Five suspects arrested in connection to Fru Ndi Residence attack

5 persons suspected of masterminding the fire disaster that happened at the Social Democratic Front Party Chairman’s Residence last Wednesday night are presently under custody.
They were arrested on yesterday Thursday following investigations by Forces of law and order. Governor Lele L'Afrique has ordered the reinforcement of security at the residence of Ni John Fru Ndi and in Bamenda in general.
It should be noted that the Governor had earlier indicated that it was an arson attack; that the fire broke out at 10pm on that fateful Wednesday 28th night it took the intervention of local inhabitants and the army rescue unit for the fire to be contained.

A member of the SDF Chair recounts how the incident unfolded: “I was in my room, I was still up by that 10:45 PM watching a football match. My elder brothers were also around and were still up and online trying to have fun with their friends. Just about 5 minutes that I left the main house going to my own room, one of my junior brothers shouted ‘fire fire’. Then when we came the fire was on so we tried to put it off. It was really high” says one of Fru Ndi’s Children.
From what we saw from out of the fence was this bags called Sacs & Motos, about 8 of them and a gas lighter. From our own investigation it shows that they must have used either a plastic bag to carry the gasoline or whatever they brought because we did not see any container” adds the young boy.
Early Thursday morning, the governor of the North West Region as well as the auxiliary Bishop of the Bamenda Archdiocese His Lordship Michael Bibih were at the compound of Ni John Fru Ndi to evaluate the damages suffered by the affected building.
Governor Adolf Lele Lafrique after taking stock of the situation of the residence, concluded that it was not an accident. He says “it is another terrorist act that has been perpetuated here today concerning the Chairman of the Social Democratic Front. I have given instructions to the security services to find out the author of that evil act and to persecute them according to the laws and regulations of the republic. As a result of that, we are going to step up the security measures to face all those threats that are coming”.

On his part, the SDF National Boss indicated that the Social Democratic Party is a National Party that has always stood for a Federal Form of Government. He condemned the attack yesterday at his private residence in Ntarinkon North West Region of Cameroon.
I just went to bed and as the first sleep was coming to my eyes, I heard the sound on my door that fire. I jumped down and went and by the time I got there, around the kitchen where the fire was, the children were already on removing the zinc, the girls were throwing water. And when they throw a bucket of water on the fire, the fire spreads and is moving towards the water because I think they mixed oil and petrol so that when they throw water, the effect will be minimal” recounts Ni john Fru Ndi.
Luckily for us, they managed to remove the zinc, threw water and put off the fire. They Firefighting Brigade finally came but before they got here we had finished with everything.  This morning we have the Bishop of Bamenda, the Governor, the SDO and so many personalities. I think it was an arsine attack because we got the bag in which the carried the fuel and the lighter that they came with. The Police and Gendarmes are doing their investigations”.
The SDF Chair made it clear that the attack on his residence could have come from the same unknown individuals who threatened him before the holding of the SDF National convention.
If somebody tells you that he will kill you, even a different person fires a gun at you, you will always think it is that person who has threaten you. I will like to make this individuals know that it is not through this that we will win this war. It is not by attacking the people that are sympathizing and trying to protect you. So if the leave the principal person who causes the problems in Cameroon Mr Biya and is attacking but Fru Ndi, then it shows that it is failing on their side.
Credits: Myafricaupdate

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