Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming Our Own: "My Story has been that of 'Grass to Grace'" - Madonna Syndy Emade tells Thatcher. The A-Z of the Actress

Syndy Emade born Elone Synthia Emade is a Cameroonian actress, model  movie producer and  Brand Ambassador the app InstaVoice Celeb by Orange.

She is also the Brand Ambassador of Soleza, a skin care product brand.

In 2014, she won the Cameroon Miss Heritage Award,  a beauty contest that was founded in Zimbabwe by Tara Munzara, and which stands for advancing World Heritage.

After grabbing some trophies in the modelling industry as a beauty pageant, Syndy made her grand entry into the Cinema world, with her very first big screen appearance in 2011 in the movie "Obsession" produced by Achille Brice

She went further into production and co-produced 'Different kinds of men' with Bayong Charlotte and Kelly Azia, a movie directed by Mathurin Achiri, where she also starred, and that walked her up to the podium of the  fame in the entertainment industry.

Syndy told Thatcher that 'Different kinds of men' was the most challenging but one of her most acclaimed works, because she and her friends brought out something meaningful out of nothing, as they actually had to pick and patch up the resources to make the movie from left and right, that gave them a resounding success.

In 2015, Cameroonian blogger Esawdillis wrote that  the actress was in a sizzling romance with  Cameroonian International Football striker Clinton Njie, and that the footballer called off the relationship three weeks to their traditional wedding,  after the he discovered she was pregnant for her ex-boyfriend.

In a Facebook chat with Nigerian news outlet Pulse, the actress refuted the allegations, saying: 'the stories were just rumours'.

The beautiful actress has an imposing presence on Social Media, with 33000 followers on Instagram and more thousands  on Facebook.

She is so far one of the most adorable Cameroonian English speaking actress, whose every move raises dust to keep her tall and strong at the peak of her career, with the crown of one of the most respectable actresses in the Cameroon movie industry. 

The alluring Syndy Emade made her international career debut in the Nigerian film industry Nollywood in 2016, in the movie 'Why I Hate Sunshine.'

In April 2017, Syndy Emade was rated among the TOP 5 Most Active Cameroonian actresses by NjokaTv  for Africa Entertainment.

Owner of Blue rain entertainment production house, the stunning actress has some movies produced in her name, among which are  'Rose on a grave' and  'A Man for the Weekend', starring Nigerian Super handsome actor Alexx Ekubo , and her  trophy movie throughout her career that was premiered in November 2017 in the presence of the Minister of Arts and Culture.

The movie gave her five awards in December 2017, as  Best actress in a lead role, Best Supporting Actress, Best Director, Best Editor, Best Make-up, and she is hoping the movie will win big this year by God's grace.

"My story has been like one from grass to GRACE, and my growth has been a tremendous shock to me. I mean.. constantly it is. The level at which God is elevating me is just surprising, reason why I can't stop and will never stop being GRATEFUL and THANKFUL to God and the people who support me because all of these is thanks to them. I mean I keep saying it's been a journey and I thank everyone who's been part of it, because looking at where I am today which is definitely no where I want to be, but then it was definitely not where I was yesterday.  I look at my journey and I see a tremendous growth in a very short time, and I will say it's all been because of 'hard-work, consistency, dedication and of course humility.' The delectable actress told Thatcher.

"Acting has always been a passion. In an industry as in Cameroon, where you have little or no possibility of seeing your dreams coming through,  I am thankful that mine was able to realize through my modelling days, when I got on the first set as a model and yeah because acting is a passion, I gradually dropped the modelling after few trophies; but then it's been an amazing journey and I thank those who have been able to inspire me through out this journey that I am only getting started, reason why the hardwork has to continue and I will continue to learn on a daily basis." She concluded.

Syndy Emade is in a serious relationship, and is not looking any further for now.

Ten Things you didn't know about the actress:

  1. Her real name Elone Synthia Emade
  2. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the University of Buea
  3. She was a Model before jumping over into acting in 2011
  4. Her ever first big screen movie appearance was in the movie 'Obsession' in 2011,and has featured in more than 20 movies and series in and out of the country
  5. She is the owner of Blue Rain Entertainment Production House, and Producer of 'Rose on a grave' and 'A man for the weekend.'
  6. Her movie premiere 'A man for the weekend' was the ever first premiering event attended by the Minister of Arts and Culture Narcisse .
  7. Syndy Emade won Miss Heritage Cameroon in 2014. She equally won the Scoops Award in 2017 as Best Actress, and also won an Award at the recent Red Feather Award and graced the front cover of the Maiden Edtion of  ' Nam Outlook Magazine'
  8. She is the Brand Ambassador of Soleza(a cosmetic brand), Ella Star Hair, and the Face of InstaVoice Celeb by Orange
  9. She is most home based travelled celebrity, who have flown in and out of more than ten world giant countries including USA, Dubai, London, Nigeria, Ghana, and a host of others.
  10. She is among the A-list sexiest, beautiful, talented, fashionable and financial tall Cameroonian actress 

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