Rev. Abraham Kicha, brother of abducted and executed Delegate of Social Service begs his executioners for his body

Following the post of Chris Anu, calling out on Cho Aya Lucas for executing the Delegate of Social Service for the North West Nimbom Aaron Akiabom, his brother Rev. Abraham Kicha is begging those keeping his body to hand it over to the family for burial.

In a post on his Facebook page of Wednesday April 4, Rev. Kicha who sounded like a supporter of the struggle, said he had earlier sent a text, begging that Nimbom Aaron be released to him. (That was when he had no clue of his execution). In that text,  Rev. Kicha appreciated the boys of Cho Ayaba ADF  for their great job in defending the Anglophone territory. He also thanked them for taking  care of the Delegate from February 24th, 2018 when he was capture, till the time of his text, putting his contact number, in case they wanted to get to him for further arrangements/negotiations.

However, in reaction to his text, Rev. Kicha only got confirmation that Nimbom Aaron Akiabom, Delegate of Social Services for the North West Region had been executed at the instructions of the ADF Chief in Commander Cho Ayaba Lucas.

He then posted the confirmation of Nimbom's death as seen below:

"THIS IS THE TEXT I SENT OUT AND THE REPLY CAME THE WAY IT CAME.GOD I WANTED HIM ALIVE. IF HE IS GONE PLEASE WHY NOT ALLOW ME PICK UP HIS BODY? Dear ADF. My beloved brothers in the Struggle. I thank you for your great job in defense of our home land. I come to you with a humble heart pleading on behalf of our brother Mr Nimbom Aaron. Thank you for taking good care of him since his arrest feb 24th 2018. You are wonderful people. My dear friends and brothers in the struggle permit me to plead for our brother. It is your right to keep him as long as you want, but I beg you in the name of the God of Amba people to release for me Rev Abraham kicha Mr Nimbom Aaron, please I am begging with a sincere humble and a respectful heart. I see this pleading for his release a privilege not a right. I will personally arrange with a pastor or trusted friend to keep him up from where you will want. 

Thanks for your kind considerable. While waiting to hear from you, I remain yours in the struggle for our land." 
Rev Abraham Kicha
626 502 0107

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