'I am not sorry I beat Jeffrey, I am sorry I break his head . Epule Jeffrey and I will NEVER be friends again' - Lynno Lovert tells his own side of the story five months after press silence

The Cameroonian public and the movie industry, is already putting behind them the fight between actors Jeffrey Epule and Lynno Lovert, that happened on Saturday November 18, 2017, as every one feels all dust between the guys have settled. But no, no, no, Lovert is not ready to embrace Jeffrey any time soon.

He is too pissed up with the man he once called friend and brother, that he says" Epule Jeffrey and I will NEVER EVER be friends again'.

Back to public reaction when the incident happened, every one castigated  and still castigates Lovert for being the beast. Every one on Social Media especially, was and is still on Jeffrey's side, because he is an A-list actor and one of the most heralding name in the Cameroonian movie industry. 

But did anyone bothered to know how Lovert was feeling or felt after the whole incident? Did anyone helped him out when he slept in the bare cold floors of the dark police cell for one night because of the incident?. Did anyone try to help him with a franc to sum up the 200 000F CFA he paid Jeffrey as alleged cost of repairs for his phone and hospital bill?.

Well everything has it's time, and after swallowing silent pills for five months, Lovert Lynno say he can no longer keep quiet, as he decides to finally tell his own side of story he considers a 'betrayal' from a friend and brother.

According to the 29 years old actor, he is not the type who run to social media and cry like a child, seeking for sympathy. He allowed time to pass, thinking Jeffrey would come to him and say 'bro, let's start all over again, am really sorry I messed you up completely', but according to him, the haughty Epule Jeffery  is unrepentant, and probably satisfied with everything that happened.

"This is me, being opened about what I've kept in me for a while, not because it was more than me to come out and say, it's just that am not one of those people who bring their dirty linen to the public. I am somewhat reserved when it comes to social media. I don't do all these celebrity stuff. I would not bring down somebody irrespective of what they did or how much they've hurt me. I will not come out in public and try to bring somebody down. I am not a bitch. I am not a pussy to do that, but seeing how the world has been able to castigate me, for something they knew nothing about, it's about time I said something." The actor told Thatcher

"A lot of people have contacted me; bloggers and journalists, to give them a little bit of what happened that day, and even the people who knew of it wanted to say something, but I refused, because to me it is childish and it is uncalled for to take take your personal issues to public, and am not one of those people who seek sympathy, because I don't want other people to sympathize with me. Am tough. Hardcore like that. Am not a pussy,  but seeing how much this thing has been an issue, I think its about time I tell the world what went down. "

"I'm not gonna bring down Jeffrey or tell the world who he is. The only thing am gonna tell you is 'Jeffrey is a bitch. He is somebody who seeks sympathy. Jeffrey is a VERY VERY VERY BAD human being.  I call him a little human being, who always trample on people and try to make the world think he is a good person, but he is a VERY VERY BAD PERSON,' and only those who are close to him can tell you that he puts up this show of nice guy in the public, but when you get to know him, you will not like to stay close to him. Yo will not be able to even wanna talk to him, because he is really a bad person. Everything he does is for show. Everything he does is for public appearance, but personally Jeff is a 'really really bad human being'".

The actor said it all started when the Comedian Oboy da Comic called him from Yaounde that he was coming over to paint Buea red with his birth day party. He called a set of big names he had invited, excluding Jeffrey Epule, because Oboy and Jeffrey had their own beef. Lovert talked to Oboy to play the hero and walk of out of the conflict head high, by inviting Jeff to his party. He successfully  brought Oboy to reason, and that was how Oboy invited Jeff, who did not even know that it was thanks to Lovert that he had to join their circle of big boys that night.

The party was great and all the guys were boiling in fun, probably with the most beautiful females in mini skirts around. 

It happened that, that same night, singer Ambe who is like a brother to Lovert was having a mini concert, and had invited him still that evening. Lovert told Jeff about it and he was like cool, even though Lovert did not inform the rest. He made a call to Ambe's Manager, informing him he was coming over with Jeff. 

By the time he came for Jeff so that they could go to the concert, Jeff had already informed everyone, so Lovert placed another call to Ambe's Manager saying they were no longer just two but more. He was told that reservations had been made only for he and Jeff.

