Man forces pregnant wife into lodging his UK mistress in their matrimonial home.

Greetings mummy Thatcher. Thank you for creating a platform where people find relieve to their different societal problems.
Rich and I been married for 5 years without children.
He recently asked that we move from our Middle Farms Limbe resident where we had a two bedroom flat to a bigger place at Mile one Limbe, opposite the hospital

We moved into the place in January, and I discovered that nearly everyone there knows him.
There is this particular family that comes visiting ever since we moved in there, and some of them even spend some weekends with us. Rich explained to me that the family is a friend to their own family, and that they had been like that since childhood.

Recently, a lady from that family in her late 30s came from the UK, and Rich asked me to get the guest room ready because the UK auntie will be staying with us.
She brought him suits, perfumes shoes and many good things in a large bag, but got nothing for me, and I did not question why.

Mummy Thatcher, ever since this auntie came into my home, she dictates the rules in the house. She tells my husband what to wear, she tells me what to cook, and even gave me her cloths to wash the other day.

I am 25 years old, and I am not a fool. She took her enlargement and put it on the wall of my living room without my permission and my husband did not say anything.
Her family comes to visit her in my house, and when they come, they enter my kitchen and use every part of my house without asking my permission. It is when they are around that Richard will raise his voice at me, order me to serve them food and go and buy them drinks.

Mummy Thatcher, he drives out with her, and they return late everyday very happy together. Those little touches or kisses he gave me before she came into our home are gone, and each time I complain, he says am asking him too much.
Even his spare parts shop he has abandoned it to the sales boys, and I only hear him calling them on phone to give instructions.

Last week I went to the hospital because I was over stressed and feeling very sick, due to the events happening in my home. I was asked to do a pregnancy test, which showed I was 6 weeks pregnant.
My husband does not even know, because he doesn't even look at me for one second again. When I tell him I want us to talk, he barks back that he has no time to talk because he is busy.

He ignores my presence and even insists that we eat together with that auntie. He is always serving her food on her plate when we sit to eat. I see the way they look at each other. I see how his eyes follows her around, and I also see how her body reacts to his every move in the house. I am not a fool. No mum I am not.
On Friday I travelled to Kumba to bury a friends brother, and when I returned yesterday Sunday, her perfume was smelling all over my room. Her hair strands were on my bed and even in my bath room. I attacked Rich, he reacted with a punch on my face, and they both left the house.

Since yesterday, when I contacted you, till this morning there are no signs of any of them. His two phones are switched off.
Mummy Thatcher, it is not as if someone forced Richard to marry. He ran behind me for months before I accepted him. He introduced me to his people, and they all welcomed and accepted me. He dowried me, wedded me at the Catholic church New Town and I have been an exemplary wife and daughter in-law to them. We didn't have any major problem before that auntie came into our home. My husband and I were cool together.

Mum isn't it clear that my husband is living with his girlfriend under my roof? I am so confused and don't know what to do. I own a hair dressing salon, and I am very hard working. I don't want to lose my home.
After 5 years, of crying to God for a child, now that He has blessed me with the fruit of the womb to complete my home, the devil himself is seated right at the center of my marriage. I am too weak to pray. I can't even lay my hands on what I did to Richard to deserve this. Please what should I do? Quit??? No not now.. What should I do?????
Please I need advise.

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