Woman discovers her husband of five years is traditionally married to a boss lady for the past 14 years with three kids and needs advice

'Darling I can never stop thanking God for giving you to me as a wife. I am empty without you. You are my world. I will never share you with another woman'. Those are the very sweet words I hear from Mike my husband of five years day and night.

Mike is always at home on time, except he is on mission out of town. He provides for my everyday needs. He says he wants me to remain a typical housewife and mother to our two kids, providing every excess I need.

He has never given me cause to suspect him, and until my findings, I was the happiest housewife ever.

During the women's day period, Mike brought me a tailor made dress, a designer bag and a pair of shoe, jewelries to complete my dressing. He knows my size and everything, and I was the center of attraction among my friends on March 8.

Recently something changed in his gentle nature and he became wild and arrogant towards me and the kids. He kept to himself, rather than our small family chats where we shared everything with the kids. I immediately sensed that he was entangled in a web.

Thatcher, I started spying on him. I followed him on Good Friday morning which was a holiday, and wondered where he was going because there was no work. He drove towards a street I am familiar with, and I followed him from a distance with a bike, then a gate opened in front of him, and he entered, and the gate shut up behind him.

I stayed there for three hours, calling him from time to time to ask where he was, but he said he was at work and that he will be home only by three.

At exactly 2:30 p.m, his car drove out of the gate, and he phoned me to ask what he should get for me and our kids because he was driving home. I told him any thing.

Thatcher my sister, I took my courage and went to that gate, rang the bell, and was let in. I asked to see the owner of the house who too was just coming out. She was heavily pregnant, and asked me in.

As I walked into the mansion, behold an enlargement of Mike, the lady, and three kids in a photo on the wall welcomed me. I almost fainted, but the lady helped me to regain stability.

She knows me very well. She knows my name, She knows I am Mike's wife, and yes, she is the other woman.

She was not surprised o see me at all. She offered me water and a seat, as I watched my husband's pictures displayed round the house, decorating the walls.

After some minutes of silence, she introduced herself and her name ended with that of one of the most powerful businessmen from the Western Region. I was not intimidated by her father's name, even though my own father's name does not sound beyond the boundaries of Nkwen.

I already had every evidence that they were dating, and was tongue tight to ask anything. She calmly broke the silence and tension, and explained that she and my husband had been together for 14 years, even before he ever met and married me, and that because she is her father's successor, she is not allowed to officially get married with a certificate, but that they are both married traditionally because he paid her bride price and his entire family knows her except me.

She said he is the manager of her company, and that everything he ever offered me, came from her, including the house we are living in, plus my car, and my much appreciated Women's day dressing.

Thatcher, I immediately started seeing my period prematurely, as my heart ached and pounded without stopping through out my close to thirty minutes stay with my mate. She concluded that it was up to me to accept her the way she has tolerated my presence in Mike's life for the past five years, She confidently bluffed that if I ask Mike to chose between us, he will prefer her, because she has always been the center of his world.

Thatcher when I left her house, I almost got killed by a bike, but thank God I was able to get home in one piece. Since that Friday March 30th I have not been myself, neither do I have the courage to confront him, for fear of what I don't know.

I have been acting up, but he is still himself, with his love poems morning and evening, and has never come home late as usual. He no more keeps to himself, but forces conversations with me like before.

Please my sister, I need advice. Is this the end of my once beautiful paradise? It would have been better if I had not known what I now know. I just feel like parking my bags and go far away from him with my kids.

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