is also a Digital Strategist able to manage digital start-ups and businesses to achieve a rapid and sustained growth from their starting point to a global market.
He was recently appointed as the first President of a Government Blockchain Association chapter.  He founded GBA – Government Blockchain Association an organization committed to help individuals and organizations understand, implement and benefit from blockchain technologies.
Mérimé Wilson
In Cameroon’s media landscape, the CEO of cameroonceo.com is a force for good. Mérimé Wilson through his online platform has featured over 400 Chief Executive Officers giving them huge exposure and visibility. He is passionate about success stories and believes that telling these stories of great achievements will inspire others to become successful or reach for greatness.  Parallel to this platform, the writer also runs ‘MOI ENTREPRENEUR’ a digital magazine that talks about Business and Entrepreneurship featuring top Entrepreneurs from Africa and beyond. The magazine is published on a quarterly basis by Napenda Afrika Group.

AchaLeke Christian Leke
Christian Leke amongst other titles is a peace activist. He serves as the National Coordinator of Local Youth Corner Cameroon, a youth-led organisation promoting peace and countering violent extremism. Though this organization, he has helped turn more than 100 young prisoners to entrepreneurs – through his ‘Creative Skills for Peace Project’ – teaching and training them with skills to produce valuable items that could make them become financially fit. As he says, his work is inspired by the clarion call made by the UN Security Council Resolution 2250 on Youth Peace and Security which highlighted reintegration and disengagement as a major action which governments must support young people in the process whilst transforming Violent Offenders into Champions of Peace.
Bamai Namata
Aged 26, he is already a voice to reckon with. Bamai Namata is revolutionizing the construction sector in Africa through his company Maibeta.
 Maibeta is an on-demand web solution designed to ease the hiring of skilled local technicians by home owners in the maintenance and construction industry through its platform. Maibeta seeks to give a face lift to the African maintenance and construction industry through providing easy access to technical service professionals leading to increased service demand for the unemployed and underemployed technicians. In this way, technicians are empowered and unemployment in Africa is curbed
Frantz Cedric Atangana
Cedric is the Co-Founder of Infinity Space whose flagship product is WeCashUp an API that integrates all mobile money platforms, cash, bank wallets, credit and debit cards, and cryptocurrency payments in Africa in one universal gateway.
WeCashUp made a huge milestone as the company grabbed the Emmanuel Macron prize for the best tech Start Up at the recently held ViVATECH event in Paris, France.
WeCashUp in a nutshell, facilitates every means of payment – be it via credit cards, cryptocurrencies or mobile money! This to ensure the smooth running of businesses and money exchange in Africa.
 Mambe Churchill Nanje
A software engineer, Nanje is the founder of NJORKU one of Africa’s biggest job search engines. In five years since its launch in Buea, Njorku has served more than 2 million unique users across 11 African countries. Most importantly is his organization of the Silicon Mountain Conference, an event that brings together Cameroonian Tech Entrepreneurs and stakeholders to discuss ideas on how to develop and grow tech ventures in Cameroon as well as the role they should play in developing the Cameroonian economy.

Javnyuy Joybert
A success-addict, passionate about growth and development in communities and companies he works with. He founded COSDEF Group in 2012 an African holding social innovation enterprise with 4 subsidiaries namely The Center for Entrepreneurship, Leadership & Business Management Development (CELBMD) Africa – The Pan African Professional Skills Development CenterWikajobs Career Management Firm,CAMMICS – Mobile Microfinance, and SkillStudy. The company is committed to designing & redefining solutions that last to solve Africa’s problems like poverty in rural areas, unemployment, skills deficiency, community under-development to transform lives, communities & nations. In the last few years, Javnyuy Joybert has trained company Heads and individuals on Project design and management, designing Community Solutions to eradicate poverty, leadership etc.

Marc Arthur ZANG
Humility, Inspiration, Hardwork, Innovation and Excellence are the hallmarks of Marc Arthur Zang, Founder of Hilmore Medical Equipments a company that designs and manufactures medical embedded systems and softwares. Hilmore Medical provides strong technology that helps hospitals to supply better medical services to patients.
Himore medical equipments is the Company that manufactures the famous and much acclaimed cardiopad, a medical equipment for heart examinations and remote diagnosis.
As a solution to help people from rural and poor communities who can not afford paying for consultations in hospitals for cardio-vascular diseases in particular, Marc Arthur Zang put in place a program called “Africa Cardiac Care” to give a chance to patients to have several consultations using the Cardiopad at very cheap prices
Melissa Bime
Aged 21,Melissa Bime founded and runs an online blood bank that collects and dispatches blood donations to hospitals. Infiuss as her company is called, operates as a “blood bank” collecting and categorising blood supplies, but also as a database of all the blood types available at various hospitals. In an emergency, a hospital will call or send a text message to Infiuss, which will efficiently check where the required blood is available via the digitalised platform, organise the collection of blood supplies and coordinate delivery by motorcycle. Thus far, Infiuss has transported over 230 litres of blood via 6 hospitals. This number is expected to rise substantially as the partnership expands to 908 hospitals across Cameroon in the near future.
According to the World Health Organization, blood shortages and blood-related complications in the Sub-Saharan region claim 570,000 lives every year. With hospitals relying solely on their own blood reserves or blood donations from relatives of patients (using only the most basic of screening tests), the high number of deaths in the region is understandable yet preventable. INFIUSS is working to prevent death tolls caused by blood shortage in hospitals.
Arielle Kitio
         A Tech Entrepreneur founder of CAYSTI.
 CAYSTI aims at giving access to quality education and personalized meaningful learning experience to individuals and organization interested in acquiring or developing their tech knowledge. Creativity, initiation to innovation & Entrepreneurship is what they teach.
The organization is committed to empowering and supporting the next generation of tech leaders and reduce the gender gap in the tech industry!
Arielle Kitio is also an ambassador to the Next Einsten Forum inducted by His Excellency Paul Kagame, President of Rwanda.

