Italian Based Cameroonian Philantropist and Business Mogulette Terabel Marini. offers free one year scholarship to TWO orphans on her 7th wedding anniversary

Italian based Cameroonian philantropist, Humanitarian Award Winner, business mogulette, founder  CEO of Terabel Marini Foundation, Terabel Marini, is celebrating her 7th year wedding anniversary with her  Italian beau Mr. D. Marini, today Wednesday June 27th, 2018, and has decided to bless TWO  orphans with full scholarship for the upcoming academic year.

Terabel who has been doing massive charity works through her foundation the Terabel Marini Foundation says she wants to celebrate her 7th wedding anniversary this year, in a more special way, that will impact the less privilege with unforgetable memories.

Her love story with Mr. D. Marini
Terabel who will be 29 years  in December 2018, has one of the most fantastic  love story, which was a Divine connection that totally changed her destiny till date.
In January 2011, Terabel B. Forba was travelling to Italy from Cameroon for the very first time.  While in France on transit, she boarded a plane with her now husband, who was on vacation in France, and was travelling back to Italy. Mr. Marini and Terabel became friends on the plane flying them to Italy, as 'love at first sight' swept them both off their feet.

When they arrived Italy, Mr. Marini waited for Terabel's sister to come and pick her up from the airport, so that he could go with her to see where she would be living, and be able to visit her from time to time.

Terabel's sister and husband who came to pick her up from the airport were shocked to hear Mr. Marini professing his love for Terabel, whom he just met some couple of hours ago onboard the flight to Italy..

Mr. Marini's car was parked at the airport, but he decided to follow Terabel and her family, and when he saw where they were living, he came the next day, and opted to get her a language teacher, to perfect her Italian language skills, and enable her to communicate fluently.

Terabel had studied preliminary Italian language for six months in Cameeroon, before travelling.

Within two months of dating, he got her engaged, and in their sixth month together which was June 27, 2011, he married her and she became Mrs. Terabel Marini. 
Terabel who is one of the most lucky ladies, got her Italian citizenship immediately after her marriage to Mr. D. Marini.

The couple was blessed with a son Dante Marini, on the 5th of August, 2013.

Terabel Marini as a Real Estate Business Mogulette
After their wedding, Mr. Marini asked her to stay at home and become a full house wife, but the highly ambitious Terabel rejected that option, saying she could not stay in the house without doing anything, because she knew her family back home in Cameroon needed her support. Beside, she is a go getter, who would not want to depend entirely on her husband's pocket to take care of herself and her family back home. 

Her husband's idea of wanting her to stay back was due of the fact that she needed time to be acquainted with the environment, as she had been in Italy only for six months.

She told him she could do business, and when he asked the type of business she could do, Terabel said she wanted to venture into Real Estate.

Mr. Marini enrolled his wife in secretariat management and Real Estate Business. 
With the assistance of her husband, they started a Real Estate business called Marini Lands and Housing Ltd - MLH, a year after they got married.

Terabel started by building her own apartments and giving them out for rents in 2012. Today, she has  has 12 apartments already on rents, and 7 others under construction.

MLH buys houses, renovates  and puts  them out for rents. They also build apartments and give them out for rents as well, and equally buy and sells plots of land in Limbe, Buea, Douala and Kumba.

The story of the Terabel Marini Foundation
The Terabel Marini Foundation came to existence in 2017, and it is a fulfilment of a promise she made to her mother on her dying bed.

According to Terabel, when she was a teenager, her mother of Blessed Memory had an accident, and died because of lack of financial resources to treat her. Before her death, mama asked Terabel to promise her that she will open a foundation to assist the less privilege in the society.

Terabel told Thatcher that while mama was still alive, she took her to places like orphanages to visit  orphans and assist them with the little they had.
Last year, Terabel had the privilege to fulfull that promise, and the Terabel Marini Foundation which is just a year old has won her three Humanitarian Awards(1 in Ireland, 1 in Germany and 1 in Cameroon), for her outstanding contribution in giving back to the community and impacting the lives of many was founded

Terabel and her husband are the sole sponsors of the Terabel Marini Foundation.
Upcoming project
Terabel Marini has an upcoming project themed: TURNING POINT to be unveiled soon.

The scholarship rules will be published subsequently.

Happy wedding anniversary Mr/Mrs D. Marini.

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