French Speaking Cameroonians At Home And Abroad Begin 'OPÉRATION TERMINUS' To Push President Biya To Resign Peacefully Like Zimbabwe's Mugabe and South Africa's Zuma, Or Have Him Forcefully Ejected From The Etoudi Power Seat - Video

Cameroon's 85 years old President of 35 years

French speaking Cameroonians at home and abroad have initiated what they call 'OPÉRATION TERMINUS', to have President Biya resign peacefully, or forcefully have him ejected from  his Etoudi eternal throne.

In a YouTube video by one of Cameroon's most venerated blogger on exile in France Boris Bertolt, Cameroonians are called to gather at the Central post office in Yaounde for this operation, to chase Paul Biya, who has held senior positions in Cameroon for 60 years. 

The video shows a suffering Cameroonian people packed in a cell room, bad roads in Cameroon, with a background song saying 'Biya was not elected to be President of Cameroon for life. One day or the other, the people will need a change, which will result to a civil war.'

The voice behind the video announces Biya's 85 years of age, as the song continues, and the voice continues that 'Biya has spent 60 years in senior positions in this country, and that it is enough, for things must change.' He continues that 'there is war in the country. The army is killing people. Military people die for free. The state coffers are empty. Corruption is the order of the day. Tribalism is at its peak.  The economy is not working. Diplomacy is death. We have to act. Government officials are only protecting their personal egoistic interests, and accompanies Mr. Biya in power.' 

'The time has come to protect our country against the wicked. Paul Biya has become the problem of Cameroon. The chasing must take place. 'Operation Terminus' has been launched. Rendez-vous Central Post Office Yaounde.'

In the same light another celerated Francophone home based blogger Paul Chouta wrote on his Facebook page that 'a group of French and English speaking Cameroonians will be launching  a Tv channel for 'Chasing of Paul Biya'. Paul Chouta said this initiative came up, following the video on YouTube that Boris Bertolt made.

If chicken-hearted Francophone citizens of Cameroon have finally decided to take the destiny of their country in their hands, then just like Mugabe of Zimbabwe and Zuma of South Africa, Biya's time is up.

Watch the video...

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