The Story Behind Nina Mbungwe, The 24 Years Old Cameroonian Bold Naked Upcoming Model, Who Took Social Media Hostage On Vals-day With One Erotic Photo Shoot

Yesterday, we shared a photo of an upcoming Cameroonian model Nina Mbunwe, that cracked Social Media. Though we tried to justify her choice of action and decision to showcase her priceless inside with the world, Thatcher went further to dig deeper, to understand why a young and beautiful lady  as Nina should pose for such a wild shot, and share with the whole world.

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Friends! We were heart broken, when the 24 years old pageant said: " behind every pose, there is a story." Indeed, Nina has a story behind her naked pictures that she shares daily with us.

Welcome to the world of Nina Mbunwe, the naked upcoming model Cameroonians and the world should watch out for.
Fonjong Anita Ngwe aka Nina Mbunwe is a 24 years old Cameroonian upcoming model, from the North West Region of Cameroon. She is from Meta, but grew up in her maternal village in Nkambe.

Apparently from a divided home, where her dad is like ' je m'en fou,' and mum could not do more for her. Nina's educated ended with 6 papers in the GCE Ordinary, and from every indication, she is a very intelligent girl, who lacked that family support to push her through her education.
Nina in dreads

Her mum in particular knows that Nina's dream was to be what she is trying to brandish today, and the person who raised her up; her maternal grand mum of blessed memory is the one who would have been proud of her today, because she did a lot in her upbringing.
Presently working as a 'Cook' to a German soldier in Yaounde the capital city of Cameroon, Nina said being a 'Cook' is not her dream job, and that her dream job is to be come the 'Top Model'  she is working hard to become.

At the age of 15 Nina was kidnapped in the Far North Region, precisely in the town of Meiganga. Her kidnappers are renowned for kidnapping virgin girls, rape and circumcise them, before selling them off as slave to traders.

Her kidnappers however did not find her attractive enough for them to rape and sell immediately, since she always had low cuts when she was growing up, and that gave her a more masculine look. She was kept in captivity for close to a month, hoping she will grow hair on her head and look attractive enough for the slave traders.

The gang leader called her 'malchanceuse' 'unlucky girl'  and for the close to one month she was under captivity, she drank unclean water which was not good for her health, and rarely ate food, and when she had food, it was one funny traditional tasteless meal that she says she doesn't know the name in English.
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To cut the long story short, one of the men in the gang who helped her to escape, got killed while saving her, but she managed to find a way to safety.

From that bitter experience, Nina decided to tell her story differently, by carrying out her dream job, and merging it with her life experiences, so that she can do what Africans call 'Impossible.'

Read the stories below the few photos we have in here, and have your say:

"This picture is one of my best shot. The concept is me. It is my story. The story of how I was kidnapped, and stripped naked. While under my kidnappers there was this particular man who came to me late at night and each time he comes I hid my face. The light on the picture represent the torch light the man used."
"This one one shows how brave I was. Being kidnapped for almost 3 weeks without food. All we got was water. I was indeed a brave girl. The EAGLE is there to show my braveness. Those who know the characteristics of an EAGLE will know what am talking about."
"While under my kidnappers I got bitten by a scorpion on my fingers, and was not treated. The only thing they did was to pour petrol on the finger, but thank God I survived. So since I survived that, I made these insert my friend."

"This is when I was about to be circumcised. 😥 This day was the worst day of my life. I was almost circumcised. Each time I think of it, I still see the face of this woman who almost did such a horrible act to me🤧.This picture shows how I could not look and I was screaming. The wings shows my efforts in trying to fight."

"I used to suffer from anger issues And when I got angry I become something else this picture represents me when I get angry."

Nina says she is a practising christian and a doer of the Word of God, and that her religious life remains between she and her God and Maker.
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According to the Mannequin, the photo of yesterday that held Social Media users spell bound,  is the story of a 'young girl who have had a hard time growing up but finally she is at the point of making it. If you look at the pic you'll see that the red hearts beside are not really together this shows that am making it slowly and that also represents the people who still have doubt in me. Am sure by next February 14 the heart will be well drawn they won't be scanty anymore cause I will make it big before then."

As of now, Nina is not representing any brand, but she has a Manager Lawrence Ambe, who is also her photographer beyond those irresistible shots, and Nina says she feels safe in his company because he is harmless. He actually saw that thing in her, and decided to take the risk.

We will end here for now, and for those who still want to throw her stones after reading just a tip of what this girl went through, Nina Mbunwe has this message for you:

"I am not a bad person aunty. To those who know me, posting those pics does not mean I sleep around. 'I am trying to do something many people think Africans cannot do' I mean if Kim kardashian can do, then I can do. Moreover, am sexier than Kim cause am all natural. What am trying to say is I am portraying ART in my own way and of course I am portraying an African woman, self confidence and the fact that am proud of my sexuality. Proud of being all natural And as a model you must get to go nude in one way or the other."

"Aunti Henriette Thatcher, those criticizing me should know that if am to die and go to hell we'll all be going together, cause they're judging me, and the Bible says judgement is only for God."

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