Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming our Own: Meet Amah Bertrand, CEO of Amah Fashion House, A Cameroonian Top Male and Female Fashion Designer

Amah Bertrand

Amah Bertrand  is a Cameroonian born designer and  owner of the label Amah Fashion House, a powerhouse  in the Cameroon  Fashion Industry. He was trained in Lagos Nigeria by a successful Fashion and Design house, where he majored in Fashion design technology, and spent couple of years there before returning to Cameroon to set up his brand Amah Fashion House in 2016.
Amah Betrand

Bertrand creates a fashion and lifestyle brand that includes ready-to-wear African outfits, bespoke suits and outstanding traditional wedding wears cherished with our nation and beyond the shores of Cameroon.

On what motivates him to be creative, Bertrand said:

"I think am more motivated by my constant thirst to dress good and with that, I've always strive to make unique outfits for myself, because I always love to wear statement pieces, dress good and create my own sense of style.🤗 Along the line I developed this huge passion and then the desire to do the same beautiful outfits for people around me came along the line which developed to my present brand Amah Fashion House".
Amah Bertrand

From the streets of Cameroon, Amah Fashion House is one of the most respected names in the Cameroonian fashion industry, and he is well known for his unique elegant and sultry flowing styles.
Happy clients

He has showcased on both local and international platforms, dressing celebrated African talents, and has received an award for his strong individual African designs.
In 2017, Amah Fashion House won the BEST YOUNG DESIGNER in the Fredash International Fashion Avenue FIAFA 2017 that held at Chariot Hotel.
Amah Fashion house on the runway of FIAFA 2017

His Most Respected Cameroonian Fashion Designer...
"Actually talking about my most respected Cameroonian fashion designer, I can't really pick out a particular one coz so far I've watched and developed so much respect and admiration to a lot of young and talented designers making the efforts to change their game and creating lovely and beautiful pieces which inspire me and a lot of people out there".

Amah Bertrand and model T pana

Asked whether he has names for his designs, and what his best selling design is/was, Bertrand told us:

"Yes I do have names for my designs and my most selling collection was the "Brave collection" modeled by our Cameroonian Model Tpana and Laurain. I actually sold hundreds of that outfits worth millions and am thankful to God".
Amah Fashion House Models T Pana and Laurain

Public opinion has it that Amah Fashion House is one of the most expensive brands around, making people scared of approaching their store, Bertand acknowledged that it is true, but explains thus:

"Well about the prices for my designs, I've heard people say that and of course it is expensive. BUT very much affordable to he/she that loves, value and appreciate QUALITY. Like the say goes in pidgin "better soup na money killam" lol . But also I think we have designs affordable by everyone from prices low enough to the struggling man and also great pieces to he/she who wanna stand out unique and different from the crowd. My clients (Amahnians) as I call them, are very special. That's how I want them to feel when they wear our products".
"My cheapest design costs 10.000F CFA for casual shirts and my most expensive design cost hundreds of thousands of CFA for some exclusive wedding outfits".

Talking about the challenges in the Fashion industry, and the driving force in the face of storms, Bertrand had this to say; 'With all the sweetness and career joy, doing business in Cameroon is quite challenging. It has not been an easy journey for us most especially now, and those of us based in the North West Region of the country facing the political instability. Well, FOCUS, DETERMINATION, HARD WORK and ZEAL to succeed is what keeps me going".

About what keeps him going when pressures knock and he feels like dropping the scissors and ends it all, Bertrand said: 'I pray, I listen to music and I read a lot of great and inspirational articles, which keeps me on track . It relaxes me and keeps my mind fresh and open growth'.

 On his view about the Cameroon Fashion Industry, Bertrand says: 'All I can say is courage to each and everyone out there, who believes in success and making an effort to change their game. There is hope for a greater tomorrow. A lot has changed, and I see so many inspirations popping out from every angle. So many young talented youths with so much passion and creativity. I am happy. We are growing in our own little and special way. We've got great designers in Cameroon am telling you. I will not belittle to compare our industry to other successful countries because they were once like us, small and struggling too. I can only wish the Cameroon Government see and recognize our strength in the growth of our nation's great economy and support what we do with the help of providing grants and funding for the creative industry, and get the fabric mills working again. Plus, I encourage great business men looking for investment opportunities to take advantage of our growing fashion industry'.

Bertrand says he personally thinks there are lots of prospects in the fashion business, because the environment is so functional and the fact that Africans have embraced their own fashion, is a birth to endless possibilities.

Bertrand advices every creative and young man/woman out there striving to becoming a great designer to believe in themselves and trust God,  to help in creating and embracing their uniqueness. 'It is a beautiful career and I will tell you its not for lazy people. It is quite challenging than you can imagine, so be smart and determine, then you will make it'. He adviced.
Happy clients

Amah Fashion House is based in Bamenda, the North West Regional Capital, where he has nine(09) workers, including him and his mum who helps out as his main Manager.

More designs from Amah Fashion House below:

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