Piers Morgan lashes out at BBC for airing graphic 'homophobic' cartoon of him and Donald Trump

Piers Morgan launched a blistering on the BBC after it aired a 'homophobic' cartoon depicting the British journalist with his nose up President Trump's backside.

The Good Morning Britain presenter, who secured the first international interview with Trump last week, slammed the corporation for using the image on The Mash Report - its satirical news roundup.

The MailOnline columnist first tweeted about the cartoon at 6.30 last night after it appeared on the BBC2 programme on Thursday. He accused the corporation of double standards.
Piers Morgan has slammed the BBC after it broadcasted a 'homophobic' cartoon (pictured) on Thursday night's The Mash Report
He wrote: 'Amusing though this image may be to many people, can you imagine the BBC broadcasting it if the President was Hillary Clinton or the interviewer was a woman

'Is that how licence payer money should be spent?' 

He added: 'The BBC thinks this is OK to broadcast. But if it depicted high profile women, there would be outrage. Why the double standard?

'If they did it to Hilary Clinton and Laura Kuenssberg - somebody WOULD be sacked.' 

A number of people tweeted their support for Morgan including feminist author and journalist Jennifer Wright.

She wrote: 'I hate agreeing with Piers Morgan, and I think he is a revolting toady, but... posting pictures of men engaging in sexual acts with other men to demean them seems dated and unfortunate.
Piers retweeted a number of supportive voices throughout yesterday evening and this morning

'There are ways to convey this point without the "ha ha gay" overtones at work here.'

Morgan then accused the BBC of homophobia.

'If Trump tweeted an image like this depicting Hillary Clinton & a female interviewer, all those currently celebrating/retweeting it would erupt with outraged cries of "Sexist!" "Misogynist!" "Homophobic!" - led by the BBC,' he wrote. 

'Liberal hypocrisy in all its unedifying glory!'

US columnist and television personality Perez Hilton retweeted Morgan's accusation of homophobia, adding: 'Solid point from Piers.'
The Good Morning Britain presenter secured the first international interview with Trump last week (pictured)
Morgan retweeted the cartoon a number of times, prompting critics to ask why.

'I want everyone to see exactly what the BBC did & share it,' he wrote in response to one.

A BBC spokesperson said: 'The BBC has a rich heritage of satire and The Mash Report takes a satirical and surreal look at the week's big stories. 

'This brand of humour is well known to BBC Two audiences who tune in to watch the programme.'

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