Beauty and the Beast: Maahlox and Lady Ponce Settle Amicably at the Yaounde Judicial Police - The story of their trouble

Cameroon's self acclaimed 'most influential Urban musician' Maahlox le Vibreur and Bikutsi Queen Lady Ponce have patched up their differences at the Yaounde Judicial police, where the Diva dragged Maahlox to, on allegations that she paid him 500 000F CFA(five hundred thousand francs) to perform in the event of the 4th Edition of SEFEDI(Semaine de la Femme en Diamant - Diamond women's week) festival ahead of the 2018 celebrations of the the International Women's day at the Yaounde Omnisport Stadium, and he turned down the offer at the venue, and went blasting her.

The poster for the concert, carried big names like Coco Argentine, Dynastie le Tigre, and Maahlox le Vibreur.

Maahlox who was programmed to hit the podium on Saturday March 3rd, and who also has the highest number of fans who came to cheer him among the others, turned down the offer at the last minute, when he was told he wasn't going to own the stage alone, but was going to do a joint show with other traditional artists he themes; ' LEAVES ARTISTS.'

As usual,  yesterday Sunday 4th, he went ranting on his Facebook page, how he was shocked that they called him up to pair hum with artists who dress in leaves.

"I got to SEFEDI last evening, and was informed that I was to stage with 'ARTISTS IN LEAVES'  during the 'FIRST PART''. He wrote. "I asked whose first part? (my ribs are still paining me because of too much laughter) weeee Cameroon and lack of respect" he continued before addressing the organizing committee of SEFEDI.

"Dear Organizing Committee, I understand that your wish to take revenge for your friend Dynastie is very strong, to the extend that it can affect your logical way of reasoning. But going as far as putting the credibility of your own festival at stake for this, is totally insaned. Someone once said that ' you should not be ashamed to imitate good example'.  CONCERT DES ETOILE Yaounde Sports complexe, Maahlox the head,  with total success. FOMARIC Festival, Maahlox was the head with a resounding success, and at this moment that I am talking, in Bafoussam(where he is expected to perform on 8 March), for the 8 March concert with Maahlox at the top,  there are no more seats. 

You up there with your great intelligence thought it wise to deceive Maahlox's fans by attracting them to the SEFEDI site, to humiliate their artist in front of them, by positioning him among LEAVES ARTISTS but unfortunately, your game was slow.

That not withstanding, I thank all my fans who came in their numbers last evening(after all, they were not the only ones there), but as they know,  I always tell them that; 'RESPECT IS EARNED NOT DEMANDED' 'A MAN'S DIGNITY CAN NEVER BE SOLD'. 

I think it is time that we learn to respect ourselves and also respect our choices and our artistic sensibilities, by putting an end of trying to take advantage of the name of an artist as a bait to attract crowd to your concert site, to keep you for several hours and force them to listen to people who do not interest them the least. 

Sorry, but if others think it is nothing, for me, paying the entry fee and staying outside till 5 am in the morning, to watch my preferred artist, it is a huge sacrifice, and I demand a little bit of respect for that.

After what happened yesterday, I decided to ask my fans today not to ever step foot in a concert that I am not heading, because I will not be at a certain level and stop to beg my place, and you take your position, by defending your title.

Presently, I am the most influential Urban artist in Cameroon, whether you like it or not, and you just have to deal with it. No know that if I didn't do the first part for MHD or for NISKA, it is not that of Dynastie that I will do.

On tomorrow's appointment at the Judicial Police to handle various complains against me, including that of the weeper(talking of Lady Ponce)."

Maahlox actually attended today's convocation at the Yaounde Judicial police, and looks like he was locked up for some hours, before the complainant Lady Ponce finally accepted an amicable settlement.

Maahlox took to his Facebook page again, at the end of it and wrote: "we made so much trouble today, and around 7 pm, we were already feeling hugry, and we said we should leave it like that because it does not pay." He accompanied this post with photos of himself and the Bikutsi diva in a Supermarket.

Maahlox is a no nonsense artist, who is not afraid to vomit any trash itching his throat, no matter who it is.

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