'Married women, can you shake hands in peace with your husband's side chick or baby's mama in church, when you know her?

Hello house, we delayed with this story since Friday, because Flo said she wanted to observe if the incident will happen again in church today, and it actually did happen. Daddy H's wife still embraced her in church today.

Hello Booh Henriette Thatcher, I have been having an affair with Daddy H, and we are both Christians of the St. Gerald Parish Deido - Douala.

Daddy H is married to aunti B with 4 grown up children.
Our relationship started when aunti B travelled to visit her first daughter in the US who had put to birth.

Daddy H and I knew each other in church casually, because I am a chorister and a reader in church. One Sunday after mass, he offered to drop me at my place, and from there one thing led to the other, and my heart started beating for him.

Daddy H is the ONE. He is everything any woman will need in a man. Daddy H is extra caring and extra generous, and I really love him till now, and unable to accept that he belongs to another woman.

Aunti B, who also knew me well in church as a chorister and a reader, stayed in the US for two years, since that was not her first trip. Daddy H also travelled to meet her, and returned after four months.

Before he left, I was already pregnant, and he begged me to keep it which I did.

He came back from the US, with baby's stuff, and I can't tell how he bought them, but Daddy H is an angel. I delivered my daughter in all safety, love and care in his presence, and he was very happy to the extend that he offered me the car I am using now.

Aunti B finally returned in October last year, and has been coming to church as usual. She also belongs to a group in church, where they have their own benches.
But since January, she no longer sits where she is supposed to sit.

She is always following me around in church, sitting one bench infront of me, or one bench behind me or one bench beside me the day my choir is singing, or on the same bench with me.

When it's time for peace offering, she will rush to me, hug me with a suspicious smile, before giving me a strong handshake.

The first time two weeks, I though it was a mere coincidence, but then I realized she is doing it on purpose, even though she hasn't said anything to me yet or manifested.

I even come to church late intentionally, so that our paths should not cross, but if I enter late, she enters late.

I have asked daddy H if aunti B is aware of us, and he said no and that he was not sure, because she has not attacked him yet.

Today again the same thing happened My sister and I came to church together, and 2 minutes after we entered church and sat down, she too entered, and sat on our bench. I almost ran out, but I couldn't.

During offertory, she took my daughter from my sister, went and gave her alms, came back and remained with the child who was peacefully sleeping in her arms.

Thatcher, you can imagine how I was sweating, begging God that an opportunity should come for me to rush out for good, but none came. When the child woke up and started crying, she ask me for water, and she gave the child.

Then that dreaded moment came for 'Peace be with you', and she came and tightened me in her embrace again, before giving me a hand shake. She kissed my daughter, and guess what she said? .... 'she looks exactly like the father'.

Thatcher after mass, I ran out of church and forgot my hand bag, then I heard my name, Florence, Florence, 'you forget your handbag or you di come back?'. My sister went and took the bag from her, and as I write to you I don't know what she knows.

I am thinking of leaving that church for her, and go to any other parish....

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