Jealous Lover Baths Married Boyfriend And Best Friend With 5 Liters Of Boiling Oil

37 years old Berthe will be facing the law for bathing her 50 years old boyfriend Claude, who is a married man, and her best friend Eleanor with 5 liters of boiling oil.

According to sources close to the situation, Berthe and Eleanor have been friends like forever. I mean intimate friends, sharing everything except men.

It happened that Berthe and Claude who is married with 5 children met during one of her many trips to Yaounde, and one thing led to the other, and they started dating.

Claude removed Berthe from the single room house she was renting at Foret bar Bonaberi Douala, and lodged her in a beautiful 2 bedroom  modern flat at Rail - Bonaberi. He also gave her a huge capital to do clothing business.

As usual Berthe shared the success story of her new catch  with her friend Eleanor, who for sometime was in Kumba, and only came to discover how far her friend's level had gone.

Berthe introduced her to Claude, without a second thought.

She travelled to Cotonou to buy cloths for her shop, while Claude and Eleanor began having an affair behind her back.

They became so intimate that rumours got to Berthe, who took more than three months to gather enough evidence as confirmation for their back door affair.

Last Thursday, after gathering enough evidence, she invited Eleanor to come over to her place and help her cook eru for Claude. When the ladies were almost done cooking, Claude came knocking, and he and Eleanor pretended not to have anything, while Berthe had already concocted her plans.

She served the meal, and while they were already eating, she excused herself, went inside the kitchen, put 5 liters of red oil on the fire and came back to the table.

From time to time, she will go to check if the oil was ready for the job for which it was to be used.  And when it was, she brought it out, and emptied it on the two secret lovers, telling them to rot in hell, and how they took her for a fool.

Eleanor cried for help and neighbours came and rushed them both to the Douala Bonassama hospital. 

Berthe ran away, but was later apprehended by some strong boys in the quarter, who took her to the Gendamerie where she will be dragged to court on Tuesday February 13th, 2018.

We met with Claude's distraught  wife at the hospital, and she told us that it would have been better if he died on the spot, rather than putting she and their 5 kids under the situation they are now in.

Eleanor is in a very bad shape, and she might never regain the skin of her face, while Claude is regretting in pains and shame, as his entire family watch him silently suffering and begging death to visit him.

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