Delly Singah Philips' first Social Media match making couple set to wed

Juliette and Umens traditional marriage

Delly Singa Philips' match making program that started as a joke, is now a dream come true to many. It all started as a joke, but gradually became of interest, and then every Cameroonian  spinster and bachelor at home and abroad started sending their photos to be  profiled, including the characteristics of the partner they want, and here were are today, celebrating the upcoming knot tying of Juliette and Umens.
The success love story according to Delly the match maker goes like this: 
"It all started January 16th 2018 I made a post about "6Packs being a poor man's paradise". That particular post was visited by mostly the Gym lovers and Umens happened to be one of them. 
Immediately he came underneath to clap back, I tagged Juliet to come and console this "uncle". Lol
I remember telling them both they make a perfect pair and Brenda Kimbi was laughing underneath the comments and she endorsed it as well. They all thought I was joking but I was damn serious. I felt such peace!

Next day Umens Ichicks came underneath another post and I told him to stay off cuz he was already married to Juliet. 

Then he came inbox and confessed he couldn't actually sleep all night and has since been thinking about Juliet. Lol

He said "Grandseour I'm ready to settle and my heart tells me she's the one".

Long story short... They hooked up, started chatting inbox and before long he booked his flight to Cameroon and the rest Is What you see on here'.
Reality is, thanks to Delly Singah PhilipsTakov Juliette Singah and Umenjoh Njengu Fon will be saying 'I do'  to each other, come Friday April 6, 2018 in Bamenda.

Delly has recently been under fire, because some man or woman always pops up to say the man or woman she profiled as single and looking is either hooked in a relationship or off the market.
For those who are also searching for their soul mates, you can contact Delly Singah Philips on Facebook, and who knows, your luck and love might just be standing and waiting for you right beside you, for you to shout yuppi like Juliet and Umens. Good luck.
No one ever knows when true love will come knocking and how. We wish Juliette and Umens well as they journey together in the rosy and thorny streets of love.

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