Blue Rain Entertainment Makes Statement On The Arrest Of Celebrity Ace Blogger Joan Ngomba and Tino Foy

According to various online and close source reports, Ace Celebrity Blogger Joan Ngomba and her alleged boyfriend Tino Foy are presently being detained and  interrogated by the Buea Central Police for allegations on 'Theft and Sabotage'.

Reacting to this, Syndy Emade, through her production House lue Rain Entertainment, has made a public announcement as to what happened.

Read below:
#Official_Statement by Blue Rain Entertainment regarding why Joan Ngomba and Tino Foy Got arrested.

In October 2017, prior to the Douala premiere of 'A Man For The Weekend' a movie produced by Blue Rain Entertainment; Agbor Obed Agbor(editor of the movie) handed a USB to Joan Ngomba in confidence to give it to Chi Chi Ladislav the brain behind the premiere as she was heading to Douala.

Joan accepted to offer this help, meanwhile she illegally copied the movie into her laptop and shared it with Tino Foy.

How did we know this? 
Days after the premiere, Tino Foy reviewed the movie after acknowledging that he was not present for either of the premieres. 
(Screenshots attached below)

In one of his posts, he mentioned that he had watched the movie over four times, meaning he was illegally in possession of the movie.

After investigating, we discovered that he got the movie from Joan Ngomba, who had illegally saved the movie.
In film, it is called Plagiarism and it is a serious crime.
As if plagarising our movie is not enough, Tino Foy constantly provokes our producer; Syndy Emade with hateful words about her and the movie on his Facebook page. 
(Screenshots are attached below)

We also received reports of people reproducing and selling the movie.
In film, this is called Piracy, another major offence.

That is why our producer; Syndy Emade filed a report at the Buea Central Police, and Joan Ngomba got arrested from her home on Thursday, July 19th. At the station, she was asked to produce her accomplice who in this case is Tino Foy. She refused to comply.
That was how she spent the night in detention.

Tino Foy in turn got arrested this morning, Friday July 20th.
They are both currently under detention for plagiarism and piracy. We want them to cover damages in cash equivalent of what we have lost in cash due to their inappropriate actions.
It is worthy to note that up until this moment, Joan Ngomba has not showed any remorse or offered any apology to our producer; Syndy Emade, for her inappropriate actions.

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