That not withstanding he took the guys with him, and when they got to the concert venue he paid for drinks, and everyone was happy. After some time, Ambe's Manager cornered Lovert, and told him they were going to Ambe's resident for an after party, and that he and the other entertainers should join them. 

He came in and announced the enjoyment prolongation, which was saluted by friends. While they were preparing to leave,  Blaise B called again that they had already left Ambe's place and that they should meet at Las Vegas Snack Bar instead. He announced the change of plan which was still welcome by his friends.

One of their friends had an SUV, and he was their driver through out the evening.  On their way to Las Vegas he stopped to top--up his fuel tank that was already signalling red. While at the station, Jeff said something like: 'Ruth Nkweti,  fucked her way through to act in a movie that was done by Imem Isong in Cameroon". 

Lovert said he called him to order, because he knew the truth of the story. 'Immediately I shunned him up like you don't know this. I  actually got the real information from Imem Isong's husband Mesodi, who told me exactly what happened, and that's why Imem Isong likes Ruth today, because Ruth was the only professional on that scene. But now you want to castigate Ruth you wanna say all kinds of shit about Ruth.'

Valery Chifor who was in the car with them backed up Lovert's argument, which got Jeff pissed off, because he hates to challenged or proved wrong. As the argument seemed to be getting out of hand, Oboy smartly diverted the topic, and told Lovert that he Oboy had been invited to perform at the 'Red Feather Awards', and asked what Lovert's take on the Award was.

Anyone who knows Lovert knows he is that person who does not chew his words when it comes to giving his opinion about matters. He clearly told Oboy that to him the Award was 'Unprofessional', because the organizers themselves are not serious.

According to Lovert, he is not a part of any unprofessional Award, especially coming from the Cameroon Film Industry - CFI where there is a lot of man-know-man scheme in nominations.

He backed up his view that the CFI has long passed the 2010 or 2012 eras, where things were not done properly and that the industry should do things in a more professional way if they have to live up to standard and compete with the world.

Jeffrey got pissed with these critics,  because he was part of the organizers of the failed CAMA Awards which was postponed indefinitely due to the 'unprofessionalism' Lovert was trying to stressed.

Well according to Lovert if you are not on the 'YES' side of Jeff, you are not his friend. He doesn't entertain critics. He hates to see others excel in the industry. He wants to be only face of the CFI, reason why he fights with almost every body in the industry including Desmond, Libota, Frank Sire even Chifor Valery and a host of others.

"Immediately someone comes up in the industry and people starts talking about you, Jeffrey gets angry because he wants to be the only face of the Cameroon film industry. He is that jealoused", Lovert stressed.
"Jeffrey does not like to be on the wrong side. Whatever he says, you have to agree with him. Even if he is wrong, you have to agree with him. And I told myself for all the wrongs Jeffrey has ever done to me, Jeffrey will be the first person to call everybody in the industry and tell them that 'oh you  cannot believe this person does that to me, this person does that to me, this person did this to me'. He is always like that. Jeffrey is always like that. Always doing wrong to people, always back stabbing people. Always saying shit behind people's back, and he is always the first to complain. And he want people to sympathize with him."

Not buying Loverts idea of how unprofessional Awards are being given in the Industry, Jeff attacked him saying."Lynno you are just jealous because you were probably not nominated ." but Lovert said even if he was ever nominated, he would have politely declined the nomination because of its unprofessionalism. Besides he told Jeff the movies he did were still in the Editor's studio and there was no way for him to have been nominated when the movies he starred in were still in the studio and not yet exposed for public appreciation.

"Jeffrey started throwing tantrums saying some stupid things towards me and what got me me pissed that day was the fact that he asked me 'Lynno what have you done for this industry?' I asked him that why is that when you are part of something you appreciate that thing you say all the good things about that thing but when you are not part of it, you criticize and say all the wrong things about it." Lovert said

The two were battling with strong words and insults on each other, and it got to a point where according to Lovert, he could not swallow it anymore, so he asked their driver friend to stop the engine for him to jump out of the car. They were already in front of Las Vegas. When he went out, Jeff who was seating on the front passenger seat shouted that; "Lynno you are a nobody. You are irrelevant in this industry blablabla". Lynno answered back that "Stop deceiving people you are something when you are not", while walking towards Oboy da Comic, who too had jumped out of the car.

