Mavell Abit, wife of late artist Pumah Achu Eric aka Ice Eric popularly known for his song 'Da boi na ma boi' opens up about their relationship

One year three months have passed, since  Pumah Achu Eric aka Ice Eric died, and a lot of controversies still swirl around, about the relationship between his former wife Mavell Abit and him.

Wagging tongues have it that Mavell dumped Eric when he was sick, after using him, and travelled to the US, when he needed her most, and got pregnant for another, which was among the many things that led to their separation and stressed him to death.

Thatcher reached out to Mavell, and she finally accepted to break the silence.

Ice Eric and  Mavell met way back in when the artist was an ordinary second hand cloths buyam sellam hawker. And he used to also sing in a studio.

According to Mavell who too is a music fan, she and her friend Yvette attended a trade fair where Ice Eric was performing. That was around 2003. They had fun with many other people who came for the concert, and danced until late. When they were about to leave, someone handed a piece of paper containing a telephone number to her friend to give her.

Her  friend gave her the number, telling her it was from the artist Ice Eric. She took the number, but gave it no attention.

A week after that day, Mavell said she was sitting infront of her friend Yvette's shop at Commercial Avenue in Bamenda, when Eric too was passing by. He stopped and they chatted, exchanged contacts, and boom love came in.
They started dating when he had not become that famous. At that time he was a second hand cloth hawk, what we call 'okrika buyam-sellam' in pidgin English, though he was already singing locally in some Bamend city joints.

Eric's love for music was an in-born passion, and he could make music out of anything he had. He equally used to play for the junior national team as a goalkeeper, until he had an injury that kept him away from the goalpost forever.
Mavell said they were once watching a Nigerian comedian on Tv, and the way the comedian acted, inspired Eric to compose his famous song 'My choicethat took him to the podium of fame. 

"He wanted to have fun and sing on top of the beats for the Cameroonian public, reason why he choosed the Bamenda population for that song". Mavell told Thatcher.

At one point inside the relationship when she was in the University, Mavell said she felt discouraged because they had been dating for almost seven years, and Eric was not making any reasonable move of wanting to take the relationship further.

They began having ups and downs in the relationship, and she left for Yaounde. He followed her to Yaounde, and posed the big question, which she happily said YES.
All hell broke loose after the engagement. Both parents were against the union. Mavell's parents said she was not yet ready for marriage, while Eric's mum said she had an issue with women from Mavell's tribe.

The family disagreement did not stop the two love birds from living their dream life, as they went ahead and signed their marriage with a couple of friends as witnesses and sponsors.

Neither Mavell or Eric's family visited them for the three years that they legally lived together as husband and wife. Mavell said they were cool in their little corner, because as long as they had each other to hold on to,  the rest meant nothing to them.
They kept hustling in their own way, surviving from the money they made from renting their musical sets, and what Eric got from his music, as she was supporting him in his shows as well.

One day Mavell's mother finally visited, and told her daughter to get ready  to travel to the US, so that she could better her life and that of her husband.

Eric opposed to the idea, because he knew that their relationship might have an everlasting crack if Mavell went overseas. She too assured him that travelling to the US was an opportunity for both of them to enjoy a better standard of living, than the hand to mouth life they had in Cameroon. Music was not going to get them to anywhere, and so in 2013,
Mavell travelled, despite Eric's objection.

While in the US, she was doing everything in her powers to rekindle the relationship, but Eric constantly reminded her that she broke the  bond that linked them, the day travelled to America.

Communication between the two began dying slowly  and steadily. There were times they would communicate, and times no one will call each other. Then gossip came in that Eric was seeing another woman, eventhough he refused it when Mavell asked him.

He was clear when he said she broke the bond between them, the day she decided to venture abroad. 

They both decided and accepted to go separate ways, and according to Mavell in her own words, 'I moved on'.

She got pregnant for another man, even though she was still legally married to Eric. Mavell told Thatcher that even though their separation left her heart broken, she had the intention of bringing Eric to the US, whether they were together or not.
Then he feel sick and reached out to Mavell. "Thatcher, I still love Eric, because he is the only man who ever showed me true love. He gave me everything including what he did not have. He practically worshipped the ground I walked on, and there was just no way I will not want him alive. I worked out my ass extra hard, to pay all his hospital bills. He was moving from one hospital to the other, and I financially supported him to the best of my capabalities".

Apparently Eric was not getting better, but Mavell said she did not stop assisting, until one morning she got news that he was death. 

"I was shattered. I realized  how much I still loved him, and thought my world had come to an end. But it turned out that it was just a false alarm. I called his phone, and he told me he was still alive and that he was not going anywhere. Talking to him gave me strength and courage to help him the more. I felt so relieved after talking to him,  that I went out and greeted everyone I saw that day, thanking God becausEric was alive". Mavell said.

She had just put to birth in February that fateful 2017, and then Eric died his real death  in March same year, one week after fake news of his death went viral.
"A week later, when I got up from bed, my inbox was full. Everyone had tried calling. Eric had finally died. Eric had left me. Eric had shattered the hopes I had of us reuniting someday. I felt devasted. We were no longer together, but I wasn't going to throw away what we had shared for TEN good years, as if it was nothing. I mourned him my own way, and continued my life till date." Mavell who is still single and searching, told us.

People, you heard Mavell. She said she did not abandon Pumah Achu Eric, they separated because of circumstances, and we all know that relationships crumble when partners live afar and and apart from each other.

Will you continue to throw stones at her after this? 

RIP Pumah Achu Eric aka Ice Eric

Enjoy 'My choice', and pray for the repose of his soul

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