Tears of an aged widow abandoned by her lone son whom she gave her entire life for, because of a woman

This is a cry from a heart broken mother, whose lone son has abandoned her for the pleasures and comfort of his wife's laps where spends all his money.

I, Henriette Thatcher travelled last weekend to spend Easter with my family, and was visited by this old mother of 65 years, whom I had know from child hood. She came as soon as she heard I was around with food in her basket as usual, and poured out her heart to me.

That mama is a widow, whose husband died in the eighties, leaving her with Ngang and Tifu, who were both just 3 and 5.
She used to sell smoked fish with my mum in those days, and we were at the same poverty level at that time, before God used us to change my family's status.

Tifu the girl died in an abortion when she was in Form 5, and Mama is still to recover from the shock. She continued with Ngang and sold the small portion of land her late husband left behind, because Ngang chosed to travel to the Maritime school in Ghana. She got herself a two room plank house, where she continued her smoked fish business.

After one year Ngang returned from Ghana, and God blessed him with a very decent offshore job. With this job, he told mama that once he returns from his first trip, he will get her a modern apartment before looking for a piece of land to build her a house befitting her status of a mother who has sacrificed her entire life for her son's well being.

He went offshore, came back, and fulfilled his first promised, got mama a decent two room apartment worth 60 000F CFA monthly, and equipped it. Mama stopped smoking fish and entered egusi business while in that modern apartment, since she is a very hard working woman.

She still goes to her farm from time to time.

Ngang brought home Stella, a Bakweri girl to mama and said he wanted to marry her.

Mama was very happy to have a daughter in-law who she considered a daughter, but that Stella is Jezebel from the pit of hell because ever since she entered Ngang's life, the mother and son relationship they once enjoyed has been irreparably been damaged.

She complained that mama was dirty and did not how to cook and could not share the same apartment with her. She was fighting the old woman day and night until mama decided to go and look for her own house which was a one room plank house she could afford.

When Ngang returned offshore, he considered every lie Stella told him about mama, went to her house and raised his voice at her calling her a witch.

He went back offshore without saying goodbye to mama, and when he came back, he acquired a land, and started a building project, then bought a car for Stella, while mama is still in that one room plank house.

Mama feel seriously sick and was admitted in the hospital, where she spent all er egusi money on her treatment.

When Ngang came back from offshore, neighbours went to see to remind him that he is who he is today, thanks to mama's sacrifice, and that no matter what mama has done to hurt him or his wife he should go and take care of her.

He and Stella went to visit mama, but Stella stayed outside because according to her, mama's room was stinking and she could catch an illness there. Ngang apologised to mama and begged her to return home, but mama said she will only go if Stella accepts to live with her peacefully, without depriving her from the kitchen and the living room.

Stella too refused that if mama comes back to the house she would leave, moreover, mama's health is fragile, and she needs a more healthy environment to survive.

Dear readers, Ngang gave mama 100 000 F CFA, and left her, travelled to Spain for a training, came back, got promoted, finished his house and has 4 cars parked there, while mama is in that one room plank house, managing to sell beer and sleeping inside.

The worse is that when they went to dowry Stella no one informed mama, and she attended the court wedding by force.

Stella's mother is the one in Ngangs house as head mistress, while the woman who suffered all her life for her son's well being is there suffering.

I tried talking sense to Ngang, but Stella is always there to eavesdrop and start a fight.

'Well Ngang, I know you will be reading this post, even though I with held your real names. I will expose you and your jezebel wife to the world, if you do not go back and wipe mama's tears. She is now smelling because you rub shoulders with the high and mighty right?. She is now a boredom because you are married to a bleached queen. Remember when we used to eat cassava and red oil and salt for breakfast, lunch and dinner.'

'Remember the heavy basin of fresh fish mama carried from the road to the house, when the taxi that carried her from down beach refused to enter old road?. Remember the heavy woods she transported to smoke her fish to sell and make you grow up. Remember the nights she spent in that kitchen where the heat was equal to that from hell fire to smoke fish to sell.'

'Ngang, remember her husband's land she sold to send you to Ghana. Come back to your senses before it is too late.'
'I am heart broken my brother. Go back to mama. She needs you now more than ever. She has done nothing wrong than love and care for you ever since you were born.'

'And you Stella, don't forget there is God. Who knows whether your wickedness is what has stopped you from bearing a child since five years you got married to Ngang?. You are nothing but a gold digger, and you will pay for your every wicked action towards that old widow.'

'You too mama Stella, reaping from where you did not sow, bragging that your daughter has the right to decide who comes and stays in her house, we all witness how your husband threw you out of his house because of your uselessness, and inability to do anything meaningful like other women did to support their husbands. You were jumping from one taxi man to the other, raping all small boys who could be your sons. Now that age has caught up with you you have gone and sat on a chair that does not suit you. You cannot even advice your stupid daughter to be nice to her mother in-law. Please carry yourself and your daughter out of that boy's life, before God's hands descend you. Your friends have advised you, but you decide to reap where you did not sow. Continue God is watching.'

Dear readers, pardon my anger in this post. I am a living witness to how mama sweated her life away for Ngang and late Tifu, and Iam not been able to understand why a woman will come into a home, and separate a mother from her son. If this is not wickedness, what is this called?

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