Barrister Achu Julius requests extreme prison terms including death penalty for Mancho Bibixy and Co arrested in connection with the anglophone crisis

The hearing of coffin Revolution leader Mancho Bibxy and Co versus the Cameroon Government last Friday April 13, 2018 ended on a frightful note, after the State Counsel General and the prosecuting counsel told the Yaounde military court that Mancho Bibixy and the rest should face extreme prison sentences including death penalty.

During the more than three hours hearing, the prosecuting counsel made up of ten lawyers including three from the English speaking Regions presented implicating evidences that the accused persons are involved in the ongoing anglophone crisis.

Barriser Achu Julius, who is one of the prosecuting lawyers started by tracing the history of Cameroon as far back as 1884, which he said the accused persons do not know, which was why they are fighting. 

"Most of you were were not yet born when the plebiscite took place in 1961, except my learned colleague here(talking to Barrister Ben Muna, the lead person for the defense counsel). So stop all these nonsense". 

"The Government Delegate of the Bamenda Urban Council would have been death by now, if the security forces did not intervene to save him from the crowd incited by Mancho Bibixy".

"I hate to hear the word Anglophone or Francophone, this is not a historical nor political matter," 

He said, before calling on them to leave politics for politicians, saying that a country is constructed by the will of the people and not the constitution.

With all the arguments he presented, Barrister Achu Julius called on the court to strictly apply the law, citing article 237 of the Cameroon penal code which includes a 10 - 20 years prison sentence, extending up to death penalty for the grievances against the accused.

The case was adjourned to April 24th, at the request of the defense counsel, who said they needed time to prepare their defense.

Mancho Bibixy and the rest were arrested in 2017, in connection with the ongoing crisis. Hundreds of the activists were arrested, and 55 of them including Barrister Agbor Balla and Justice Ayah Paul were released following a Presidential on August 31st 2017.

Last week Terence Penn another fighter was slammed 12 years imprisonment and a fine of 5 Million F CFA.

It is all left for the defense counsel now to play its last cards, that will either save them or leave them buried in the belly of Kondengui.

However, Mancho and the rest are strong and tall in the face of the adversity befalling them, and they are in no way feeling threatened of the outcome of the judgement.

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