Celebrating, Promoting and Consuming Our Own: Meet Ambe Lawrence Cameroonian Film Director, Actor, Writer and Photographer Of A-List Naked Models In Cameroon

Ambe Lawrence Ghankanyuy is a multi talented Cameroonian Film Director, Writer,  Editor and Photographer from the the North West Region.

Most people do not know that Lawrence is one of the best photographers we have around, even though he says photographing is just a passion that he does during his spare time, but which he does impeccably well.

The 24 years old pulchritudinous actor says he recently launched a 'search for fresh talents' - Models, who have not yet been discovered by the public, by offering them professional shoots, that exposes them to Marketers, and make their dreams come true.

Thatcher who discovered Lawrence through photos of uprising naked Models trending on social media, asked him how he feels, when he is infront of Models who pose for nude shoots, and Lawrence laughed replying: "Hahahaha.. Olalala.. I must say it is not easy.. Hmmm.. At times you might get distracted, loosing focus.. Yeah because you are human.. But since its something I have been doing for over 14 years now, I am kind of used to and know how to handle situations like that to get the best out from the work or project."

Asked whether he sleeps with the Models he is raising, Lawrence denied and said: "For sleeping with Models, I know if something eventually happens like that, there will be lack of respect between you and your Models.. That's mixing pleasure with your LIFE /CAREER which is really not healthy, not healthy because I have worked with a number of people who made that mistake and it had a negative impact on them.. As far am concern, I don't do that.. But I must confess, ITS REALLY HARD at times."

Concerning his his acting career, Ambe Lawrence produced and directed his first movie 'Agony Between' a village film of about 45 actors, when he was in-between 14-15 years old.

In 2017, he did a short film entitled: 'CELA', and he is presently working on his new film 'UNREAL'. He has produced musicians, and assisted in the production of movies in the industry.

The young Ambe Lawrence is devoted, hardworking, passionate about what he does, and open to bigger opportunities.

He is available to work with Film Producers, Artists (Musicians) and Models.

Why not contact him, and explore his talents?....

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