The Reason I am Single But Happy - Part Sixteen

The news of Monsieur Gervais' death was another blow to me. I remembered how he encouraged me as a daughter and told me that his sister Ebonge had gone through a similar experience, but she came out in faith, and that they paid back their creditors bit by bit till they finished. I questioned God if what He was doing to me was fair. Why will he call this man, just when I was began to have a genuine soldier to learn on. 

I had enrolled to do MBA in the University of Douala in that 2009, because I got recruited with an HND still in the same University.  I went for classes everyday from 6 - 10 p.m and Saturdays all day. And I thank God for that, because it occupied me momentarily from my countless thinking time.

My life came to a standstill. Time passed, I couldn't tell my family the truth, because I was their breed winner. My parents had worked extremely hard to raise me up with all the morals from a christian home. Now that I was trying to make them smile SERIOUS trouble was standing infront of me, from the man dad had warned me about.  'Oh stubbornness, you really dealt with'.

I went home so many times to tell them the truth. To tell them why I was not able to send them their monthly allowance, but I did not know where to start, or how to tell them. What would they have done? Mortgage their home to go back to renting or what.? I saw the love they showed me. They knew something was wrong. But I always have that big courageous smile, that masks the deepest pain I feel no matter how terrible the pain is. I could no longer give them what they deserved.

My father looked at me 50 times and asked if I was ok. I told him I was fine.  My father knew I was lying. He knows I can never drive to Limbe without a carton of wine for him or any little token, or  a wrapped parcel for mama or gifts for everyone. He called me and asked if I was ok. He begged him to tell him the truth, but they would have suffered more than me, if I had told them then. They have always wished me well. I was their pride. I was their hope and joy. How then could I break the news to them that I was in serious debts that could land me in jail? I didn't tell them the truth.

Back in Douala, I looked left and right, went to see my Parish priest of Blessed memory, and explained to him, because I was an active parishioner.  I needed the kind of prayer, that works like magic. He gave me series of prayers and novenas, prayed for me with everything he held dear. Beg God to help me and then blessed me.

He called one  christian uncle who has influence in the society, explained my problems to him,   and uncle asked me to come to and see him.

Uncle received me, heard my story and promised to call me the next day to see how he could help. By the time I got home, two people had already called to ask me if what they were hearing was true. I knew that uncle had called to tell his girlfriend who was equally my friend, but not a close one, and she had called my closest friend, and that was how they started spreading the news their way.

The next day, I called uncle, ten times but picked only once,  and said he had to speak to his wife, and that was the last time we spoke. When he met me in church he felt guilty and tried to me he will call me.

I could no longer trust anyone. I took my legs again went to one pastor that a friend introduced me to. I wanted someone to do magic to pull Desire from wherever he was hiding, to bring back people's money and set me free. 

I sent Desire messages on Yahoo messenger. I told him I was sorry if I made him to love me, and that we could end the relationship if wants, but let him bring back people's money. Interest had sky-rocked. Months had passed, but still got no answer from him.

I went to see pastor, who told me the issue was serious, and that he had to travel to Jerusalem to get some magic oil that he would use to incantate and push Desire to bring back the money. Pastor said he needed flight ticket to Jerusalem and back. 

Desperate woman went borrowing again. Gave to pastor who asked to me come after two weeks. After two weeks, I went back and pastor said I had lots of evil forces behind me and needed deliverance, before I could use the oil he brought.

Deliverance was to be done using my breast and my vagina.  When pastor asked me to undress, I looked into his trouser, and saw how straight his long dick was pointing at me, and realized I had been duped again. 

I thought of dragging him by the dick to the police, but before I could do it,  a lady bashed into his office with policemen, arrested and took him away. He had duped and used her as well. For the first time I was reasonable enough to sleep with the pastor, otherwise only heaven knows what the consequences would have been. 

God, I looked left and right, up and down, but no help came. I told myself I knew men of HIGH PLACES in this country who wanted me, and who still wants me. Maybe I should go and and do trade by barter with them, as they had always wanted. 

During that time, I met one uncle from abroad. He was nothing like uncle Gervais. He gave me his own little help but in exchange of something. Travelled back, and then went and put trouble in his home because of me with aunty. "God what wrong did I do? Why are married men the only ones wanting to ruin their lives for me?'. Thank God I walk out of him, and he fixed his home. 

In this case, I had no feelings for that uncle. I just wanted money to pay back the debts. Imagine a debt where you are supposed to pay 10% of 10 millions x three, 500 000F CFA etc.... I cut off the link with that uncle, because I had more than enough basin of troubles on my head.

