Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming Our Own: Meet Cameroonian Model Turned Actress/Comedian, Philanthropist And Red Carpet Host Nsang Dilong

Bodianga Bodi Nsang Dilong is a Cameroonian model turned actress/comedian, philantropist and Red Carpet Host from the Meme Division in South West Region, popularly known as Paulina, in her many self produced sketches that holds her public spellbound.

Her educational path walk started in PCSS Buea, to PHS Kumba, where she obtained her A/Levels and got into the University of Yaounde 2 Soa. She  finished her higher educational path in the prestigious Anglosaxon University of Buea, where she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology.
Nsang is a passionate and philanthropic personality, who provides educational opportunities for the less privileged.

Her passion for acting started blowing out far back in the High School days,  where she wrote, directed and acted in a play. At that time, she had no intention of pursuing acting as a career, because her dream was to become a journalist.
According to her, her love for performance developed more when she was on stage.

Born in the early 90s, Nsang Dilong is multi-talented. She started participating in spectacular events since the age of 5 in her community, including singing in church and being involved in school plays and shows.
As she grew up, she brought out every passion in her and exhibited it in the most creative way, leaving golden footprints in her every area of exhibition.

In 2011 she represented Cameroon in the Miss West Africa Cameroon Competition (MWACC) beauty contest, and brought home the crown.
In 2013, she was the second runner up for the South West Region in the  Miss Cameroon 2013 beauty contest.
Nsang told Thatcher that, though her dream was to become a journalist, fate derailed her from that dream, and brought her to her destiny on our big screens, when she grabbed a role in the movie 'Whispers' in 2012. That screen appearance ignited the hidden screen goddess in her, and she held unto it till date.
She was hired in 2015 by Fox 28 TV show, as a host for the program called 'African-focus show'. 

The delectable and talented actress has starred in 7 movies including TV series, and has produced close to 15 comedy skits under the umbrella of Dilong Entertainment.

In 2015, she starred in  movie 'INSECURE' produced by Miss Lee Studios, where she played as the wife to one of Cameroon's best actors Nchefor Valery Val Nchifor .
In 2016 she featured in the movie 'Tchanga & Inoma', a movie produced by T.j production & directed by Musing Derrickwhich talks about teenage pregnancy and how it is being handled in the community. 
She is a cast in the award winning TV series 'Samba  Produced by  Brenda Elung Shey, directed by ENAH John Scott, featuring Epule JefferyDesmond WyteSolange Yijika, Libotha Mc Donald and a host of others.
She stars in the 150 episode TV series 'Rumble' airing on STV, a story written, produced and Directed  by Billiy Bob Ndive Lifongo, starring senior actors like Brenda Elung Shey, Jeffrey Epule, Syndy Emade, Desmond Wyte, and a host of others.
In 2017, she starred in 'Expression', a feature film written and produced by Tessy Esseme, co-produced by Alenne Menget and directed by Musing Derrick.

She is part of the cast in the movie 'A Good Time To Divorce', produced and directed by multiple award winning actor/film maker Nkanya Nkwai, starring veteran actor Alenne Menget, Lami Lum-Manfor, Mayohchu Atem Ebai and a host of others.

Nsang Dilong was the co-hosted of the Ecran Noir Festival last year together with French host Brice Abin, which was one of the many events she has hosted.

She is presently focused on producing her rib breaking skits, as she loves to make people laugh, especially in her comic Paulina character.
She says Dilong Entertainment could branch out into producing more conventional movies in the nearest future.
Nsang's High and low moments in the industry:
"I can’t point to a high or low moment in the industry. I am very optimistic and constantly witnessing evolution and growth in the industry. My journey has been a learning experience, I have had the opportunity to learn from my fellow colleagues, and opportunities for exposure".

Opinion on the future of the Cameroon Film Industry:
"In Cameroon, the film industry is evolving. Though we are not yet where we want to be, we are not where we were 5 years ago.
We see improvement in the quality of our work, and the public is more receptive to our movies.
I anticipate that there would be even more improvement in the years to come. We have very committed and dedicated actors, producers and directors who are willing to put in the work, to carry the banner of our film industry to higher heights.
We also have opportunities for improvement such as; securing markets for our movies, we need to figure a way to sell our movies through live streaming services, so they become accessible worldwide."
Bodianga Bodi Nsang Dilong is also a social worker with an NGO in Buea, and she is a Philanthropist, extending her hands in providing education to the less privileged.
She is looking further to extend her generosity to women, who she believes if empowered, will impact the lives of many. 
To her, the woman is the foundation of the home, and empowering a woman would be beneficial for everyone under her unbrella, with kids being the first and direct beneficiaries.
Motivation for being charitable
"I believe in the power of giving back to society. You don’t have to be wealthy, to see the need to reach out to those that are less fortunate. Just by devoting your time to make someone else’s life easier, is a fulfilling experience. Doing what I do is a passion. Its neither burdensome nor stressful. Hence, taking on addition tasks have become manageable"

The many different tasks and her convenient and efficient flow in executing them, Nsang Dilong had this to say:
"It is important to follow your calling. We each have passions and desire to fulfill a greater calling. If we truly believe in something, we must be willing to put in work and effort to make it come to fulfillment. There would be obstacles but, if we keep moving, someday we shall accomplish our goals".
Nsang Dilong has won the hearts of thousands of fans at home and abroad, and she says the support from her public motivates her to even do better, and for that she concluded:
 'I am grateful'.

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