Emmanuel Macron is afraid of losing his wife Brigitte to another man. " She is the non-negotiable side of him'.. French Press Reveal

The French Presidential couple, whom every one has been gossiping about due to their age differences, have turned out to be the Best French Presidential Couple to publicly display affection for each other, contrary to popular opinion.
French sources say Brigitte has succeeded in imposing herself as the MOST LOVED French First Lady that has ever existed. She has become very popular and useful to the French people, who say she receives many mails from her country men and women on various subjects, and she gets back to them through the same means with answers.
She is her husband's must trusted friend and Macron will leave everything to spend time with his wife Brigitte, before he leaves their home for work.
Confirming this SUPER LOVE STORY,  'Le Parisien' newspaper of yesterday April 29th, writes about the powerful love that exists between Emmanuel Macron and his wife. "Emmanuel is so much in love. He is not really jealous, but he  is concerned about who she visits, or who looks at her. He finds her very exra ordinary, and he is afraid that someone might steal her from him. She is motherly, but he is the one protecting her". The paper reveals.

The paper describes Emmanuel Macron as the 'dream companion' the one who takes care of his partner. 
"When she is not around, he looks for her and takes her by the hand. He never leaves her alone. He values her.Exactly the attitude you dream  to have from your guy". The paper added.
The paper continues that Brigitte is everything to Macron. The editorial also spoke to pubic authorities and a friend to the couple, and this is what the various opinion had to say:
"She(Brigitte) is the non-negotiable part of his(Macron) life. His principal support. They are not only a couple, but a team. She is his everything. The phrase that I heard the most from the President during his campaign is: 'Where is Brigitte'?".
Stephane Bern animator and close friend of the Macron couple.
"Even with his busy work schedule that we all know, Emmanuel Macron turns down office lunch to have coffee with his wife".
Marlène Schiappa, Secretary of State at the Prime Ministry in charge of  equality between men and women.
The paper concludes that:
"Brigitte  Macron is strong in this great love  built against all odds".

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