Now the twin were to write the First School and Common entrance examinations. There was no way I could have jeopardized their future because of their father's wickedness. When I went to register them for the exams, they did not have birth certificates. Melanie their mother said she had never made them a birth certificate. She did not even know how or where to start.  Jesus!

I went to a council here in Douala, and the mayor said I should pay 80 000F CFA to get the girls birth certificates. I took their father's own from his elder sister Marceline, took their mothers own, made their birth certificates legally, and registered them.

When they finished writing, I could no longer keep them. I am human. I had kept them for almost a year, looking after them like mine. Seeing them made me sad. Worst of all when they asked when their father was coming. I used to lie to them that he called me when I was in the office and said I should tell them he loved and missed them. But trust me, those children never ever knew the sh*t their father put me in. I took them to their mother, and told her that if they are to go to secondary, we should enroll them closer to where Marceline was, so that they could stay with her and I will support with the fees. That was my polite way of handing them back over to their family.

Thank God they passed their exams, but Marceline said she didn't have space or them in her house, so I enrolled them at college Levant Bonaberi. and ended there. God in Heaven knows I tried. Their charges on me had become unbearable.

I also had 38 street children from Marche Sandaga and Stade Mbappe Leppe I was assisting, before misfortune befell me. I was able to make some of them go back to their homes. I took two to Ngaoundere and one to Garoua, and handed them back to their parents. They had followed bad friends right to Douala, and had no where to go, so they had no choice than join others on the street.

I paid for others to learn trades like mechanic, carpentry etc.... I bought trucks for some to be selling the fruits you see them push round town. 

Most of the time they were arrested because they didn't have ID cards, and I always brought them out from cell, made them ID cards. That is why nearly all the Commissioners in Douala and top security men know me. They helped me make their ID cards and I paid 5 000F CFA per card.

Those who wanted to return to their houses, I went with them and handed them to their parents. Others came from wealthy homes and chosed to sleep in the streets. I cautioned them to stay out of trouble. 

Others left home because their parents were separated, mum's husband didn't want him, or dad's wife didn't want them as well. They had no choice than struggle to get to Douala, and join their likes on the streets.

There was one there who was traumatised. mum and dad were fighting, and his kid kid brother went to intervene. Dad took a stick to hit mum with, but it unfortunately scattered the brother's head and killed him. He ran out of the house in shock, and only God knows how he found himself on the streets of Douala.... People you need to meet this street children, to hear stories. They need you, they need me, they need us.

Before my crisis, every last Saturday of the month, that is when I get my salary, I will pay a bus to go and bring them all to my place, where my late uncle's wife and some friends will help me cook them any food they requested. Watched tv with them at my home, and at night fall they go back to Marche Sandaga, to sleep on their mats that I bought for them.

I still have one under my roof till date, whose parents I have never seen. Raoul is now my adopted son and soldier, and is a mechanic. Most of them have grown up and left the streets, and I can never stop thanking God for using me in their lives. They come visiting with fruits once in a while.

I am equally the National President of the Mekaf Women Cultural and Development Association. The women development wing of my village in the Menchum Division of the North West Region, and have done so much for my community when I had not gotten into debts. When I had my projects in the village, I will write appeal to some of the big men in the region.

Some reacted with pledges that they never respected, others wanted to see me face to face, and marveled at how pushful I was at my age, even with an infirmity. Men are who they are, and can never change. They wanted something that  I could not give them, and they used it as a condition for redeeming their pledges or give a positive reaction to my appeal letters. 

If I appealed to 20 men to support my project, 3 will generously react without asking for a favour, while 17 MUST ask for a favour in return. Women reading this who have had opportunity to interact with men knows that crazy mentality.

I went back to my room, and scattered my files, looking for their business cards. I was under the heaviest pressure of all time. I became DISHONEST, told UNWORTHY LIES to come out of situations. When I had pressure, I will run to X telling her to help and I will payback. X who knows that Henriette is a person with  moral integrity will give. I will go and pay somewhere to calm pressure. Then I won't know how to X pay back. That was the level at which I was reduced to.

"Oh God, I pray none of your daughters reading this or hearing about my story ever get to that stage I was in Jesus Name Amen." 

