Dulafe Valery Tata Calls On Cameroonian Entertainers To Start Paying Bloggers And Communicators High For Promoting and Covering Their Brands

Media Personality Dulafe Valery Tata of Radio Campus FM 90.00 Yaounde yesterday March 9, 2018m threw a big shout out to Media Personalities working 24/7 to cover events and report about entertainers and promoting their activities.

However, Dulafe raised a point of concern that most bloggers/Communicators are afraid/ashamed to ask aloud, but which if taken into consideration, it will be a win/win for everybody.

"The world celebrates artists such as Mr. Leo, Blanche Bailly', Daphne Njie', Salatiel Sala'a', Stanley Enow Gchrist', but trust me the real artists are these communicators who project your works to the outside world. They deserve your respect and if you don't want to acknowledge them, we will force it out of you."

"This Royal class you treat them as dirt. You minimize them and turn them to beggars. Events organizers pay artists 1 million to perform for 5 mins but find it difficult to pay a media personality 2 hundred thousand as host for the whole night. You give them 10.000 for media coverage during your press conferences as artists but charge 800 000F CFA for your concerts. (So na that 10 k we go take feed our wives, buy cars and build houses?) You spend millions to record and promote but find it difficult to pay 100000 F CFA for your promo. And after a radio show you hand him 10k. Sometimes na beer. Weeeeeeeeehhhhhh So this is our level? You live like kings, buy cars, travel out as artists and we hail you. Who are you kidding? Sometimes even to call and say " thank you" is a problem. You guys are STARS. At the end of the day, you still blame them for not promoting you. Here is the truth guys......"

"These communicators went to school to become what they are today. They spent millions to gain formations. They have a life to build and yes a family to raise. They don't owe you artist ANYTHING. you owe them for their selfless services offered you. The same as you live from your job, they too have that as theirs. That era is gone. Start paying your dues rightly and let the chain flow. When you pay 120k to Blaise Bsings', pay 1 million to Dr. Nkeng Stephens', or Na Mysta Adrenalyne Directam',do photoshoots with William Nsai for 200 k, when you call Ernest Kanjo, Dulafe or any of the people up, be ready to pay not less than 300 k. The insult you guys give to these guys is enough. If you can't pay, don't call. No more begging. YOU GUYS ARE NOTHING WITHOUT COMMUNICATORS and yes I said it and loud."

"And for y'all who think you can sideline them and do their job, I live you to Facebook and whatsapp Shares. Good luck."

Personally I think Valery has a BIG POINT here, because no matter how good an entertainer is, if he/she is not well promoted out there, people will not move up to them and their works.

Cameroon is the only country where Communicators are not rewarded for their sleepless nights efforts, but where everyone wants to have a free PR, and his/her name written as headlines on media platforms.

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