Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming Our Own: Meet the ambidextrous Anrette Ngafor, the Fashion Designer, Educationist, Motivational Speaker, Fitness Motivator and Social Media Activist

Anrette Ngafor is a Cameroonian born Fashion Designer, Educationist, Motivational Speaker, Fitness Motivator and a Social Media Activist from the North West Region of Cameroon.

She is the Creative Director and Founder of the Fashion Brand, Liiber London

In 2011, she relocated back to Cameroon from the UK, to continue the legacy of her late father, A.C. Ngafor, founder and proprietor of NACHO College Bamenda. 
Anrette Ngafor is presently the Administrator of the school, which is one of the pioneer private institutions of technical education in the North West Region

Her Passion for Education has no limit, as she pretty well masters the Angloxason educational system.

According to this polymath sister, she began giving priority to mankind when her father died. His death triggered something in her that completely changed her views about life, and she decided it was time to give back to the community and the society as a whole.

The very creative Anrette says her aim in being involved in multiple disciplines in life is to fight to change the mindset of Cameroonians to be more postive. 
"Without Positive mindset, our society will standstill",
 She told Thatcher in an online interview.

Being a principled person, Anrette Ngafor says she has goals, to make sure Cameroonian youths benefit from Technical education, and match up with children around the world.
"Well because I am a principled person I have goals to make sure Cameroonian youths get to benefit from technical education and match up with children around the world. I am glad God has given me the strength which I will continue to empower youths both on the field and online".

Anrette is a motivational speaker, who encourages Cameroonian youths to dare themselves if they want to become successful in life. She believes that you can make it in life by setting rules and living by them, in as much as you do not put anyone's life at risk.
Anrette Ngafor is equally a fitness coach, and many benefit from her, through the many live videos she does during the training, encouraging many others to keep feet.

On whether her social media services are free or paid, Anrette said:
"When I started started in Cameroon it really wasn't about making money it was all about empowering other young people but in certain places I will charge because it's all about business and time".
About the bottle necks she faces daily while executing her multiple tasks in Cameroon, Anrette said:
"Bottlenecks are all over Cameroon it's truly hard to ignore but we have to stay focus and strong to get on with life".

The 42 years old Anrette Ngafor has been and is still an  inspiration to many Cameroonians, and many more look up to her, hoping to copy from her, as they struggle to learn the secrets of genuinely climbing up the ladder of success.

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