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I had confided in a male colleague, whose marriage I had saved so many times. He and his wife are reading me as well with tears in their eyes. I had saved their marriage from crumbling. Ok. I have a gift of bringing resolving conficts. I have saved so many couples from divorcing through my counselling. I have brought back divided families together. That is my gift from above, and I thank God I have used it well and am still using it till date.

That colleague advised me to go and lodged a complain at Senior Barrister Halle Nico's Chambers, that he could get Interpol to help me track Desire. He supported me with a 100 000 FCA. He and his wife had been with me throughout my crisis, supporting me with food items, cash etc.. 'Mon frere d'une autre mere, God bless you for me.

I went with a written complain to Halle Nico's Chambers. After exposing my problem to him verbally, I showed him the paper work I brought. He sent me to meet one of his staff, who asked to pay 400 thousand francs to open a file and get Interpol involved. Me and that amount of money who owned who at that time?. I left with the promise of coming back, but I never did.

I found about four business cards of those BIG UNCLES. Started calling them one by one.

I visited uncle number 1. He misbehaved terribly in his closed door tight security office but gave me 2 million F CFA as his support .  I lost my dignity that day because I was helpless.

None of those uncles helped me for free. There was always a trade by barter. Those who helped for nothing had good hearts, but could not give more than they had. One said you refused to date me because you think I am old. It is not too late. I can pull you out of the mess. Just be mine. Tsuip, after defiling me, he still had the guts to talk trash to me.

I had no life. One creditor had exhausted his patience and deposited his check that bounced and came back unpaid. He went straight to court and got me a direct summon to court. How was I going to start. That my male colleague friend in the office told me that 'Henriette, Direct summons are dangerous,  and might land you in jail. That was either the 2nd or 3rd September 2010.

I was able to raise  two million five hundred thousands, to give the creditor, begging him to go and withdraw the case. and he accepted, but forgot to go and withdraw the case.

Then in the midst of all that stress. After Dr. Sandjon at Clinique d'Aeroport Douala had said I could never get pregnant again because I have just one Fallopian tube. Those who started from chapter one can recall when I said I had an ectopic pregnancy for Ngassa and lost one of my tubes. After that time, all attempt to get pregnant failed.

Dr, Sandjon during one of medical visit due to heavy monthly flow, carried a thorough search on my inner womb and every thing proved that the lone tube I had was defective, and even artificial insemination could not work, because fibroid has build a wall as well.  

I was not troubled at that,  because I already had Pearl. And beside, even if I did not have a child, I wouldn't have killed myself, because I had raised many children who today call me mama.

I know everyone wants to hear this part. Everything that happened that September 3rd in  two places, against my wish and because of my helplessness, came to light in November 2010, when I went to consult after feeling terrible.

I told Dr. Sandjon I suspected pregnancy and he said never. It can never happen. Not possible. See all your womb is surrounded with WILD FIBROIDS. Ok we did the urine test, and it came out negative.

I wasn't a child. I had been pregnant twice and delivered once. I knew that even if the test says negative and that it was advanced fibroid, there was something strange inside me. 

And yes, finally a second blood test, revealed that I was pregnant. Yes, I also know when it happened, during those crazy periods from this office to that one, looking for help that came just a bit.

That night I went to my room, locked the door from inside, took off every cloth off me, pulled a chair, and invited God for a Father and daughter chat. I asked him. Must you always carry my skirts up with the wind, I cried. I first of all told thanked Him and told Him children were gifts from Him, but why would He allow this one to come now and through that means? Why?. Why did I not get pregnant when I wanted to? Pearl was already nine years old. I don't even have strong legs to carry this child till the remaining 6 months. What will the world say. I cried until I don't know when I fell asleep.

Then that my mystery man of 2007 from above came again, and this time I felt someone carried me from the chair I was sitting on naked, to my bed telling me in a voice that I had heard just once,  'Henriette your ways are not My ways, neither are your thoughts Mine'. He kept repeating it, helping me to wipe off my tears, telling me He was with me in this. Then disappeared  and went back up with His shining rays.

When I shouted Jesus, it was truly Him and he had left. I was in bed, He carried me from my chair that I was sleeping, put me in bed and even covered me with a bed sheet. Then I knew God had a plan for me. I knew He was going to pull me out of the waters. I also knew I had been very stubborn to His call. But then, I finally realized that I was one of His Most Favoured Children. To read about that in the coming chapters.

I decided that since I was staying in Bonaberi I should get a gynecologist who could attend to me in case of any emergency. I enrolled with Dr. Fogaing who is a Senior gynecologist at the Bonassama District Hospital. He also had his private Clinique at Pharmacie du Pont. 

