"I wish my mum shot rots in hell" 30 years old lady whose mother forced her to abort that resulted to her barrenness curses

Thatcher, I am glad to to have a platform to share my plight with the world.

After reading what happened to Helen in your story of yesterday, I decided to speak out, because I had a similar experience, but for the fact that I did not die, which would have been better, than being barren for life.

My senior sister Perpetual took me from my mum when dad died. I was 12 years old at that time, and when we got to her house in Yaounde, and she turned me into her housemaid. I was doing all her house chores, and each time I complained to mum about the slavery I was undergoing, she asked me to keep quiet and respect the people giving me shelter.

I kept quiet being treated as a housemaid/babysitter in my own sister's house. She did not bother to send me to school, but said when I will be 14, I ill learn a trade.

I turned 14, nothing, and when I turned 16, her husband raped me, took away my innocence and got me pregnant.

Thatcher, I did not know I was pregnant until about four months when I feel seriously sick, and my sister suspected it was pregnancy fever. She quickly rushed me to the nearest clinic, and the test proved 4 months.

She beat the living daylight out of me. Her husband had warned me with a knife, that if a word of what he did to me is heard outside, I will not live to testify.

She beat me, and when I saw death, I told her the truth. She immediately sent for our late mother(may she rot in hell) who came and preached to me how she was a respectable member of the CWA(Catholic Women Association), and that if I did not abort the bastard I was carrying, it will bring shame on the family and she will lose her prestigious position in the CWA.

I refused, because I knew abortion was deadly, but they dragged me by force to the clinic technician who had detected my pregnancy, and had me aborted.

One week after, I could not stand up from bed, and my sister and her mother did not care. They only made sure I took the drugs given after the abortion, but then I was dying. The abortion developed some complications beyond their understanding and they rushed me to the hospital, where they lied that I had committed chronic abortion with harsh products.

Thatcher, I was in pains I only wanted to come out alive. The Doctor said my only way out was an operation, to remove the rotten particles of meat in my stomach.

During the operation, it was discovered that my entire womb was affected, so they had to take out my womb to save my life.

Neither my wicked mother nor her Jezebel daughter told me I had no womb. I only discovered that months later, when I stopped menstruating till date.

When I left the hospital my mother took me back with her to the village saying I should not come and destroy her daughter's home, without even asking Perpe's husband one question. Instead she was calling him 'inlaw, inlaw, inlaw' all the time.

When I entered real womanhood, I feel in love with a man who loves and cherish me. The experience I had made me fear men, until Solo came into my life. He brought me out of mud and made me a decent lady. He thought me the business I have today, married me in grand-style and honored me before God and man.

Three years into my marriage I had no child. Solo's patience had exhausted, because he was trusting God's time. I told him the truth. I was rapped by my sister's husband once, and after that had not slept with another man but him I told him all.

He believed me. He loves, but he needs children of his own that I cannot give.

I see him dying slowing, not wanting to send me away, but his family is on his neck to get another wife. I have no choice but to propose he takes another wife. He accepted on condition that I remain with him.

I took a gun to kill Perpetual, but she fled from me, and when our mother died, I did not go, and I have been begging God to let her suffer in hell fire for what they did to me.

I am 30 years old today, with no hope of having even one child of my own. What wrong did I commit Thatcher???????.........

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