Meghan Markle’s half brother tells Prince Harry in a letter that marrying his sister is bad business to the British Royal Family

Meghan Markle's half-brother has written an open letter to Prince Harry, telling him his wedding day will be the "biggest mistake in royal wedding history" and that it's not too late to call it off.
51-year-old Thomas Markle Junior, who shares a father with the former Suits actress, slammed his half-sister as a "jaded, shallow and conceited woman". He also said the May 19 wedding is a "fake fairytale" that would "make a joke of you [Prince Harry] and the royal family heritage".
In the letter shared with In Touch Weekly, Thomas, from Oregon, writes:
"Dear Prince Harry,
It's not too late, Meghan Markle is obviously not the right woman for you. 
As more time passes to your royal wedding, it becomes very clear that this is the biggest mistake in royal wedding history. 
I'm confused why you don’t see the real Meghan that the whole world now sees.
Meghan's attempt to act the part of a princess like a below C average Hollywood actress is getting old".

He also claimed their father is struggling financially after "paying Meghan’s way" at the start of her acting career and getting into debt.
The letter continues: 
"What kind of person starts out by using her own father until he's bankrupt, then forgets about him in Mexico leaving him broke, over mostly all her debts. 
And when it's time to pay him back she forgets her own father like she never knew him.
My father will never recover financially from paying Meghan's way, nor emotionally from disavowing him. Meg is showing her true colors.
It's very apparent that her tiny bit of Hollywood fame has gone to her head, changing her into a jaded, shallow, conceited woman that will make a joke of you and the royal family heritage. 
Not to mention, to top it all off, she doesn't invite her own family and instead invites complete strangers to the wedding. Who does that?
You and the Royal family should put an end to this fake fairytale wedding before it is too late.
Her own father didn't get an invite, whom should be walking her down the aisle. She easily forgets if it wasn't for my father, she would be busting tables and babysitting to pay her old debts off. 
The whole World is watching Meg make bad decisions and choices. It's not too late Harry."
He concludes the letter with:
"Meghan is still my sister. She is family. So whatever happens is up to her, whether she wants to forget knowing me or the rest of her family, family comes first.
Also, you would think that a royal wedding would bring a torn family closer together, but I guess we're all distant family to Meg.
Sincerly, Tom Markle Jr."

Thomas Markle Jr. isn't the first family member to call Meghan out and accuse her of abandoning her family after she found fame. Meghan's half-sister, Samantha Markle, has constantly granted interviews where she calls Meghan names and accuses her of a number of things, including pretending to be who she isn't, abandoning her family and not inviting them to her wedding.
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Thomas Markel also granted an interview last month, where he claimed the former actress lost touch with relatives when she became a Hollywood star. He also said the family has been left deeply hurt by the royal wedding snub.
He added: "She's clearly forgotten her roots. It's torn my entire family apart."
Thomas said he is particularly distraught as he jumped to Meghan's defence after she came under attack from his sister Samantha Markle. But in an astonishing outburst he also claimed divorcee Meghan is "false" and trying to reinvent herself as the new ­Princess Diana.

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