When he consulted and checked me, he told me that the pregnancy was HIGH RISK, and that I should abort it. He showed me the scan, and the fetus was growing on fibroid, and that I equally had umbilical hyena, and also an inflated liver. My eyes were yellowish, my legs swollen and the hair from my head falling due to stress, until I shaved and had the look on the picture of this post.

I asked him if he could operate me, remove the fetus and put inside an incubator, but he said the fetus could not survive because it was still too light. I told him that I needed that baby more than my useless life. I told him that the last thing I would do which will be reasonable, would be to push out this baby alive with the last breath I had.

I explained everything I had been through and how pregnancy took me unaware and he said I needed a Psychologist. I told him I had one already at Laquintinie. Dr. Jon. I gave him Dr Jon's contact and the two men met.  I can't explain how,  but God had a hand in everything, because he directed me to the right specialists. 

The men tried to convince me to abort, but I was categorical. It was either I delivered my baby alive, or die while trying. 

They sent me to the Douala General hospital with the alleged swollen liver, and the Dr. there , said if I don't get rid of the baby in my womb, I won't be able to stand what ever drug and therapy I needed because the drugs were too strong. I told the Doctors to give me time to go and think.

I stayed for month without calling any of them, and one morning I felt wet, and started bleeding. I cried to God and prayed asked  Him to show me a sign that he had forgiven me my wrongs, and that He is the One who carried me from that chair to bed. I asked Him to preserve my baby for me, because that would be the only consolation and compensation to me after everything I had been through.

God answered me. I went to Dr. Fogaing, while  bleeding, and he admitted me in the hospital, gave me some drugs and by evening the bleeding ceased. He carried out a scan which showed that the blood was from fibroid and that the baby was still there. I refused abortion, and held my faith as a christian and prodigal child. 

But when my creditors saw me pregnant, they got even angry. They said I lied that I was duped by my fiance, and if I had a fiance, whose child was I carrying then?.

Convocations started coming in from left right up down. When we get to the police station, the Commissioners will shout, 'Mme, what happened to you? are you not the mother of those street children? What happened.'... I explained my ordeal and so they mediated between me and the creditors, who accepted to leave me alone until after I delivered. He told them I was a very nice human being and a victim of circumstances. They knew me very well and they saved me from my creditors, who had become very violent. 

God touched their hearts, and they gave me breeding space.

Meanwhile, I spent most of my time fighting with the doctors as they kept telling me I could not carry the baby to full term. 

For some special reason God walked with me every step of the nine months. I also had some temporal peace from the many creditors, who too finally calmed down. 

My ever supportive mum was shuttling between Limbe and Douala to give me every support I needed. 

Since I was also regular in Limbe,  I decided to  consult Dr. Tchouzuo a gynecologist, who too was very supportive to me.

I told myself that I will request that the baby be removed  and put in the incubator in the 7th month. But that 7th month, I was stronger than ever. I went till  9 months, and the day I saw death, I called Dr. Fogaing, that I want this baby out from my belly alive, before I died.  he was not in town. I called Dr. Tchouzou who asked me to come to Limbe. My friend Hortense drove me to Limbe with everything I and the baby would be needing.

When I got to Limbe he said 'Madam I will operate you instantly and if the baby does not weight, I will put it in the incubator. But congrats, your baby will live'. I was more than happy, even though deep down in me, I knew I was not going to come out of the the theater alive. I had written some instructions and put in the baby's box, in case I did not make it out alive.

We carried out all the necessary preparations, and I was operated on that Friday May 27, 2011 of a bouncing baby girl, who weighed almost three kilos, did not enter the incubator, and I did not die.

Before operation I begged Dr. Tchouzuo to scrap out the many fibroid they said were in my womb, and cut off the umbilical hyena. But when he opened my stomach, there was no fibroid nor umbilical hyena only my shiny baby girl I named Ange Gabrielle - Angel Gabriel.

After one week, I was sent home with my baby, and went to the General hospital to see if I could start the liver treatment, but after every screening, the liver that was allegedly inflated had returned to normal, and till date my liver is healthy.

Everyone says I am strong, but just know that it is God who gives me strength. How I am still alive and strong, God alone can tell.

We are gradually pulling to the end, but pray that I get the courage to tell the story to the end, because the coming parts of my life, will see how a BEAUTIFUL SOUL enters hell.

Ange Gabrielle will be 7 on  Sunday May 27th, 2018. 

We continue tomorrow good night

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