UK Based Cameroonian Match Maker And Media Personality Delly Singah Philips Launches Dating Website : Delly's Match Ups

UK based Cameroonian match maker Delly Singah Philips has stepped up her match making game, and launched an international dating site called Delly's Matchups for those searching for soul mates

Delly who recently celebrated her second successful match up couples, say the reason for her embarking in this journey is to bring revolution into relationships.
"The world is becoming very much digitalized and while the internet is making everything else easier - business, politics, religion etc, I saw an opportunity to also bring revolution in relationship modules. To bridge the rift between soul mates who are worlds apart but just one screen tap away. To ease the costly and sometimes vain quest of traveling home in search of spouse meanwhile we are all in this global village.
At first, I noticed a trend of my friends privately reaching out to hook them up with my other friends. And sometimes knowing both parties - character, temperament, mindset and all, it occurs to me they will make a great match as soul mates. As some started leading to happy marriages, I came to a full consciousness that this is a Gift I have and need to explore. To use the platform and proximity social media offers, to create safe, lasting and happy relationships leading to marriage". She told Thatcher.

Delly started her matchmaking as a joke two months ago, profiling bachelors and bachelorettes on her Facebook platform. Some of her now die-hard fans were laughing at the venture, until when her first match-up couples walked down the isle last April 6, 2018 in Bamenda, in a ceremony attended by many Thomases who did not believe matchmaking works.

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Her second match up couple Mr/Mrs Asobo are already swimming in the ocean of love, thanking the heavens for Delly, who brought them together.

Click on this link to read their love story: Hip Hip Hip Hurray The Biggest Bachelor in town is about to tie-the- knot.

We asked what her reaction would be, if a couple she match makes comes crashing, and Delly said even though she did not think of that, she is however aware of the risk involves in every venture.
"Crashing. I've never thought of it crashing. But I'm aware there is the risk factor of every venture. However, every other aspect about life has the risky part and the potential of crumbling if not well handled.
So yes I am aware, but I put in place precautionary measure to minimize it.'.
Hooking people up is one thing, and getting them glued to each other is another. We questioned if she follows up her clients by giving them marital advice, or washes her hands off them as soon as they are hooked up and she said:
"We do advice them and give basic tips before and after marriage. I always insist on following the right principles and success is usually guaranteed.
I'm quite aware not every hook up will last or stand the test of time and I sure make them conscious of that. Alot of educative articles are found on the website. Once they get hooked up, we ensure a follow up from their first dates.
We got a disclaimer on the site as to how much info we have access to as far as a member is concerned. And do we insist on them carrying out their own personal investigations on those they've hooked up with."

Access to the page is free for now, but you need to register to become a member.

Good luck to soul mate seekers, and congratulations to those who are already paired up and working to finalize things.

Delly's Match up, the harbinger of love.

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