Roland Fomundam
    An Agro-Entrepreneur, Roland Fomundam is the Founder and CEO of Green House Ventures an Agricultural company which grows organic food for its Cameroonian consumers. Roland Fomundam is not only focused on revolutionizing the agricultural sector through new methods of farming he has introduced in the industry. As a Cameroonian representative of FasterCapital, a Dubai-based investment firm, he is helping businesses to get funded, teaching and spurring young people to turn their ideas into profitable businesses through his “Ideas to Venture workshops’.

Otto Beseka Issong
Otto Beseka Isong is Founder & CEO of Akwajobs.com. He’s also a leading business development strategist at Silicon Mountain. With AkwaJobs, university graduates, most especially can get jobs without working experience as is demanded by most employers. This is because at Akwajobs, you find mostly entry level jobs where no working experience is needed. You will also find Internships and jobs for new graduates.
Akwajobs, focuses on publishing entry level jobs in sales, finance, marketing, engineering, telecom, information technology, project management for individuals having little or no work experience. You can find jobs in Douala, Yaounde, Buea, Bamenda, Garoua, Bertoua, Kribi, Cameroon and sometimes from Africa.
Zuo Bruno
It will be safe to say that Zuo Bruno is one of those tech giants made in Cameroon. As the founder of the annual Cyber Security Conference – AISCON and ZUOIX, he has already made a mark in the industry. ZUOIX his flagship company is an Offensive Information Security Company creating experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make people’s lives better by providing security and innovative solutions. He recently founded a revolutionary application called ZOOMED which is a car security system. With ZOOMED, you can use an SMS to locate your car or fleet, with direction, speed and elevation information. You can even know where the car has been for past 12 Months plus you can carry out voice surveillance and two way calling with your car or fleet, no more being lied to about why the car stopped. You can even record conversations within the car remotely. Revolutionary right?

Konda Delphine
Delphine Konda is the Founder and National Co-ordinator of Girls Excel an award-winning social impact organization which empowers girls and young women by creating access to sexual and reproductive health education and feminine hygiene products for girls and young women in rural communities in Cameroon.
Thanks to the organization’s mission to support adolescent girls in Cameroon, to maintain academic excellence by giving access to reproductive health education and female sanitary products, many young girls are being kept away from teen and unwanted pregnancies which is a common phenomenon in rural communities in Africa at large, and Cameroon in particular.

William Elong
He founded Will&Brothers, a local engineering and consulting company which unveiled the first-ever drone made in Cameroon.
He is better known in his country for his Drone Africa venture, a commercial imagery service used by the tourism and agricultural industries in Cameroon.The company provides services to the local tourism industry, allowing it to access a “different vision of the same reality”—aerial images of points of interest. The company also offers mapping services to farmers and others, making it easier for them to pinpoint the exact dimensions of their arable lands.

Alain Nteff
 Not an ‘accoucheur’, but an Entrepreneur with a vision to stop maternal and antenatal deaths in Africa and the world at large.
Through his company GiftedMom, a leading mobile health solutions provider in Africa, pregnant women and new mothers can access all health information and strengthen linkages to antenatal care with the help of technology.
Through the GiftedMom application, pregnant moms can talk to doctors at anytime from their mobile devices. They get free health and fertility tips before during and after pregnancy at their own convenience.

Patricia Monthé
As the saying goes, “there is nothing so admirable as a woman who knows what she wants!” this saying can be applied to Patricia Monthé, the Founder and Managing Director of Medx eHealth Center a digital hospital focused on improving the quality of healthcare in Emerging Countries (primarily in Africa).
Solutions offered are, care providers offering services (Ranging from self care to specialist care) with online patient records, appointments, tele consults, and anamnesis forms but also a payment infrastructure. Care seekers (aka patients) can access all these services with nothing more than a BROWSER.
Agbor Obed Agbor
 Noticed a shake up in the Cameroonian Film Industry lately? sure you did! Cameroonian movies are getting high on demand, they now appeal to an international audience giving our film industry a competitive edge. This in part is thanks to Agbor Obed, the founder,  Managing Director and producer at Zumhoo Studios a video, film and multimedia production house. Zumhoo Studios is at the heart of much acclaimed movies like ‘Little Cindy’ ‘Damaru’ including the organization of the prestigious Cameroon International Film Festival (CAMIFF).

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