Jeffrey equally jumped out of the car from behind Lynno, pulled him by the neck and punched his face. Lynno fell on the ground and struggled to position himself to retaliate, but the other guys came and separated. Not wanting to accept defeat, when he rose to his feet he gave Jeff six continuous punches that sent him to the ground, and this time he was fully in control of the fight.

When they saw that he was actually beating the living day light of of Jeff their friends again came and separated them, and this time Jeff looked around for any weapon to use on his friend. 

Lynno has a knee injury, and knowing that, Jeff stretched out his leg to  kick Lynno's injured leg, but Lynno tricked him and he fell and this time when Lynno got to him, he used a stone on his head, because according to him Jeff wanted to inflict more pains on his injured knee, so using a stone on Jeff was for him to get a taste of acute pain.

Again their friends pulled them apart and this time they took Jeff back into the car and he Lovert was taken to the other corner.

Then the car left with Jeff and he Lovert went back home, not knowing the gravity of the injury he inflicted on Jeff's head.

The next day was a Sunday, and while still in bed, Agbor Gilbert Ebot called him to asked if he attacked Jeff, but he said no, that Jeff attacked him first and he retaliated. Gilbert told him that Jeff had sent him a series of pictures with a head injury, accusing him of sending Lovert to kill him.

Other friends called and asked him to go to a group where Jeff had posted photos of his bleeding head without saying anything and left. Everyone was asking what happened, but he had already left.

Bloggers took over the story with Jeff's version, and the whole world on social media and the real world castigated Lynno and tagged him all sorts of barbaric synonyms.

"I had sent Jeffrey a text apologizing like 'you are my brother, I don't know how we let things get to this level. This was not supposed to be us. How did we let ourselves get to this point of  of fighting in public? ' And I told him,  I am sorry I broke your head. I didn't know I injured you. I am sorry, and I was sincere about it, because I felt guilty of letting anger to get the best of me." Lovert told Thatcher

Well on Monday, looks like Jeffrey's family, the State Counsel, and Magistrates were already on the matter.  So Lynno, Jeff and some executives in the industry went to the Delegate of Arts and Culture, and even there, Lovert said he apologized for breaking Jeff's head, but refused to give his own version of the story. 

He was asked to apologize which he did on Social Media, and everything looked ok. They went for a drink with friends, and to him and every one else, the matter had been resolved. They parted ways and he still told Jeff he was sorry.

Three days later he got a call from a certain lawyer, telling him he had a convocation from an anonymous complainant. He went over to the lawyer's chamber; collected the convocation, and called their friends, who were surprised to see that despite the amicable settlement, Jeffrey still continued with the matter to the police.

Lovert attended to the convocation and at the Police station, he saw what Jeffrey had written in the complain, which was packed full of lies. It was a different version of what he had told bloggers.

Lovert was locked up, and spend a night in the police cell, and the next day, Jeffrey came up with his phone that had a little crack, claiming 150 000 F CFA for repairs, and 50 000F CFA for his hospital bill which had already been paid by one of their friends.

Lynno Lovert said he looked into Jefrrey's eyes, and gave him the sum of 200 000F CA, which Jeffrey collected with no iota of shame or remorse, despite the fact that he started the fight.

Lovert said he saw the true devil in Jeff, and ever since then, he swore never to eat on the same table with him.

They both met somehow in December in a Bar in Buea, and Jeff came over to greet him saying 'bro let's forget about the past' but Lovert said things can never be the same again between them.

His aching point is the fact that Jeffrey sat and watched Social Media crucify him, without coming to his defense by telling them the truth. Then again, when everyone thought they had settled their palaver, Jeffrey had him locked up, and collected 200 000 F CFA from him as damages for a fight he started. 

"I am not sorry I beat Jeffrey, I am sorry I break his head. I was not supposed to do. I was not supposed to have allowed anger to get the better part of me. But Epule Jefrrey and I will NEVER be friends again."

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