Late Donald DonPrince's Family Speaks Out In Gratitude To Donors And Other Actors Who Have Been By Them Throughout His Last Journey To The Depths Below.. Gofundme Details Explained

We early reported on how emotions were soaring, following the silence from late Donald's family, regarding their decision to bury him in the US instead of Cameroon, after a gofundme was initiated to bring him home for burial.

More than 400 men and women of goodwill had contributed $23 289 worth more than twelve million francs CFA, to assist the family for that. 

Plans changed, and he was buried in Maryland instead, which triggered questions as to what happened to the Gofundme money contributed to this effect.

Well, his family through a spokesman has come up to clear the air, thanking everyone who assisted them morally, physically, spiritually, financially and otherwise.

They explained why Donald's body couldn't be brought home, which is quite understandable, owing to the ongoing crisis situation in the North West and South West Regions, with Kom his natal village being one of the red zones.

On behalf of Donald's family and the organizers of his funeral, Luvis Best, one of Donald's very close friends speaks out as seen below:

"On behalf of Ndong Carine Mbuh and Donald DonPrince family we say THANK YOU

I want to take time to quickly thank everyone for a good job well done. Your dedication from the time our Bro Don died until now has been awesome. You went beyond and above to give him a befitting wake and burial that he deserved as a peoples person

To that, I say a BIG THANK YOU to all. The food committee, you ladies were just awesome and wonderful, to the media crew, you guys can count on us to say thank you and to give referrals if need be or if someone needs your services. To all the artists, porres bearers, committee chairs, finance team, those on special assignments and video, you were all on point. To the Dj of the night. Thank you. To the drinks committee. I don’t even know how you did it to handle the population in that hall, but you did an extremely excellent job. Our MCs were just great.

To the entire Kom Community (Woinkomdc, Woinkom MN etc), The KOMNAMITES, we want to acknowledge just how much you have been there for Don until his burial.

To all the DONORS especially those that donated via the gofundme and those who donated drinks and other services. Please thank you so very much.

On behalf of the family I want to say thank you so much for all you did to see that our brother is buried. The list is long and if I didn’t mention a name of team you worked please bear with me and I know that everything is been appreciated via Gift MiltonHermann

To the GoFundMe Donors we say THANK YOU
We have read ur comments on blogs. We saw all these comments loading long time ago, when the news from Donalds family got to us about him being buried in the US. We tried to raise some questions as to why the sudden change of decision, so we can be able to address the public. And we the organizers Stanlo A AkisahPatrice Le Negociateur Bless Ketum, Kang Quintus Yangi, Pride Funju Milton, Dora Lawson, Selmo Photos, Harrison, etc were told(read below)....We all donated and wished for him to be buried in Cameroon

DonPrince was a respectful gentleman that impacted and inspired sooooo many lives. DonPrince is loved beyond majors. Through his Khati Khati business he gained many friends all over the world and many of u overseas were eager to see him for the last time and bid him farewell, But with the Amba crises going on in Kom right now(remember he was posting a lot on FB too as an activist) coupled with other FAMILY issues, the immediate family of Donald decided he it was best for him to be buried in the states

As far as the Gofundme is concerned, my dear brothers, sisters, and closed friends of Donald, his burial was not cheap at all. The funds were used the right way. I can guarantee u that 90% of that money was used for funeral home and burial whatever is left will be used on his Son Jr. and by the way his family stated the reasons why he was buried here at the night of the wake keeping, for most of u overseas that were not present, It's Their DECISION and we have to respect it.

We donated to help bury Donald and not to tell them on how to use the funds. Please people, the wounds are still fresh. I don't think he would want some u to insult his grieving wife like this (via ur comments) you call tell from his videos and post how much he loved his wife and how supportive she has been to him... 

To all of u saying the wife has a bad relationship with his family (via Suzy Sparks page) are u married? Is there any home without misunderstanding? I guess Not.. 

Am begging u all to calm down. Let's stop judging his wife and give her the chance is mourn. Let's give the entire family time and chance to mourn. All they need right now is our prayers. let's stop all these attacks on Facebook. Thanks very much for all ur support and donations. 

God bless u all..... THANK YOU"

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