After abandoning her husband and kids for five years and having twins for another man, Martha is begging her husband to take her back

Martha and I got married in Wum in 2004, and we moved over to Yaounde where I worked as an Accountant.
Our union was blessed with three wonderful kids, and after the third child, she changed completely.
She joined a group of bad friends and the next thing she began pressuring me that she needed a job. I gave her everything she and the kids needed, took care of her entire family, but she said she wanted a job of her own.

Thatcher I loaned 2 million Francs from my company, and asked her to make a choice of business she could do, because to me, she will be able to manage our home if she had a business on her own, where she will be the boss, rather than working under someone or in a company, where she wont't have time for her home.

Martha took that money and bought all the latest fashion trends in the market and make--up, and told me she had gotten a job as a receptionist in one of the very big hotels in Yaounde. All my efforts to stop her failed, and that is how trouble entered our home.

Two months into her job, she couldn't cope, and so she hired a maid on her account,who took over the running of the house. Then she started sleeping out four times a week in the name of her job, and was always dressing half naked to work. She had completely grown wild, and was ready to pick up a fight with me whenever I tried to caution her.

She stopped sharing our bed with me, and denied me access to her body. The next thing, rumours was all over the place that she was dating a white man, which was true..

Thatcher, I saw how my children were being affected by their mother's new found lifestyle. I searched my self to see where I went wrong as husband, but all the thinking made me lose total concentration that I could not sleep. I became a HBP, and lose focus on everything, and that was how I lost my job one Tuesday morning.

I took my sacked letter home and sat under a tree outside my yard, thinking of my life and the way forward, when I saw a car drove in and parked in my yard. I hid myself behind the tree, and saw my wife who thought I was at work, opened the car and stepped out, with her white boyfriend and entered the house.

I immediately followed them, and by the time I got in, the man was comfortably seated, and she was inside the room packing her stuff. I greeted the man, went to the room, stood by the door and watched her packed. When she finished, and turned to leave, she met face to face with me, and trembled in fear. I handed her my termination letter, but she shoved it aside, asking me if I had greeted her friend.

Thatcher, I am a man and not a weakling in my own house. I landed her two solid slaps and had her boyfriend well beaten, when I asked him to leave my house and he refused. He ran out and forgot his car in my yard. She followed him, and came back two days later with the police and a warrant of arrest for me.
My kids where just returning from school,when they saw the police taking me away. I begged the housemaid to stay with them until my return, and I was taken to the station, where I had been accused of harassment and aggression.

I explained everything to the commissioner, including the lost of my job. My shameless wife was there, waiting for me to be locked up, but fortunately for me, after giving my statement, the kindhearted Commissioner of police asked me to go back home to my kids, and to return after three days for confrontation.Contrary to her expectations, I was not locked up.
I invited both her relatives and mine, who came, but Martha had already abandoned home, and refused to come even when her mum called her.
When we went for the confrontation, the whiteman came with three of his brothers, bu Martha did not come. I explained with proofs that Martha was my wife, and the white was shocked, because my wife had told him she had three kids but was not married and the the kids were with her brother. He had even promised to adopt them after their wedding.
The man and his brothers were frightened and begged me for forgiveness, when they heard I even lost my job. They took my contacts, and we went to my yard, where he collected his car, and promised breaking up with her that same day, which he did, but she didn't come back home.
The white man called me a week later, and offered me the job I have now, but my wife was already in another man's arms.
She got pregnant for one Ondoa, and gave birth to twins. Then the man abandoned her, and last August she lost her job, and life became hell for her,
Today she is calling and pretending to show love to me and kids who she abandoned five years ago. She has no job, no one to help with Ondoa's twins, and now she wants to bring them to me.
Thatcher, I feel sorry for her condition, but I can't even think straight now of what I want. I have lost complete interest in women. My focus now is my job and my kids, but she keeps calling and crying.

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