Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming Our Own: Meet Joan Ngomba The Blogger, The Media Personality, And The Beautiful Red Carpet Host

Meet Joan Ngomba, one of Cameroon's finest Red Carpet Hosts and entertainment personalities. Talk of Red Carpet in Cameroon, and the first image infront of your thought  is the delectable Joan Ngomba.

Joan  is  a beautiful, smart and cheerful Cameroonian content producer,  entertainer and blogger, who has passion for family, life and the microphone.

She owns one of the most visited entertainment blogs in Cameroon dcodedtv.com, and is well known for her efficiency on the Red Carpet as a Host, and a fashion model.

According to Joan, Red Carpet is one of the most important part of any event, because that is where she gets to meet, talk and expose people to the world. "I could bring a new star into the world or remind fans of the greatness of established ones, so I asked questions and need answers". Joan tells Thatcher.

Like every other job, there is a certain amount of inexplicable joy called satisfaction, as you exercise your passion on the field, and Joan feels no different.

While executing her passion, what makes Joan extremely happy is that moment when she talks and watch celebs flaunt themselves in front of the cameras.. "I get to talk to anyone important on the red carpet about anything: careers, life, family but most importantly fashion. It's fascinating watching celebs flaunt their style infront of cameras or talk about their endorsement deals or humanitarian works with me. Its fun. That's the joy of being a red carpet host".

Every celebrity who walk down the red carpet, wants to be noticed by the host, so that the world could see and appreciate what he/she is showcasing as a person, in a catchy flashy designer dress and/or make-up. But not all those who walk down the red carpet grabs the attention of the host, and this looks frustrating to celebs, who think the host do not either like their faces, or do not recognize them, or do not favour them. 

However, in as much as this sounds reasonable, the Red Carpet host says she cannot give the microphone to everyone walking down that red long beautiful cotton material, because not only will she not meet up with time for the event in question if she has to talk to everyone, she is equally going to miss out on the most important people on whose account the event is holding. "I choose who to talk with, else I will be talking to the whole world. And there's always time allocated for red carpet. So in order for me not to waste my time doing irrelevant interviews ... I stick to important people or relevant stories".

On her focus on the red carpet during events Joan told this reporter that: "For award shows, you focus on nominees and the organizer. For fashion shows, designers, models, makeup artists, stylists, fashion bloggers and editorials, fashionistas etc...for corporate event, people and what they think of business initiatives etc. It all depends on the type of event and the stories you want to get out of it".

Asked if she's ever been in a fight with a celebrity for not showcasing him/her on the red carpet, Joan said: "I am too professional to be worried about such. Instead I try to make you to open up to me".

Well, we know the silent question on every mind is, 'who pays the Red Carpet Host?'. Just like every other job, there is a package for the worker, and Joan confirms that saying: "Event host or promoters pay their official red carpet host".

The Red Carpet host has her own stress on the field, because Joan has to stand on those tall heels for hours, as she manage to get the attention of whoever she will be needing to talk to for hours.

Joan Ngomba is also a model, and has been seen wearing brands from local fashion designers to events. She recently dressed up as a female mechanic, in a sexy short jean, over a lovely boot that she was probably advertising.

Joan's passion for entertainment has landed her a slot in an upcoming TV show, Dcoded TV Show, coming soon on CRTV.

You can contact Joan on Fcebook: JoanNgomba

On Email: info@dcodedtv.com

Or at: Rue Copseco, Bonapriso BP 9570 Douala
Telephone/WhatsApp: +237 678-587-841

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