Daphne's Label 'Steven's Music Entertainment' Makes Official Statement About Their Brand And Team

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At Steven's we pride ourselves with making good music. We cut no corners and we've let our music speak for itself! We will continue to do so in the hopes that we can bring joy and happiness to our communities (far and near) with the messages in our music.

We've build Stevens from the ground up, block by block, one song at a time, since 2013 and are beginning to see fruits from the work we've put in.

None of this is by happenstance! It takes a dedicated team, who believe firmly in our "Music Reloaded" brand, and trust in our vision. We've had some "low" moments, which were expected, but for the most part we've had lots of "highs" that are evidenced by the local and international presence of our first lady, Daphne, and by the fact that we've succeeded in staying relevant in an ever growing industry with super talented artists.

We've acheived the little we have thus far by investing in the business of music: our artists, the production team, a dedicated video team, partnerships with other music houses and producers but most especially, a management team that continues to learn and implement best practices within our business. 

Pearl and her team of artist managers, road managers and PAs do a great job day in day out building our fanbase and making sure the artists are delivering on all fronts.

We also knew that to get the music right we had to invest heavily in equipment (production and audio visual). We continue to invest in these domains and believe the best from either is yet to come. We've partnered with established music houses and producers to support and leverage each other's strengths. This has probably been the most fun part outside of making the music; getting to know and work with some super heavy weights in the game (too many to name).

But all the above is of no use if you do not promote, market and distribute the product. Getting this right was paramount to us starting Steven's. If we did not get this right we'd be out of the business. So we secured a distribution platform that ensured our music was always available on all digital music outlets (iTunes, Google play, Spotify, Amazon Music), established social media pages for our artists and the label, established a YouTube Channel (understanding the increasing monetization shift from iTunes to YouTube), but most importantly we agressively started building our relationships with OAPs and especially bloggers...

What you see today is a direct reflection of hardwork, dedication, loyalty but most importantly, our firm beleive that "you cannot stop good music from spreading its wild fires".

We have work to do and you can bet we are not sleeping! Daphne is spearheading the next generation of our hit records and we can't wait to get her to even higher heights... Boy TAG is carving for himself a place in our Kamer Hip hop scene and we intend to do all we can to see him reach his full potential... Shura is finally getting into her stride and now the world can see why we rushed to sign her. Wait till you hear what she has in store. M-Pro is steady climbing and putting in the work that will see him grow to be a force to be rekoned with in the industry...

We are Steven's and we let our work speak for itself!

if you've ever doubted our business model or the integrity of the team behind Steven's, I hope this shed some light into the "state of our Label". We are strong and beleive only the sky is our limit!
Let me invite all naysayers to forward evidence of any malpractice to info@stevensme.com or inbox me. We take our business too seriously to be caught up in "I think says", "I dong di suspect says" and "I can't beleive says"...
To all those who've been instrumental in sharing our music, writing about our music, promoting our music, buying our music, listening to our music, we are forever indebted.
We are nothing without the fans and we are worst of without the good music we make.
Let me end the way I end all my press releases to the bloggers and AOPs that are on my distribution list: we appreciate you and look forward to your continuous support.
Valery "Dj Man-No-Run" Ndikum
For SME Management.

PS Consider this an official statement from Steven's Music Entertainment

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