"My mother and aunt were crushed to death 5 years ago, by a reckless top government dipsomaniac official" - Boris Bertolt speaks out, commemorating the 5th year of his mum's death

France based Cameroonian most venerated investigative journalist and blogger Boris Bertolt has told Cameroonians that his mother and aunt were crushed to death by a reckless top government official, who was drunk and driving in Sangmelima in 2013.

In a heartbreaking post in commemoration of his mother's 5 death anniversary yesterday April 12, 2018 Boris narrated the unfortunate incident that led to the death of his mum and aunt, how the medical systems failed to rescue his mum from death, and how the culprit of this heinous crime is moving a free man, despite his no-show in court during the hearing of the matter.

Boris said this incident is one of his main reasons to fight to flush out Biya and his cohorts with the last drop of his blood.

Read his post as translated by Thatcher below:

My way of fighting, the story of a family tragedy.

It was on a Friday evening, 5 years ago. I had developed the habit of going out with friends, and the heavy rains in Yaounde that day changed my program. We agreed to go out a bit late. I felt tired,  laid on my coach and slept.
At about 11 p.m, a phone call from my dad from Sangmelima woke me up. I was surprised because he never called at such hours, unless there was something very important. He said my mum had just had an accident, without giving me details. Few minutes later, my junior brother who too had been struggling to contact me confirmed the news, but precised that 'it is very serious'. 

From  that time, I knew something dramatic was happening. I multiplied my calls. At times no one was picked up my calls. Just like that, my uncles and aunts were equally busy on phone. One hour 30 minutes later after his first call, my father called again to inform me that they were transporting mum to the Yaounde Central hospital.

I dressed up, called one of my friends, and we decided to go and wait for them at the entrance of the hospital.I had not even boarded a taxi, when my dad called again to inform me that mum was death.

Confused, I went to wait for the body at the hospital. Her body was thrown on the floor like a bag of cocoyam, without a stretcher, her legs were in pieces. She had emptied all the blood in her.

My mum was living in Sangmelima precisely at Otoakom where I was born, where I grew up, where I schooled, where I spent my childhood and my adolescent age, including the start of my youth. I discovered the town of Yaounde when I was 16, after my Baccalaureate.

That Friday evening, she was with my aunt her sister.  They were going to visit one of their friends at the 3rd street as it is called. They were walking on the left side of the road, and were crushed by a vehicle driven by a top Cameroonian administrative and finance official. He was on the steering accompanied by a lady. The two of them were completely drunk. My aunt died on the spot. She did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to even one of her family members. Not even to her sister my mum. My aunt left two young children. They will never get to know their mother.

My mum was first of all transported to the Sangmelima hospital, where there was no doctor and the nurses were busy. Others were making to and fro movements, throwing a glance at her, and then continue their road. Mum was still alive in that condition, contrarily to my aunt. She waited for 30 minutes before the first treatment was administered to her.

I don't just want to imagine her pains. No compress was used to stop the bleeding. Her leg was tied with pieces of wood  picked from the hospital yard.In Sangmelima, the medical personnel confessed they could not handle it.

They decided to take her to the hospital at Metet, one hour drive from Sangmelima. At that dark night, the hospital was locked, she could not be attended to. What was left was for her to be taken to Yaounde, 1h30 minutes drive from Sangmelima. She died around Brasseries du Cameroon(at the entrance of Yaounde).

The next day, the author of this involuntary double man slaughter with aggravating circumstances 'driving under the influence of alcohol' Monayong Jean Claude was summoned to the Police station, where he was released at 1 p.m. He did not even spend a day there, after committing such a crime.My dad filed a case against him, and he never showed up in court. The State Counsel Madame Aissatou Adamou assisted by Barrister Alioum Hammadou, still working in Sangmelima did not issue him any warrant of arrest, despite the fact that this man who is proud of his powers, had killed two innocent Cameroonians.... nothing, nothing nothing... He was never worried. He never ever took out time to call my dad to apologize. That NO!!! My mum's life and that of my aunt did not mean anything. MY MUM's LIFE DID NOT MEAN ANYTHING to them.

I later learned that top officials intervened from the Police station, that he should never be interrogated, even in court. 

For 5 years, I have been living in silence on this family tragedy. I had never spoken about it publicly, not even to a line on the media, even though being a journalist, and having many friends in the domain. And maybe it is the last time  I will talk about it, until those involved in this tragedy pay. I cannot work on the laws, their application, study the criminals, track them down, and leave such injustice which has destroyed the lives of many.It was my duty to make you understand one of the reasons for my  deep engagement to change Cameroon.
Thank you for taking time to read me.

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